Stylish and useful novelties for comfortable in all respects

Country house by the lake

No matter how small the house was and how irregular it was used, stylish and beautiful objects always have a place in its decoration. Bright dishes, quality textiles and fashion accessories are able to turn into a monastery of joy and comfort even a gloomy hut more like a den.

Dinner in the fresh air will be perceived as a solemn event thanks to a charming tablecloth in a strip sewn from easy-care fabric. Place a basket with wild flowers on the table, and then even the most simple treat will be welcomed by your guests and loved ones with enthusiasm.

Dining table in the street

Freestyle - this is the name of this stunning painting, written by the master of oil painting Samantha French. It will be a wonderful gift for a housewarming party for those who have just bought a cottage on the shore of the lake - as a promise of many happy days to be spent in it.

Painting painted in oil

And some people love their cottages so much that they are ready not to leave them even in the coldest months. This elegant stand for wood from Andre Gill seems to us an excellent alternative to traditional woodpiles, which have to be built by all owners of fireplaces. A genuine work of modern art in the guise of a fully functional subject!

Stand for firewood from Andre Gill

Melamine plates will add a lot of bright colors, and the owner - calmness: they will not break, even if they accidentally fall to the floor or to the ground.

Bright melanin dish

As soon as twilight descends, on a stage of a country life there are lanterns and candles. They instantly warm the atmosphere, filling it with mystery and coziness.

Candle in the original candlestick

This beautiful chair for the patio is made of walnut wood and northern white cedar. It is elegant, stylish and also very resistant to moisture.

Beautiful Patio Chair

Another example of "smart" design: a salad bowl with integrated in its structure blades for mixing. Such items uniquely contribute to saving space in small cottages.

Salad bowl with stirring blades

Drawing blankets from Unison transmits images of shadows of trees, because of what they are equally pleased to use in winter and in summer.

Blanket with the image of the shadows of trees

A pretty photo print from Miles of Light evokes memories of childhood, in which many of us liked to collect all kinds of treasures brought from forest walks.

Photograph by Miles of Light

Incredibly spectacular chair from Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet is made of modified polypropylene, which makes it strong, durable and resistant to burnout. A wide range of suggested colors ensures that every homeowner can find his ideal.

Elegant chair from Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet

Attractive retro design is not the only advantage of this flashlight. It does not require batteries for its operation, so you can not be afraid that it will not turn on at the most inopportune moment.

Flashlight in retro design

A nice ice cube with a handle and a plexiglass cover will give a vintage chic cocktail party on the dock.

Ice pail with handle and plexiglass cover

Create a special atmosphere over dinner with a pair of candlesticks made from restored birch wood. They look unusual and reflect the aesthetics of the forest landscape.

Candlesticks from restored birch wood

Keep patches, sunburn creams, repellents and other such things, so necessary in the country life, in a stylish pharmacy box with a cross.

Stylish pharmacy box with a cross

Miniature serving dishes in the form of a boomerang are ideal for serving nuts, olives and other snacks. They are made of teak and show the actual Scandinavian design.

Miniature serving dishes in the form of a boomerang

Vintage thermoses from Coleman are available in several colors. All owners of cottages simply have to acquire at least one such.

Vintage thermos from Coleman

This cute table has a wide, stable base, making it convenient to use in nature. The worktop is simultaneously a removable tray, which can be brought into the house on occasion. The material does not decompose under the influence of ultraviolet and does not burn out.

Table with a wide, stable base

When the weather gets too cold for a swim, you can throw a warm sweater and practice with friends in a bocce. This cute set will look good on the mantelpiece in the living room, waiting for the next tournament.

Set for playing bocce

Mugs with a bright geometric pattern will make the morning coffee taste even more intense and invigorating.

Mugs with a bright geometric pattern

Life outside the city means that you try to spend as much time as possible under the open sky, working, resting and, of course, preparing food. Excellent help in this will be, which are very popular among summer residents and owners of cottages.

Chalice bowls

Let your country house become as beautiful as comfortable, so that you can fully enjoy the days spent in it, regardless of the season and the weather.