Design apartment 46 square. m

One-room apartment design 46 sq. M

Housing area of ​​46 square meters. m is quite standard for buildings of the end of the last century - "Khrushchev", "Stalinok", modern "panel", etc. In such apartments, one to three rooms were formerly made, in Soviet times three or four, or more people lived there . Times have changed, now such a flat is considered intended for a maximum of two or a married couple with a child. Ideally, it will be converted into a one-room studio. It is difficult to place everything necessary for the three, almost impossible - for a large family. On how best to design the design of a one-room apartment of 46 square meters. m, choose the appropriate style, make zoning more in the text below.

The design project includes:

  • The initial scheme with designations of all sizes;
  • description of the stylistic solution of the apartment;
  • plan for demolition and erection of partitions;
  • separate plans for sex, ceiling, sweep of walls;
  • a graphic scheme of electrical wiring, placement of lamps, water pipes, gas pipes, radiators;
  • description of the arrangement of furniture;
  • 3D-visualization with the help of special computer programs;
  • calculation of the necessary amount of materials, all items of furniture, accessories;
  • technical information for workers who will do repairs.

Design project of an apartment of 46 square meters.

Looking through "3D" images, a person can understand whether he likes the situation in this room, whether it will be nice to live there. If something does not suit, then at this stage you can still make any changes.

Choice of stylistic direction and color scheme

In various variations, the following styles of interior decoration are most often used:

  • classic,
  • Provence,
  • loft,
  • fusion,
  • country,
  • high tech
  • minimalism,
  • art-poveri,
  • modern,
  • art-deco.
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Art Nouveau style Norwegian style  Classicism in the interior  Art Deco in the interior  Eastern motifs  Minimalism in the decoration of the apartment

Если это «распашонка», то все имеющиеся помещения «однушки» переоборудуются – в среднего размера студию. Такую квартиру лучше оформлять в светлых тонах, используя множество зеркал, осветительных приборов, чтобы визуально расширить пространство. Минимализм, modern, хай-тек – наиболее подходят для этого. В однокомнатной квартире-студии можно применить любой стиль – все зависит от фантазии проживающих, их финансовых возможностей. Для дорогостоящего стиля барокко или готики 46 «квадратов» считается маловато – декор предполагает массу объемных резных деталей, лепнину, огромные люстры, колонны. А вот неоклассик хорошо впишется в имеющееся пространство. Минимализм, классика, бывает разных ценовых категорий, а art-poveri, индастриал, делается буквально из подручных материалов.

Bright lighting in the apartment


Zoning любой квартиры зависит от:

  • number of residents;
  • the type of occupation of each member of the family;
  • their approximate age;
  • the estimated number of furniture.

The breakdown into individual zones is especially important for studio apartments, premises where several people live, each of which needs some personal space for work, rest, sleep.

Zoning при помощи стеллажа Bright furniture for an apartment  Modern style in the design of the apartment  Functional zones  Bedroom и гостиная в одной комнате  Zoning при помощи текстиля

Zoning производится с помощью:

  • partitions made of metal, plastic, tinted or transparent glass, plasterboard, etc .;
  • light folding screens;
  • any furniture;
  • translucent sliding doors;
  • various decoration of the floor, ceiling, walls of individual zones;
  • curtains, curtains, including "rustling" - of beads, acorns, paper clips, slices of postcards, etc .;
  • local lighting of individual zones;
  • different ceiling height, floor;
  • arches, columns, fireplaces;
  • plants in floor vases, aquariums with fish;
  • different colors.

Decorative partition Working area in the bedroom  Separation of a large room with a partition  Creative interior  Plasterboard partition  Cozy interior

In one room, you should not do more than three or four functional areas, they all are designed in about the same style.

Living room in a one-room apartment

Kitchen-living room

In such small apartments, as a result of redevelopment, the kitchen is often combined with the living room, separated from it by a table, bar counter, which saves space. In the apartment, one of the walls is transferred, "cutting off" a piece of corridor or living room in favor of the kitchen. It turns out a fairly spacious "odnushka", with a small, partially insulated bedroom. In this space there is not only a place for cooking, eating, but often also a study, a place for rest, sleep of individual members of the family.

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Bright kitchen-living room design

In modern times, there is the concept of "evrodvushka" - a small apartment in which the kitchen-living room is combined with a hallway, a bedroom, a bathroom, a toilet - separately. It can easily be converted into a studio apartment, where there is a "bedroom" - a separate room (maximum separated from other space) with a space of ten to twelve squares.

Each logical zone in the room must have separate lighting, and also a common one for the entire space.

Scandinavian style Creative decor  High-tech in the interior  Light design  Sofa in the kitchen  Layout living room with kitchen


The parent bedroom is usually a room behind a screen, a partition containing a double bed, a small closet, a pair of bedside tables. With children, they also need a so-called "room". From the parental bedroom, it is separated by a partition, a thick curtain, a folding screen, and the baby's first-year-old's bed can easily stand directly in the parents' room.

Zoning спальни

For two children it is preferable to organize a bunk bed. If the child is alone and already large, then an excellent solution will be to purchase an attic bed, under which will be located his workplace, located in the far corner, a large niche. Lighting in the bedroom is preferably muffled, but if it has a place where tenants plan to read, write, work on a computer, a laptop, then they have a brighter lamp.

Design renovation in the bedroom Bedroom в однокомнатной квартире  Pink in the interior of the bedroom  Sleeping area in  Shirma in the room  Original wallpapers

Entrance hall and cloakroom

Designers recommend carefully think through the design of the hallway - this is the "visiting card" of the whole apartment. The corridor in such places is often very tight, because it is combined with other rooms or decorated with the most light materials, mirrors, so that it seemed more spacious. Spot lights here will be very handy, and the furniture is the most minimal.

White walls in the hallway Loft style  Long corridor  Mirror cabinet  Wardrobe in the hall  Cabinet furniture for the hallway

The dressing room is usually combined with the bedroom, or rather is part of this "room", separated from her by a wardrobe, a screen, curtains. In the studio apartment, under it, any free angle is selected, where the location will be the most convenient. In the dressing room, a local illumination is necessarily done, which is mounted directly on the top of the cabinet or near it.

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Wardrobe in the hallway


Combined bathroom significantly saves space. If you want, you can place everything you need. To have more space, choose a compact, angular, hinged plumbing, storage space is located under the bathroom, on hanging shelves, in tall, narrow lockers. The bath itself is often replaced by a shower booth, the best is a corner bath.

Bathroom layout Bright accents  Shower in  Stylish bathroom design  Wooden countertop  Blue tiles

Square bathroom, preferably stretched - to place furniture, plumbing there is much easier. Most often this room can not boast of its spaciousness, so for visual expansion of space use mirrors on walls, ceiling, floors. Along the perimeter there are several spotlights. Lighting can be top and local - near the mirror, each piece of sanitary ware, on open lockers.

Spacious apartment


Apartment-"odnushka", plus or minus 46 sq. M. m, it can easily become stylish, comfortable, look spacious, having everything necessary for the normal life of a small family. It does not matter, it is located in a new building or an entirely old house, because the layout can be changed, and modern decoration materials will transform any space. The studio apartment should not be excessively cluttered with extra items, decorating the entire room in a single style - furniture is best purchased from "one series", like the decor. If it is impossible to work out the design in detail, they resort to the services of interior planners.