What is good about modular kitchens

Repair is a very important event. Especially if it concerns the kitchens and their furnishings. Modular kitchens are designed to help owners who decide on this step. Thanks to the use of modular structures, a large number of design options for the most functional place in the house appear.

Stylish, modern kitchen set

A stylish, modern kitchen set for a small kitchen. Functional modular furniture looks attractive. An interesting feature is the drawing on the front panel of the top row of drawers.

Kitchen modular set

The classic version of the kitchen modular headset L-shaped.

L-shaped kitchen set

The main advantage of modular suites is the saving of usable space. White furniture for the kitchen looks attractive and stylish.

In this article, read:

  • 1 What is modular furniture?
  • 2 Advantages of modular sets
  • 3 Arrangement of a small kitchen with modular furniture
  • 4 Materials for modular furniture
  • 5 Guide to the assembly of a modular kitchen. Video
  • 6 Different models of modular kitchens

What is modular furniture?

You can often hear such definitions as "modular" or "cabinet" furniture. In fact, these two concepts mean the same thing. Modular furniture, in particular, modular kitchens, is a set of various elements (modules) with which help it is possible to create a unique and completely meeting the requirements of a particular person. Such sets include a large number of elements of various sizes and shapes: cabinets, cabinets, tables, bar counters, constructions for built-in appliances, etc. In addition, there are various kitchen corners that carry both functional and decorative functions.

Initially, the kitchen itself is designed in such a way that all the elements in it are combined among themselves regardless of their number and mode of placement.

Even if you buy only a few modules, they will look quite normal and self-sufficient. And with a combination of good taste and desire, it is possible to combine elements from different furniture sets, which will make the kitchen with a unique atmosphere and coziness that exist only in one copy.

A set for a small kitchen

A compact, but roomy modular kitchen suite will fit organically into the design of any home or apartment.

Laconic kitchen set

A laconic, low-key style of the kitchen is emphasized by a properly selected modular wenge-type set.

A modular kitchen is a compromise between the purchase of a standard kitchen set that does not take into account the characteristics and requirements of individual people, and the purchase of a kitchen by individual order, whose cost, given the time spent on developing a design, can not suit everyone.

Modular kitchen sets of orange color - the ideal solution for the organization of a cozy, warm interior.

Modular kitchen sets of orange color - the ideal solution for the organization of a cozy, warm interior.

Bright kitchen set

Orange color becomes a bright accent in the kitchen. The modular L-shaped headset allows ergonomic design of the room.

Advantages of modular sets

By preferring a modular kitchen, a person gets such advantages over other ways of buying furniture:

  • the ability to select and combine modules, based on their needs and the size of the room;
  • in the case of redevelopment, the opportunity to easily remove the excess or to buy the missing element;
  • the possibility of buying a favorite furniture set with a limited budget, choosing only the most important for the beginning;
  • a huge variety of styles.

In addition, modular kitchens - the ideal and almost the only option for a comfortable environment for small rooms.

Spacious kitchen

Modular kitchen furniture in combination with built-in appliances makes the interior modern and harmonious.

Glossy kitchen set

Glossy surfaces of the modular kitchen set are quite popular among modern housewives. A creative solution is to print a drawing on certain elements of the furniture.

Arrangement of a small kitchen with modular furniture

It so happened that due to the peculiarities of the layout of the houses, the kitchen premise often has a small area, and nothing is more complicated than in 10 m ² to fit all the necessary equipment, leaving room for movement and recreation area. In this case, modular kitchen sets, bar counters and kitchen corners will be a way out of the situation.

In such rooms there are large restrictions on the way the furniture is arranged, so the kitchen can be arranged in several ways:

  • corner kitchen - the arrangement of furniture at two walls perpendicularly;
  • kitchen in a line - all furniture is installed along one wall;
  • kitchen in two lines - the furniture is installed along two opposite walls.
Kitchen set from a tree

The color of the modular kitchen set ivory is ideal for creating an interior in the style of country.

Budget modular set

Modular kitchen for a small "Khrushchev".

