Design of a one-room apartment 30 square meters. m -

In the post-Soviet space, the availability of own housing is already happiness. And the rare owner can boast of hundreds of square meters. Most of our fellow citizens live in classic "Khrushchevs", small hotels, the smallest apartments are the most popular apartments for new buildings. And there is a desire to create an exquisite interior of the house. But a cozy, stylish, functional room can be created on the most modest living space. The main task - to properly organize space. Therefore, the question of the design of a one-room apartment of 30 sq. M often arises among users of the Internet network.

One-room apartment design project

When designing a studio apartment, you need to consider the possibility of demolition of walls, as in some cases it is strictly prohibited.

The sleeping place can be arranged as a loft bed

Any demolition of partitions is considered re-planning, this requires a permit that can not be obtained.

Compact studio

If there is no problem with the demolition of the walls or the design of the studio apartment of 30 square meters. was originally conceived by the developer, this option will significantly enrich the interior. But we must not forget about some points:

  • A powerful extract is necessary, able to draw the smells of the food being prepared, preventing them from getting into the room and things.
  • In the kitchen you need to provide a place for every thing, utensils, object, because it will always be in sight.
  • There is a need to maintain the ideal order, immediately clean up after yourself.
  • Despite the general space with the room, the material of the floor surface in the kitchen should be easy to wash (tiles, linoleum, laminate).
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Zoning the studio with partitions

Interior items that can save space

The design of a small one-room apartment of 30 sq m should be filled with the following interior items:

  • Corner upholstered furniture. Wide sofas, where family members and guests can freely accommodate, easily transform into a spacious sleeping place for the night. In the morning it is easily assembled, without cluttering up a small, such a valuable area.
  • High kitchen sets, wardrobes. Furniture up to the ceiling can accommodate a huge number of things that can be folded, depending on the frequency of use, from floor to top.
  • Hinged shelves, all kinds of lockers. Practical, pretty nice places to accommodate things that do not use the area of ​​the room, without cluttering it. Hang shelves and lockers can be both above the furniture standing on the floor, for example, over the sofa, or separately.
  • Built-in home appliances. It is almost invisible in the interior of the apartment of 30 sq. M. Under the built-in home appliances do not need to look for a separate place, to reflect, whether it fits into the interior. It is practical, convenient, aesthetic.

Built-in appliances in the kitchen

Idea of ​​the organization of a berth

Zoning the interior of a small living space

In the design of a one-room apartment 30 square meters. m. We must take into account the nature, habits, way of life of family members to make their life within these walls comfortable. Well, if in 1 room apartment there is one person or a couple in love with similar interests. It is more difficult when the design of a one-room studio apartment of 30 m should combine not just the bedroom and living room, but also the office, and sometimes even the nursery. It is comparatively easy to beat the design of a square studio with two windows, where it is not difficult to provide an easy partition. And the design of a rectangular 30 sq. M will require more imagination of the designer.

Zoning the bedroom in the apartment

However, there are no unsolvable situations. Where a partition is impossible, zoning of the premises comes to the rescue - a kind of separation of a certain corner in the room with furniture, racks, stained glass, aquarium, curtains, screen, etc. You can create a zone with the help of light, color solutions, wall finishing materials, multi-level ceilings.

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Cozy studio apartment

Features of color solutions and objects in the interior 1 room apartment 30 sq m

When planning the interior design of a one-room apartment of 30 square meters. m. It is advisable to avoid dark tones, do not overload the space with textured walls, cumbersome furniture, lush curly curtains, large objects. In a small square, a rococo-style sofa or an Empire-style buffet will look rather strange. Of furniture to give preference to modular systems and folding headsets. Kitchen furniture is desirable to be ordered for individual sizes, which will make it the most roomy and functional.

Zoning with a rack

To give preference to better light colors, glass, mirror, glossy surfaces, light-blue gamma, use muffled light. The windows look great, without heavier interior roman and roller blinds, blinds, light transparent curtains. Very nice in small squares are interiors in the style of Provence, practical minimalism, popular now loft and loved by many high-tech. However, it is not necessary to follow a specific direction, the main thing is a comfortable and harmonious space.

Decorating the walls under the tree in the studio apartment

It is very important to consider the location of windows in the design of small apartments.

Glass partition in odnushke

In the interior of a small studio apartment of 30 sq. M you must not forget about the daylight from the windows. It is from the placement of windows that one should proceed when planning the design of a one-room studio of 30 sq m. Deaf rooms and areas where sunlight does not fall are applicable for rare purposes and look gloomy enough. Angle, cut off from sunlight, it is advisable to use for the dressing room, pantry, laundry, or in the extreme case - for the cabinet.

Living room and bedroom in one-room apartment

Workplace on window sill near window

Placement of zones in the design of the studio apartment 30 sq. M. m.

When creating a design for an apartment of 30 sq. M., You need to pay attention to the possibility of placing individual zones in the interior. For example, the sleeping zone should be located in the far corner, and the rest zone can be in the center of attention, for the child it is necessary to create a corner for solitude, sleep, places for games. The area of ​​the cabinet can take a pre-glazed and insulated balcony. It is important not to overload the space with zoning and do it unobtrusively, adhering to a common ensemble of room design.

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The organization of a workplace in one night

This is the main task of creating an interior design studio 30 sq. M - correctly provide and beat the functional areas. A layman will be difficult to cope with this issue, although it is possible to spy on individual ideas from acquaintances, for example, ready-made projects on Internet resources, but how to translate them into life and harmoniously fit into the general style of the interior will be incomprehensible.

Sofa bed in one room

Professional design studio apartment 30 sq.m.

At the mention of design repairs, many are sure that it can only go about the huge apartments and country cottages with an investment of fabulous sums. There was an opinion that designers are just a fashionable whim. And their work consists only in the choice of style, the selection of vases and pads on the sofas. Meanwhile, small apartments, perhaps even more in desperate need of interior design from an experienced designer, because in this case it is necessary to solve fairly complex tasks to create comfort.

One room apartment for two

What is the use of professional assistance in developing a design project for a small one-room apartment:

  • An experienced designer will tell you how best to place the necessary functional areas, which partitions should be removed or added for maximum use of the available space.
  • Professional design will create a single harmonious space, competently combining color solutions and different types of decoration zones with a single gamma.
  • The apartment will be filled with properly selected and arranged furniture and appliances, things will be in place.
  • Competently provided lighting - in terms of functionality in the areas arranged separately and emphasize the style of the apartment as a whole.
  • Presence of decor elements that will bring uniqueness and give a refined individuality to the room.

At high ceilings it is possible to make a bed under a ceiling

In any space, if desired, you can create a functional interior for a comfortable life, find a place for a flight of fantasy. Help in the creation of the interior design techniques, the use of unusual materials, decorative elements, play of light, colors.