Decor ideas for the new year 2015

Approximately at this time, most people begin to count down the days before the New Year and the following other favorite holidays. Therefore, starting today, and for the remaining month before the entry into force of 2015, we will often delight you with a variety of ideas for festive decorating interiors. After all, you need time and inspiration to prepare everything!

New Year's and Christmas decor creates a feeling of special magic in the house and makes everyone who enters it unreasonably happy. Brilliant toys, garlands, candles and, of course, a furry Christmas tree are the invariable attributes of this magic that can be bought at any store. But this time we have collected for you a collection of festive decor ideas, which are not too difficult to copy at home. Christmas decorations, snowflakes, table decor, New Year's gifts and much more - all this can be made from improvised materials and combined in the most unusual ways!

Also you will find here some ideas for decorating the house for the New Year with the help of natural materials: pine cones, branches, acorns and fruits. Other ideas offer beautiful ways of combining natural and purchased artificial materials. You can also recall what decisions we made for you last year.

And now we invite you to see the photos and get inspired with these ideas of Christmas decorations!

Assistants of Santa Claus with their own hands Decoration of bottles for the New Year Fruit Decoration for New Year New Year's decor of pistachios New Year's handicrafts from book pages Candlesticks for the New Year Paper decorations on the Christmas tree New Year decor on the wall Little Christmas trees on New Year's Eve Christmas garland of cones Knitted ornaments for the New Year's table How to put a napkin in the form of a Christmas tree Paper fireplace for the New Year Image of a deer for the New Year Beautiful New Year decor on the table in the hallway Table decoration for the New Year Paper trees for the New Year New Year's decoration of a vase Gift for the New Year with your own hands New Year Candlestick from the Bank Ideas for a non-traditional Christmas tree New Year window decoration with natural materials How to make a New Year gift yourself Crafts for the New Year from paper Interior decor of pine cones Transparent Christmas balls with decor inside New Year's decor on the fruit plant Christmas decor in the house Homemade Christmas tree for the New Year Homemade Christmas Toys Unusual table decoration for the New Year How to cut a beautiful snowflake Charming sweet decor for the New Year Snowflakes with own hands Cut beautiful snowflakes We decorate the stairs for the New Year Festive decoration of a dining table Table decoration for the New Year Decoration of a dining table and chairs for the New Year Wine corks as a New Year's decor Wreath for the New Year with their own hands Funny crafts for the New Year Knitted toys on the Christmas tree