7 ideas how to make an apartment visually more spacious

Let's see what can be done when it seems that you can get out of the chair in the hall to any opposite wall of the room.

Dining room in the living room

Project of Artem Babayants, founder of the workshop Art Workshop

1. Give furniture freedom

Do not always arrange furniture near the walls - this is the best solution. Sometimes, it is the sofa in the middle of the room that adds to it the volume.

Lamp over the dining table

Design project by Nikita Tooth

2. Monochrome schemes

They act soothingly, do not distract the sight.

Living room in pastel colors

The project of Cyril Romanyuk and Alexei Dyakin

3. "Big" accents

Using massive furniture, you can create a sense of greater space. But do not get carried away, just a few accents will be enough.

A large chair in the studio apartment

Marina Sargsyan's design project

Large floor lamp in the corner of the room

Design project of Dina Salahova

4. Glass will help us

A competent arrangement of mirrors or glass surfaces allows to achieve space volume. You can use the surface of shelves, cabinet doors, doors.

Mirror cabinet in the living room

Design project from the studio "Cozy apartment"

Mirror cabinet in the dining room

The design project of the studio "Pavel Polynov"

5. More Than You Have

To share space with small details is a luxury for a small apartment. It is better to use elements larger than they really are. For example, a cornice that will increase windows and ceilings, or curtains on the entire wall.

Accent wall in the bedroom

Design by Irina Lavrentieva

Large window in studio apartment

Design project by Nikita Tooth

6. One-piece coating

On the floors in the room and the kitchen, for example, it's good to use a one-piece coating. Different materials on the floor of adjacent rooms steal space. Large carpets are also not good, unless they are in a vertical strip.

Cabinet in the kitchen

Design project of ArHbaba studio

7. Color solutions

Erase the boundaries of the room can be selected by a shade of color doors similar to the coating on the floor, the room will appear wider. If you use this technique with the ceiling and walls - you can get the impression of a high ceiling.

Living room in natural colors

Design project by designer Pavel Meukh

Interior of the living room in natural colors

Design project by designer Pavel Meukh