Modern toilet design

Toilet design

A man spends his life in the toilet for about 6 months. Therefore, it is necessary that the toilet design, in addition to functionality, has aesthetic qualities. In the design of the toilet room, it is important to skillfully combine colors with materials, rationally use the available space.

  1. Select a specific style.
  2. Calculation of the volume of repair work.
  3. Purchase of materials for the decoration of the premises.
  4. Toilet room repair:
  • leveling and preparation of walls, floor, ceiling;
  • decoration of the doorway;
  • replacement and installation of plumbing;
  • decoration and design of surfaces;
  • installation of furniture;
  • installation of lighting.
  1. Installation of furniture.

Combination of chipboard and tiles

The most common material for the design of the bathroom is ceramic tiles. In addition to its obvious practical advantages (resistance to moisture, durability, easy maintenance), the tile looks aesthetically pleasing and can fit in well with the interior of the toilet. In shops you can find a wide variety of colors of ceramic tiles. But this material is not the only option.

Small toilet with washing machineSmall toilet with washing machine

In addition to tile, in the design of the toilet can be used:

  • plastic panels;
  • wallpaper;
  • фотоwallpaper;
  • painting;
  • tree;
  • mosaic.
The boiler in the toilet can be hidden behind the doorsThe boiler in the toilet can be hidden behind the doors Art design of the toiletUnusual design with red and white toilet bowl

Many of these options can be combined with each other, getting completely new design options for the toilet design.

Wood Wall DecorationWood Wall Decoration

Not all materials are combined: a tree and tile, for example, do not look very close at hand.

Combination of wallpaper and painted walls

Choice of toilet room style

The interior of the toilet room must necessarily have an idea - a style that most successfully can emphasize the dignity of the restroom and hide its shortcomings. In addition to the practical side of the choice of style, there is aesthetic. Toilet in a modern dwelling should match the tastes of the owner.

Bright toilet design with shelf

The toilet can be decorated with almost any existing style. The most popular at the moment are:

  • Classic. The classic style of the toilet implies a reserved color design, the traditional choice of sanitary ware, its placement indoors. To emphasize the classical style will help the use of marble, gold shades.
  • Minimalism. The light interior of a small toilet with a sink and a mirror without unnecessary decor is an obvious example of minimalism.
  • Eco-style. One of the most fashionable in 2017-2018. The main idea is the unity of man with nature, the ecological compatibility of the materials used: a tree and stone will suit well. Successfully fit the flower theme, it is possible to use live plants.
  • Baroque. Distinctive features are his pomposity, the combination of chocolate color with gold, the design of the toilet in dark tones. The final stroke of the Baroque can be an antique painting, finishing plumbing in gold, screaming about the wealth of the owner.
  • Modern. Modern style is characterized by the simplicity of straight lines, the abundance of geometric shapes of the interior of the toilet. An important role will play good lighting, visually increasing the space of the bathroom, properly placed accents.
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Closet in the wall in the toilet

Color Solutions

The choice of colors is an important decision. The color of the room completely depends on the nature of the toilet room, the mood created. The same bathroom area, decorated with different colors, looks different.

Narrow toilet with windowNarrow toilet with window

Visually expand the toilet will help light cold shades, diagonal masonry tiles or striped vertical pattern. Owners of a large room toilet room will be able to allow any option of coloring.

Round mirrorRound mirror

The main color solutions of the toilet are:

  • White is the most popular variant of design of a toilet room. It will be an ideal solution for a small area bathroom. It is recommended to combine white with bright furniture or decor.
  • Black is a universal color. The combination of dark walls and white sanitary ware looks refined.
Dark color narrows the space of a small toiletDark color narrows the space of a small toilet

Dark color should cover less than 50% of the area - the room is at risk of becoming too heavy.

  • Blue - space for fantasies on the theme of the sea. It is possible to use the palette from soft blue to blue and white.
  • Bright colors - give the opportunity to beat the decor of a small toilet without using ornaments. Well-saturated deep colors look good, emphasizing the sense of master's style. It is more correct to use a combination of variegated shades with classical ones.
  • Gray - can be an original solution in the presence of an additional strong accent in the form of a mottled mosaic or a vivid picture.

Stylish toilet

Wall-papers in this toilet lengthen the roomWall-papers in this toilet lengthen the room

Toilet design according to size

Our apartments and houses are so different in size that the size of the toilet rooms also vary from tiny to huge with windows.

