Decor with a baguette

The decor of the baguette is a fashionable and stylish accessory, which will decorate almost any room. Baguettes for a ceiling or a wall as an ornament already surprise nobody, and are practically obligatory attribute of each house. Such a design has a huge number of embodiments. What makes it even more relevant and able to fit into any type of interior.

Baguettes are one of the best design solutions. All varieties of this design can be divided into 3 main groups:

  1. Plastic. They are almost universal, as they are easily integrated into the room with any design style.
  2. Aluminum and profile structures. The most reliable type of construction, which is able to cope with heavy loads.
  3. Wooden baguette. Natural materials are an ideal design element. Assume the use of natural style homes.

The most durable in use are plastic baguettes. With the greatest load are coping with metal. And the most comfortable to use - it's wooden.

Interior baguette in gold color

Interior baguette is designed for decoration and decoration of walls, ceiling, cornices, mirrors, the main thing is not to overdo it and do not make from the room a rich lack of taste.

Frameworks for TV

Framing frame for the TV panel, here it is out of place on all sides as it is not vertical.

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Appointment багета заключается в том, чтобы украсить пустые стены и потолки. Никого не удивить фотографиями на стене. Такой элемент дизайна есть абсолютно в каждой квартире. Однако в процессе развития дизайнерского искусства были разработаны пустые рамки для фотографий, которые крепятся на поверхность стены. Они выступают в качестве красивой облицовки.

The key feature of this decoration is that they are made in an expensive manner. They are characterized by luxury and high cost. There are options and easier, for simpler versions of the design. However, the most popular are the exquisite species, which are designed for expensive interiors.

Gold-plated baguette

For a spacious living room in a classic style, the curtains from the massive gilded baguette under the ebony tree harmoniously look. Such curtains can be ordered in a framing workshop.

Often the cornice frame molding is combined with the wallpaper so that the result is a uniform pattern. For example, it can be any wallpaper. And when combined with the facing design element can get the impression of a huge picture. However, the selection of photo wallpapers should be very accurate. Cheap and banal images of the wall clearly will not decorate.

Particular attention should be paid to the drawings on the framework itself. It is here that you can manifest a flight of fantasy. You can depict a variety of patterns of absolutely any subject.

Designers offer an interesting creative solution, how to use a decorative baguette. They argue that an excellent option will be the use on the same plane of several frames, which will be located in a chaotic order. The distance between them should be of the order of 20-30 cm. The most interesting thing about this is that, if necessary, they can be interchanged and get a completely new interior.

There are also baguettes for ceilings. They will brighten up the dull cover of the ceiling and help to hide minor flaws. In this case, the baguette for stretch ceilings deserves special attention. The product helps to hide all joints between the floors. Baguette for stretch ceilings is very popular and is considered almost an indispensable element of the interior.

Polyester inserts in Roman style

Such inserts in the Roman style will decorate the dull appearance of the hallway and corridors in your apartment.

Using such a design solution - rich wallpaper framed by an interior baguette or molding emphasizes the classic style of the living room. The main thing is to observe the symmetry and the golden mean of proportions.

Using such a design solution - rich wallpaper framed by an interior baguette or molding emphasizes the classic style of the living room. The main thing is to observe the symmetry and the golden mean of proportions.

Types of elements

To make the right choice, you need to find out which basic types of baguettes exist. To date, there are 2 main types:

  • walled;
  • ceiling.

Ceiling differ in that they have a double structure. The element is glued to 2 planes (on the wall and on the ceiling). What creates an angle at the joints. A wall is located exclusively on the wall. Another feature of wall-mounted baguettes is their multifunctionality. With their help, you can implement any design solutions, while others are designed only for hiding the joints. When you use it, you can create a huge variety of frames. You can also make curtain rails for curtains. They will hide all the fastening elements, revealing only the beauty of textiles. Baguettes for curtains are very popular, they can be found in almost any home.

Each species can be made from a wide variety of materials. This allows you to choose the baguette, which will more organically fit into the overall picture. After all, the addition of a general picture of the interior is a must for any decor.

As already noted, the variety of decorative elements is huge, the choice is extremely wide. However, there are those that enjoy the greatest popularity in the modern market. It is worth noting them:

  1. Plastic ceiling skirting. It is also called a baguette for stretch ceilings. In its structure, it is ideally combined with the surface, not standing out against its background and hiding the shortcomings.
  2. Made of foam or polystyrene foam. This is the representatives of the cheapest class, which can afford almost everyone. They have not too presentable appearance, however at painting this minus disappears.
  3. Wooden baguette. Is the most expensive of all representatives. You can distinguish elements that cost tens, if not hundreds of dollars for one meter. Perfectly combined with natural materials.
  4. Gypsum. Relatively cheap view. Its manufacture is possible at home. Of course, in the presence of certain forms.
  5. Aluminum. Designed for areas for which the greatest loads will be accounted for.

These are the most common types of structures.

Decorative frame from a baguette

Using a large frame from the baguette to decorate the bedroom, always a non-standard solution. bold fantasy and unexpectedly original result.

Children's room decoration molding

The decor of the children's room with a molding separating the color of the wall into white and turquoise is concisely emphasized by horizontal baguette inserts.

Right choice

Having studied all the main characteristics, you can choose the baguette you like.

However, there are a number of pitfalls, which you should pay attention to, so as not to regret your choice.

When choosing a ceiling baguette, designers recommend giving preference to narrow elements. They will visually make the room higher and give a special severity and restraint. But the room with a large square and high ceilings is best suited for wide elements. They will give a special comfort, which is so lacking in huge rooms.

When it comes to patterns, you should not choose the first ones you like. We must carefully weigh and analyze everything. Patterns must correspond to at least one element of the room. This should be immediately noticeable. If there are several such elements, then this is even better.

Construction shops often offer white baguettes. If, during the repair, you decide that you need other colors, do not be upset. All the baguettes are easy to paint. For each type of material has its own paint, which is perfectly absorbed and will give color to the scenery for many years. Although the wooden baguette is not worth painting. Wood itself is beautiful. As for the color, it's best to use bright colors for the ceiling. So you can see a clear separation of one plane from the other.

These are the main recommendations. Thanks to them you can make the right choice and decorate your home. Baguette is an indispensable element of design, which we recommend to all who have not yet purchased it.

Interior baguette (wood, plastic, polyurethane). Video

Decoration of rooms with an interior baguette

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