Why do many people choose compact cottages as their

Appearance of the cottage

In the 1950s, the average area of ​​a typical American house was just over 90 square meters. meters. By 2004, this indicator rose to 217 square meters. meters. But is it really more - it means better?

Demand for compact country cottages is not reduced for various reasons, including economic. Of course, there are not enough places in them, but other parameters may be advantageous. Let's talk about the benefits.

First, small houses are cheaper, because the area among other factors determines the price of real estate. But it's not just about the cost of buying a cottage. The cost of utilities and repairs also depends on the number of square meters.

Different people have little idea of ​​compactness, but in this article we will consider houses of up to 110 square meters. meters.

Gray cottage

Small living space is subject to a lower tax and insurance premiums. And even a mortgage loan for it may not be so burdensome.

Landscaping of the cottage terrace

You can save on the exterior decoration of the house. Roofing, cladding and painting will require less financial costs.

Olive shade of the cottage

Given that the materials for finishing small houses are required less, you can treat yourself to something special. For example, to tile the roof with beautiful tiles.

White cottage

Or include in the design elements of natural stone.

Stone facade of the cottage

Or get a countertop for the kitchen island and the equipment that I've dreamed of for years.

White interior kitchen in the cottage

But more importantly, caring for a small house takes less time, which ultimately improves the quality of life. There is an opportunity to do what you really like.

The patio of the cottage

For example, having fun with friends. Small cottages encourage unity! They always have one or several cozy corners, and if the space is organized well, people gravitate toward it.

While in spacious mansions with a huge number of rooms, guests can spread out in small groups, the compact size of the cottage will make them stay together. Even if all of them are busy studying their own smartphones, they will have to do it side by side with each other.

Wooden floor in the cottage

Benjamin Franklin, apparently, was a supporter of the concept of unity. He said that conversations at the dinner table are much more lively, if the knees of the conversers touch.

Large windows in the cottage

Verandas, which almost always equip cottages, look, as a rule, very friendly, as if inviting neighbors and passers-by to come into the house. To spend a couple of evening hours on it with a glass of wine is a pleasure.

Bright colors in the decoration of the cottage facade

Life in a small cottage can be simple and natural. This is like a return to the past, when almost homeowners cultivated their own vegetable gardens and kept several chickens, and there were no shopping centers in sight.

Wooden fence of the cottage

The inhabitants of cottages do not need to spend much time shopping - there's simply no place to store a huge number of things. In this situation, you have to carefully consider each purchase and give up what you can do without.

Modern cottage in white color

The erection of cottages up to 110 square meters. meters contributes to reducing the impact on the environment. Studies show that the construction of smaller homes can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the volume of construction debris. It is noted that the owners of cottages often use secondary and recycled materials than wealthy owners of luxury villas.

LED lighting of the cottage terrace

In addition to financial, social and environmental benefits, the cottages have incredibly comfortable energy and the ability to create a warm atmosphere. Obviously, these properties are due to their non-standard and, of course, compact dimensions.

Small cottage in the forest

Whatever the arguments in favor of small cottages, one thing is for sure: they are worth considering about their acquisition.