10 original ideas for installing embedded modules in compact

Built-in furniture in the bathroom

Very many people are forced to settle for really tiny bathrooms. In such cases, it is no longer a question of choosing a classical chandelier or installing a jacuzzi - it is necessary to solve pressing problems, one of which is invariably the lack of space for storing the most necessary things. After all, heaps of various objects on shelves and in miniature lockers, of course, cause irritation.

All kinds of baskets, suspension containers and compact shelves can simplify the situation, but only to a certain extent. Those who plan to do repairs in the bathroom in the near future and understand that it will not be able to expand its area should think about constructive improvements. One of them can be the installation of built-in modules. We bring to your attention 10 original variants of realization of this idea.

In this compact module are combined the most diverse elements: cabinets and a compartment for towels on one side and open shelves on the other. Take a closer look: free spaces usually lurk near a sink, bath or mirror, literally crying out to be occupied with something useful.

Modular cabinets and a compartment for towels

This is another example of the successful use of a relatively small section of the wall. A narrow built-in rack takes up space between two mirrors, allowing you to keep your toiletries right at your fingertips.

Narrow built-in shelving in the bathroom

Even in a shallow niche can fit a full built-in module. Is not it true that this configuration looks more preferable than the whole mirror to the whole wall?

Built-in module in bathroom

No gap can be too narrow to install the built-in module. Strictly speaking, this is the way to improve the design of the bathroom, which literally lies on the surface.

Built-in shelves in the bathroom

It is unlikely that this image captures a fragment of a truly compact bath, since the shelves of the built-in module are mostly occupied with decor items, but the idea itself looks impressive. If you want to recreate this image, be sure to order the maximum possible rack space.

Built-in shelving in the bathroom

Mirror cabinet and open shelves are integrated into a single whole, or more precisely - in the built-in module, which can be called a textbook example of effective design.

Mirror cabinet with open shelves in the bathroom

Shelves, hidden by a full-sized mirror, constitute the filling of a pharmacy locker. Very convenient option for those bathrooms where the window is located above the sink.

Built-in module with mirror door

In a small bathroom, every centimeter of space should be beneficial, as for the free section of the wall between the door and the ceiling. At least one shelf there will fit exactly, and install it on the strength of each.

Toilet paper shelf above the door

The owners of this bathroom did not lose sight of even that small space on the side of the sink, which usually remains unoccupied. A miniature built-in closet is used to store hygienic supplies, allowing you to unload open shelves near the mirror.

Built-in shelves under the sink

The most interesting thing we've put in last. Probably most people would prefer to store spare towels and paper on the shelves in the toilet room, although books are also a logical option.

Built-in shelves for books in the bathroom

What about your bathroom? Is its space efficient enough to use it? «