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The art deco style first appeared on the French lands of Pripalo such an event in 1925, when an exhibition of contemporary art took place. Style has become a connecting element of some design directions.


The direction of art deco is able to transform the interior into a very unique one. Thanks to unusual details, the room will not be overloaded with decor elements. Style will help to express bright personalities.

Brilliant patterns, expensive materials, non-standard geometric shapes - a pretty bold solution for living space.


Popular in its time, the minimalist idea slowly fades into the past, and a new flow of retro art is born. Art deco helps the premises to show the luxurious and prosperous life of the owners. Elegant materials can harmoniously affect the beautiful taste, and display the old-fashioned style in a new way.


Table of contents of the article:

  • What is this style and where is it used?
  • Decoration of walls, floor and ceiling in Art Deco style?
  • Indoor lighting in Art Deco style?
  • Criteria for choosing furniture
  • Additional accessories for decor
  • Photo of the living room in the Art Deco style

What is this style and where is it used?

The interior of the living room in the Art Deco style is an independent and multifunctional space, despite the impudence and brightness. Most professionals are happy to use the combination of chic in homes and apartments.

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Their skills combine not combined, they help to distinguish this style. Work in the direction of art - deco people with huge fantasies.


Decoration of walls, floor and ceiling in Art Deco style?

For wall finishing, it is better to choose materials with natural shades. The main thing is that they can be supplemented with black tones. Not so often use red or white color in combination with black. Emphasize a single idea - panels from expensive wood.


To the living room in the Art Deco style resembled antique times for decoration choose columns. If the room is made with patterned carvings and textile elements, then this is Africa or Egypt.


Often on the floor you can see a marble coating. Designers can use other materials, but they should look as expensive as possible. For the interior of the art deco living room, the parquet floor is perfectly laid out in a Christmas tree style.


The flooring must be chocolate brown. Carpet tracks of different sizes and shapes, patterns and ornaments will suit perfectly. One factor to be adhered to is that the carpet does not have to cover the whole territory, part of the floor must be visible.


But the ceiling is made multilevel with built-in niches and lights.


Indoor lighting in Art Deco style?

In addition to ordinary chandeliers, the room is filled with many other lighting devices. A kind of theatricality is being created. Fill rooms with additional lights or different lights.

interior-living room-with-stairs

The main thing is to emphasize the seasoned style and decor. Forms of illuminators can be in the form of a cube with smooth lines. The material is chosen from both fabric and metal. The choice depends on the surrounding decor.


Criteria for choosing furniture

Necessarily in the design of the Art Deco lounge there should be a sofa and armchairs. Items made of leather or textiles fit neatly into the room. Quite often the material for furniture items is chosen in monochrome colors, less often - bright geometric ornaments.


Extra pillows, with golden embroidery scattered on armchairs and a sofa, will give the interior some elegance and luxury. Do not interfere with the room and other furniture items with a shiny surface and painting.


Additional accessories for decor

Make the living room art deco unique, will help the paintings, plaster sculptures, table lighting. All elements are either gilded or decorated with enamel. The details for the doors are shiny.

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The final touch for the rich position of the owner is expensive interior technology.


Photo of the living room in the Art Deco style



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