How to design a lobby in loft style (52 design ideas)

Quite often in modern houses or apartments there is a hallway in loft style, a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom. All this is popular among artists, designers, writers and other creative personalities. Even though this style needs a large space, it is often used for living rooms in small houses and apartments.

The hallway in the loft style is peculiar to be as simple as possible, but at the same time it's expensive, tidy and tasteful.

Industrial loft in the hallway

In the hallway in the style of "industrial" loft retro lamps look great. Ideal for a narrow corridor.

Hallway in white loft style

A small, bright hallway is decorated in the white loft style. In accordance with the style as a decoration used brickwork.

Spacious hallway

An example of successful lighting for a hallway in the loft style. A lot of lamps united in one garland.

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How to decorate

The treatment of the main surfaces of the hallway should be as simple as possible.

Decorating the interior of walls with the help of white or red stone decoration is welcomed. In urban apartments it can be imitated with decorative lining. It is possible to use a liquid wallpaper or simply paint the wall in one color.

An important role is played by small details. For example, a simple stone wall can be supplemented with photographs, but it is better if the frames are metal or made of natural wood. The ceiling is left concrete, it is trimmed with beams made of natural wood, or it is lined with wood, creating the impression of a roof in the attic. It's similar features inherent in the loft style.

For the hallway in the loft style, functional, roomy furniture was chosen - two built-in wardrobes and a shoe shelf.

For the hallway in the loft style, functional, roomy furniture was chosen - two built-in wardrobes and a shoe shelf.

Modern corridor

The modern loft in the hallway is made in white tones. A cozy atmosphere right at the entrance to the dwelling.

Brick walls in the hallway

The industrial loft in the hallway is decorated with style requirements. Furniture "under the old days" organically fits into the overall picture.

Sex is already considered an adornment and accent of this style. Therefore, for its finishing, it is best to take an artificially aged parquet or slightly worn wood. After all, the tree is very practical, environmentally friendly and one of the most durable materials.

Furniture should not be conspicuous, but be simple and ideally approach the floor and walls. It is necessary to pay attention to such detail as mirrors. Their location can be absolutely anything, and the design is done with metal or wooden frames in a classic style. They visually increase the space, thereby making the hallway more spacious. Perfectly fit in the interior of a large armchair, preferably in Empire style, as well as modern lamps.

Light should always be a lot, in combination with natural and warm materials, it creates an unusual color. To do this, use bright wall or hanging lamps.

Furniture can be on rollers. Chairs and ottomans on wheels are always convenient and comfortable. And this option makes it possible to change the interior of the room under the mood or create such a desired comfort.

Furniture for a hallway in a loft style

For the hallway in the loft style it is necessary to select simple, laconic furniture. Color combinations can be the most unusual. Excellent for decoration suitable white, red, blue and other contrasting colors.

Masonry of white brick in the hallway

Masonry made of white brick is used to decorate the hallway in the loft style. An interesting design solution is a large mirror without frames and frames.

Furnishing of the hallway in the loft style

The correct example of furniture is the hallway in the loft style.

Distinctive features

The loft style differs in that it does not have partitions that divide space into zones. Everything is separated by furniture. It looks good to divide into zones using different shades of walls, but for this you need to be able to correctly select colors and not to be mistaken with the scale. Often loft style is used in the loft style. It calms the nervous system and helps to feel comfort, coziness and security. Apply and white color, which visually increases the space. Black highlights important details. And, of course, red, which adds brightness, but always maintains austerity.

Hallway in loft style

Loft style "does not like" a lot of furniture. As a cabinet you can use a design made of pipes, for storage of shoes the metal pedestal of bright red color is perfect.

Functional loft for the design of the corridor. The design project is designed for the Moscow apartment of a famous artist.

Functional loft for the design of the corridor. The design project is designed for the Moscow apartment of a famous artist.

Decorating the walls should be so that it's easy, easy. To do this, use what surrounds us every day: posters, photos, old records.

Loft can be compared with minimalism, where every detail is an integral part. At the same time, you need to ensure that there are no unnecessary items, so as not to reduce space. It should be noted that in the loft style it is unacceptable to cover the floor with various rugs.

The hallway in the loft style is an ideal variant for the economical person.

Loft brick walls

The design of the hallway in the loft style is notable for the rough finish of the walls. The brickwork is in harmony with the mirror doors of the closet.

The "industrial" loft in the hallway is distinguished by the decoration of the walls, which imitates metal sheets fastened together. The cabinet is similar to a large metal industrial container.

The main thing is functionality

In the loft style, each item has its own purpose. Everything is so interconnected that it is simply impossible to remove any part. So, for example, hangers in retro style, which are often used as decoration. Something like the introduction of antiquity into modernity. If it is removed, a note of something from the past will be lost. But it's about functionality. Therefore, furniture should be chosen not only in appearance, but also pay attention to its strength, ease of care for it, and the durability of furniture is also important.

The same can be said about what the floor is finished with. Otherwise, after a while, the whole spirit of loft style will fade away and there will simply be old furniture and a shabby floor.

Also important is the spaciousness, huge light windows will not only be functional, but will always perfectly fit into the interior.

Hallway in loft style

The hall in loft style is decorated with a lot of wooden elements.

Design project loft for the hallway

Design project for a hallway in the loft style in a country house in the south of France.

Loft is a non-standard

Do not forget that the loft style is a non-standard style. It's for people with a big imagination. So, simple everyday things as accessories will be few. To master the loft style, you need to forget the word "normal". As a decoration used things that a man without a creative beginning would never have posted on his wall. So, for example, you can hang a bicycle on the wall, which will transfer the freedom of the spirit completely. Unusual chandeliers, the shapes of which resemble a blurred blot on a sheet, also just perfectly fit into the interior. But do not forget that you do not need to overdo it.

White loft in the corridor

The white loft looks exquisitely to the corridor of an ordinary city apartment. A minimum of furniture in combination with the correct lighting makes the space visually more spacious.

Decor of the hallway in the loft style

An interesting design solution for a loft-style hallway is a hanger rack made in the form of a metal ladders with wooden shelves.

Bright hallway loft

To decorate the hallway in the loft style, wood parquet of dark color is excellent.

As mentioned above, mirrors increase space, this means that one will be small if the hallway is very small. Yes, no one said that they should be on the wall. The mirror ceiling, which will visually make the room not only wider, but still higher, will give the entrance hall a stunning view.

It's important to know that loft style does not suit everyone. Also it is selected taking into account desires and preferences. Each corner of the dwelling should bring a feeling of warmth, joy and coziness.

Spacious corridor

An example of well-chosen lighting for a hallway in the loft style. Wall sconces and ceiling chandeliers are not alike, but they blend well with each other.

Hall in Loft style

A spacious loft-style hallway is notable for its unusual design. An interesting "fresh" accent can be called a green plant in a pot.

Features of interior design in the loft style. Video

Style loft in the design of the hallway. Photo Gallery