12 modern fireplace design ideas

A simple rustic style, minimalist style, a charmingly disorderly set of decorative details - there are a huge number of ways to decorate a mantelpiece, suitable for any style of interior and any kind of fireplaces.

Fireplace shelf - an integral part of any fireplace (unless, of course, do not consider ultramodern models). For many years, and even centuries, people have used this detail of the interior in order to flaunt valuable objects of decor. In the past centuries, the clock in the middle and a pair of porcelain dogs (or identical candlesticks) on the sides could be the pinnacle of the design thought in decorating the mantelpiece, but today we can give freedom to the imagination and find an application for our creative vein. These 12 stylish approaches to decorating the mantelpiece will show how interesting it is - to refresh the appearance of the fireplace and update the mantelpiece.

1. Use large items

A variety of decorative details on the mantelpiece can look rather inappropriate and insignificant. How to fix it? Use massive, large objects, which, no doubt, will look more impressive. In this picture a mixture of details in the style of Gothic and pop art gives the mantelpiece a truly original look. The bright pink letters represent an exceptionally attractive accent on the gray background and do not allow the skull and statues to look too gloomy.

Large skull in the decoration of the fireplace

2. Try to use decorative elements made from one material

Choosing a common theme for installation on your mantelpiece will help you create a stylistically ordered decorative group. Try to choose objects that are made of the same material. Here, for example, a set of glass objects of different sizes looks fresh and cute. Guided by the same principle, you could create decorative groups of wooden, ceramic, silver or brightly colored objects.

We use flowers when decorating a fireplace

3. Put on the mantelpiece a picture

Try a little change the traditional habit of hanging pictures or mirrors on the wall above the fireplace: instead, just put the picture on the mantelpiece. It will be even better if your picture is a bold interpretation of some immortal masterpiece, as in the case of the design in this picture: Mona Lisa and Marge Simpson, two in one.

Picture: Mona Lisa and Marge Simpson, two in one.

4. Use the "neat mess"

There is nothing wrong with the approach "the more the better" when it comes to decorating a mantelpiece. However, if you simply mindlessly force the shelf with various items, this will create a careless, slovenly impression. Therefore, when choosing decorative elements, be reserved. Choose one type of items (vases or candlesticks, or flower pots), limited to two or three shades, which would be well combined with a shade of furniture and other decorative details in the room. You will get a rich, interesting installation, and, at the same time, it will not give the impression that you unloaded all the unnecessary trash stored in the pantry on the mantelpiece.

Modern decoration of the fireplace in the living room

5. Three is the magic number

Three items are often enough to create a beautiful decorative group on the mantelpiece. The choice of the size and the way of combining objects is entirely yours. In this photo, a street sign and a vintage mirror occupy the entire length of the shelf, representing a large but neat decorative group, and small house plants in pots act as its center and a uniting element.

Unusual objects for decoration of the fireplace

6. Two materials are also not bad

If you think that the requirement to use items made from the same material limits your creativity, try to broaden the general theme of your decorative group with two key elements. For example, the group presented in this photo demonstrates white objects and objects made of wood. Here everything, from a white bird to a wooden shoe, looks like a single whole, and objects can easily be swapped, without disturbing the overall harmony.

Creative approach to the decoration of the fireplace: small things

7. Set the mantelpiece with unusual items, each of which will be unique in its kind

Make a decorative group on your mantelpiece as bizarre and unique as possible, adorning it with unusual vintage items and antique valuables - the more unexpectedly they will look, the better. From stuffed birds to pottery from a junk shop, the choice is endless, and the effect created will be incredibly strong.

Unusual drawing up of a drawing room with a fireplace

8. Stick to minimalism

To decorate the mantelpiece can be enough and one-only thing. It will look best if you position it slightly further from the center, so that the overall effect is not too symmetrical and boring. In this picture, a small portrait focuses on the fireplace and does not contrast with the severity of the brick wall behind.

Minimalism in the decoration of the fireplace

9. Create a balance of the opposite sides of the mantelpiece

Items placed along the edges of the mantelpiece create a pleasant impression of balance and symmetry. This fireplace in the modern style is wider on one side, but the focus creates a visual load on the left side. The three vases on the right create a balance and serve as a kind of reflection of the asymmetric design of the fireplace.

Simplicity and ease

10. Combine the design of the fireplace with the interior of the room

If the room in which the fireplace is located is decorated in a strict, spectacular style, make sure that the decorative group on the mantelpiece corresponds to this style. In this photo we see the interior of the bedroom in a strict monochrome scale, which creates a truly spectacular impression. Items on the mantelpiece reflect this effect: a simple group of two stunning candlesticks.

The right combination of colors when decorating a fireplace in the bedroom

11. Leave the mantelpiece empty

There are fireplaces, in particular, made in a very refined style and rich in decorative details that look best without any additional decorations at all. But if you do not like this, try to decorate the space around the fireplace - for example, cover the walls with wallpaper with an interesting print.

12 modern fireplace design ideas

12. Create a modern country style

Instead of using live flowers that cost money and, in addition, quickly fade, collect branches, shoots, sticks near the house and use them as a simple decoration for the mantelpiece. The fireplace in this photo is located in an Italian house, so the branch of an olive tree directly from the street near the house looks very appropriate. But you could use pine cones, branches of evergreen plants (ivy, for example) or dry bark.

Fireplace in Scandinavian style

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