Toilet in the panel houseToilet in the panel house

Design of a small toilet room

You can create a cosiness in the smallest room. Speaking about the design of the toilet 1-2 square. m and more, distinguish the following rules:

  1. Say "Yes!" To bright tones. Visually enlarge the space will help white, beige, soft shades of blue, pastel colors.
  2. Get rid of the little things. The presence of open shelves with decorative items or hygienic means will add sloppiness. If you need to store things somewhere, let it be a closed locker.
  3. A large mirror to a small toilet. The presence of a mirror will further expand the bathroom.
  4. Design with a pendant toilet will save space, will bring a zest to the interior of the toilet.
  5. Using a corner sink will increase the used area of ​​the room.
  6. In the interior of the toilet is recommended to include the use of spotlights.
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Design of a combined bathroom

In modern apartments, a combined bathroom is not uncommon. Many people find this uncomfortable, some try to unite two rooms.

The large area of ​​the combined bathroom gives space for design ideas and the embodiment of the wildest fantasies of the owners. In addition to classics, the pathos rococo, Baroque, Provence are well suited.

Modern combined toilet

For a small room there are tricks. Well-proven zoning space. A small decorative screen will help visually divide the bathroom area with a toilet, playing the role of decor.

Using a shower, instead of a bath, and a suspended toilet, instead of a floor toilet, will save a few square meters, bringing the bathroom closer to the interior style of hi-tech.

In the combined bathrooms it is customary to place furniture along the walls, leaving the central part as empty as possible.

White toilet

Large toilet area design

A large toilet room is a luxury. Possessing a large area toilet can easily use any form of design, limited only by their own imagination and financial capabilities.

In the interior of the toilet of a large area, you can additionally enter a massive long shell, several mirrors and comfortable lockers for storing small things.

Spacious shared toiletSpacious shared toilet

Unlike the design of a small toilet in a panel house, over a large area of ​​the room, the use of decor is not only possible, but, in fact, necessary.

You can decorate the toilet yourself with high shelves, with decorations or statuettes.

Profitable vases, panels, mosaics, paintings are worth looking at as decor elements.

In large rooms, dark colors look good, contrasting with bright elements, bright plumbing. Empty space will help to occupy the built-in furniture.

Wooden partition

The lighting of a large toilet should not be too bright to avoid the expansion of space.

Decorating with natural stone

Choice of furniture and sanitary engineering

Given the specifics of the room, furniture and plumbing should be as compact and comfortable as possible.

In most apartments there are regular floor toilets. The modern market has a wider choice. A successful acquisition is a suspended or floor-mounted model, which saves space under the tank and sets a special style of the room.

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Bookshelves in the toilet

The problem of the bathroom is the presence of pipes in prominent places. It is convenient to hide communications behind the built-in furniture or a panel with a window.

Instead of conventional furniture, the option of masking shelves behind wall panels proved to be a good idea. For a similar design, hide the boiler boiler.

Paintings on the wallPaintings on the wall

Do not forget about the little things. Complete the creation of a complete interior of the toilet will help:

  • toilet paper holder;
  • soap dish;
  • threesomes;
  • hook for things;
  • stand for hygiene products.
A tiny toiletA tiny toilet

It is worth considering, a good choice will be the use of a rack combined with a toilet flank.

Combining a wash stand and a toiletCombining a wash stand and a toilet

It is more convenient to choose a washbasin with an already prepared lower pedestal. And behind the big mirror it is possible to build additional shelves for small things that will help to avoid "overloading" the interior with bottles, jars, etc.

Instead of a cabinet, it is possible to use whole shelves from open shelves. The design will look impressive in the framework of the modernist style and classics, but will require additional care, can "clog up" the toilet space.

Toilet in Khrushchev

Toilet room lighting

The final touch of decorating the room is lighting. The stage is designed to emphasize the work done, hide faults, visually adjust the shape of the room. In the toilet it is customary to use soft diffused light.

LED lights

The choice of fixtures depends on the style of the room. But there are a number of universal rules concerning the design of any toilet room.

Wall from mosaic

Out of fashion, a lonely light bulb swirled around the center of the ceiling. It is more aesthetically and more practical to use spotlights that can successfully combine with furniture and decor elements, visually correct the shape and size of the room. You can place them on the ceiling, walls, shelves, floors.

Effectively it will look a combination of several sconces near the mirror.

Neon lighting instead of plinthNeon lighting instead of plinth

In the design of a small toilet is strictly prohibited the use of massive lighting devices.