The most popular is the first method, when a corner modular kitchen is used. Thus, all the most important and necessary elements (sink, stove) are installed in one of the corners, thereby freeing up space in another part of the room, allowing to equip a recreation or eating area there.

When the kitchen corner, even more space savings can be achieved using the bar counters. From a practical point of view, they are installed near the kitchen set.

Modular bar counters can be part of the kitchen set or an independent design complementing the interior of the room. In small rooms they can serve as a food reception area. Bar racks can be in the form of high racks with a table top or in the form of a design with a lot of different lockers and shelves.

When a small kitchen, corner furniture for the dining area can also be a good option. If you use a corner method to arrange furniture, the sofa can be installed in the opposite corner of the kitchen set. Often in the kitchen corners under the seats there are additional boxes that can fill themselves with rarely used things, freeing up a couple of lockers.

Modular kitchen set

Modular kitchen suite for an area of ​​8 square meters. The main requirement for kitchen furniture is an increased level of functionality.

U-shaped modular headset

The U-shaped modular headset is the best solution for a spacious kitchen. Roomy furniture, built-in appliances - everything a modern hostess needs.

Materials for modular furniture

Another factor that affects the price of modular furniture, whether it is an ordinary kitchen, corner or any other, is the materials used to make it. And here the choice is wide, starting from the base and ending with decorative ornaments.

First of all, it is important to pay attention to the type of base, that is, the material of the hull, since this will determine how long the kitchen will serve. For the production of cabinet furniture use:

  • Chipboard;
  • MDF;
  • natural wood.

Modular kitchens of the middle price range are mainly made of chipboard. This material has passed the years of testing, confirming its reliability and strength. It also has good moisture resistance and is insensitive to temperature differences. But the main factor in its use in furniture production is the price.

Next, in order of increasing prices, material for the production of modular kitchens is MDF - a relatively young material. The technology of its production almost does not differ from the EAF, except for raw materials: for the production of the latter use small chips, and for MDF - wood dust. This material is more environmentally friendly compared to the previous one, so in some cases it is preferable. MDF tolerates moisture well and, like the chipboard, it is distinguished by its high strength.

Modular suite with bar counter

A modular suite with a bar counter looks spectacular in the color of a "drunken cherry". Contrasting, bright, rich color makes the atmosphere in the kitchen solemn.

Light kitchen

Green color promotes the appearance of a good mood, stimulates the brain. Modular kitchen with a huge number of boxes suitable for spacious kitchens.

Design of a small kitchen

An interesting solution for the kitchen. The modular set is hidden in a kind of niche, which saves a useful area in the room.

Ну и самым качественным и безопасным материалом для производства мебели, конечно же, является natural wood. В одночасье это же и самый дорогой вариант. Для элитной мебели используют твердые породы деревьев, такие как дуб, бук, орех. Однако, несмотря на стоимость и статус, мебель из натуральной древесины требует наибольшего ухода за собой. Дерево легко повредить и в дополнение ко всему оно хорошо впитывает влагу. Эти особенности стоит знать и понимать, если есть желание покупать мебель из натурального дерева.

For the external decoration of furniture apply a variety of materials: plastic, metal. You can find kitchens with a mirror or glass coating. About the color scale in general and do not say - for every taste.

Modular kitchens are convenient, fashionable, practical, inexpensive and modern. It's a constructor that can be assembled, and after a while, when you want to change something, it's recompiling. Even when moving to another place, with a different footage of the kitchen, you can transport it and reschedule, adjusting to new opportunities. With the right selection of materials and careful handling of objects, the modular kitchen will serve for many years without losing its functionality.

Modular kitchen set

Modular suite for a classic city apartment in Moscow. Instead of a dinner table, a high, narrow bar counter will be used.

Oversized kitchen

A classic combination in the kitchen is a combination of white and light beige. The lack of accessories makes the suite suitable for decorating the kitchen in the style of hi-tech or minimalism.

A guide to assembling a modular kitchen. Video

Various models of modular kitchens