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Interior design from Kira Chuvalovoy

For the visitors of our portal we have prepared an unusually fascinating story about an ultramodern apartment with retro elements of the 50s of last century. Its decoration was designed by local craftsman Kira Chuvaleva for a young, enterprising and pretentious young man. The studio space is only 36 square meters. m. The building in which it is located was built more than 100 years ago. About how this idea was realized, we were told by a talented designer.

Kiara Chulvelova

The architect was born in Moscow, the passion for decor and everything beautiful was inherited from her father and grandmother, but she did not understand it at once. The road to professional self-realization was long and painstaking, but urgent. Experience and knowledge in the field of design she received in the educational institution "Details", where she graduated from the main and additional program.

Kira works mainly in the field of individual housing - the decoration of apartments, she also has the skills of decorating offices and large companies. In addition, she was engaged in the development of design for events, moonlighting stylist for the glossy edition of Seasons, together with friends participated in the creation of productions.

Her art and design creations are featured in several magazines, including "Architectural Digest", "Leading Trends" and "Andrew Martin Design Review." A regular participant of the TV show "The Apartment Question", she was also invited as an expert for several plots of the channel Russia.

About the enthusiasm

Surprisingly, but the original and extremely significant sources for creative enthusiasm for the designer are her customers. When a person is interesting and shows attention to the final result, the project ends successfully. Kire is very lucky, as she has excellent mutual understanding and creative union with all her customers.

As many creators, the designer needs a trusting attitude and freedom of creativity. She is not a specialist who works in tight deadlines, as each of her design ideas requires an individual approach and careful design, as she includes a large number of new ideas and designs designed to meet the needs of the customer. And this process needs enough time and seriousness to thoroughly understand his temperament and history.

Interior decor from Kira Chuvalovoy


The project version as a studio was declared a way of life of a young man, as he is modern, hospitable and loves the spatial volume. In addition, the author of this interior seemed more rational, as it allows you to leave the room multifunctional and change the small area of ​​housing, giving it a unique and unrecognizable appearance. It eventually turned out to be full of light and very roomy.

Interior of the hallway from Kira Chuvalovoy Interior decor from Kira Chuvalovoy Bedroom interior from Kira Chuvalovoy


A modern young man who leads an energetic way of life, with an intensive schedule, occupies a high position of the head of the largest firm. It was not easy for him to need an adviser to design and implement the decoration of the apartment, because he can appreciate the beauty and with ease to understand what the master wants to achieve.

Just for this reason, Kira bought for the project a couple of creative works of painting, which effectively merged into the design. The author of these masterpieces is Davina Garrido, she also resides in the capital.

Interior decor from Kira Chuvalovoy Kitchen arrangement from Kira Chuvalovoy Designer Chandelier


The architect is not a fan of explicit and frank stylistic trends. For her it was important to understand the requirements and wishes of the customer, and at the same time to correct them, effectively integrating with the historical essence of the building that was erected over 100 years ago.

Coloring and Illumination System

Since the studio is located in an old building, the author was very lucky, as for a small area of ​​the room had three window openings. The aim of the project was to strengthen the natural sunshine, as a result, a calm and calming white shade of walls was chosen. In addition, it creates a huge reflective surface.

Independent multifunctional areas are accented with other tones, but it can be noted that the palette of the colors of the space refers to the cold gray-blue. In the kitchen area, the walls are painted in the color of the floor surface and the furniture set, so that the room filled with appliances and household appliances is not striking.

Colors of grayish and azure were borrowed from the old Metlakh ceramics in the front and front of the house. As a result, the exterior has become surprisingly in harmony with the interior design of housing.

Interior design from Kira Chuvalovoy Interior design from Kira Chuvalovoy

Hidden lamps, a product of innovative technologies, are used only in the bathroom, where meaning rich lighting and even shine. In the entire studio, the illuminating system is classically located depending on the functionality. Where required - local lamps above the countertop or sconces for reading books in bed.

In the kitchen sphere, simple light bulbs were installed, imitating stylistics in a delightful lamp near the sofa. This reduces the ardor and brings the decoration closer to the time the building is cocked.

One modern source of illumination - a lamp in the guest cabin from the brand Philips. It changes its coloring, creating an original atmosphere in the evening and comfortable in application with abundant light tones.

Interior design from Kira Chuvalovoy


The furniture set is based on a certain agreement with the time, it takes us to the modernist style, when the classics are gone, leaving room for progressive technologies and innovative directions.

Дизайнер намеренно установила поворотные переключатели, которые схожи со старинными моделями. Client является сторонником стиля 50-70 годов прошлого столетия, поэтому они крайне эффектно вошли в убранство помещения.

In addition, such furnishings rationally complement the interior - it basically has all the long supports, the floor surface is clearly visible, and gaze, sliding over the furniture, does not fit into the fence, which creates an optical roominess effect. Only at the dining table, made of solid walnut wood, the substructure has the design of the classics.

Interior design from Kira Chuvalovoy Interior design from Kira Chuvalovoy

Design and Textile Matter

Since the design is ultra-modern and manly, and the decor and textiles are minimalist, weightless roman blinds maintain the basic shade palette, and also do not create obstacles to the penetration of sunlight, while providing a sense of privacy from someone else's gaze. A voluminous flowing curtain made of cloth, which looks like a costume, hides communications. In the chilaut area above the bathroom, the pads are covered with automotive synthetic textiles. The main decor was creative works and graphic ceramics in the corridor, imitating the Metlakh.

Interior design from Kira Chuvalovoy Interior design from Kira Chuvalovoy Interior design from Kira Chuvalovoy

Implementation Difficulty

The most difficult in each conceptual design is the search for professional specialists. For a long time it takes the process of re-creation from design to execution, because there are few skilled workers and firms that can perform well-sized small orders (for example, to execute a stairwell in the corridor) or to produce everything at a high level, give careful attention to the smallest elements and, actions with the architect and the client.

In addition, small projects often try to save money, which can also create some problems in the implementation.

Interior design from Kira Chuvalovoy Interior design from Kira Chuvalovoy Interior design from Kira Chuvalovoy

Tips for readers of the project

We want to wish you to learn how to see the beautiful in ordinary objects and follow the three rules when decorating a room: sober mind, whole concept, agreement with the apartment in which this decor will be. According to Ludwig Mies van der Roh: "Less is more."

Apartment plan

Interior design from Kira Chuvalovoy

Photographic material: Sergey Ananyev Painter: Davina Garrido