How to properly put a tree, the main ways and errors

New Year holidays are approaching and everyone has been wondering about when the first lights on the festive tree will light up in their apartments or houses. Indeed, the wait is not very long, the markets are already crowded with different kinds of New Year trees of different sizes and from different materials. It seems that it is already a matter of small - to choose and install. But in fact, everything is not quite right. The fir-tree is not only a beautiful, decorated tree, but also a big fall on misuse. Therefore today we want to dwell on the question of how not to spoil a holiday: we put the Christmas tree correctly.

  • Collapsed spruce: how to properly prepare the tree for installation
  • Ways to install a festive Christmas tree
  • Choose a place for a Christmas tree
  • Basic Errors
  • Where to put a Christmas tree after the holidays?

Collapsed spruce: how to properly prepare the tree for installation

After you have visited the Christmas market and have got a fluffy beauty, do not rush to bring it into the apartment. Let her get used to the temperature change a little, and if possible, as long as possible live on your balcony, in a cool passer-by or garage. We advise you to put a spruce just a few days before the holidays, so it will please you with its freshness for longer.

The perfect decor of your Christmas tree

When you are ready to install a festive tree, remove a couple of large lower branches (you can ask the seller to do it on the market), just do not throw it away, but postpone it, they can still come in handy for additional decor. The site of the log is worth updating, having drunk a few centimeters. This will help the wood to be soaked in water more easily when you install it there. Before putting a spruce in the room, tap it several times on the floor, this will help get rid of the already dried needles. In order to prolong the life of the felled tree, we advise adding several aspirins or a couple of spoons of glycerin to the water, they serve as preservatives, which for a long time will keep the tree alive.

Beautiful Christmas tree

Ways to install a festive Christmas tree

Despite the simplicity of the task, in fact, there are a lot of basic methods (methods) for installing a Christmas tree. Let us dwell on each of them:

installation in a bucket filled with sand or stones. This method several years ago was the most basic. In each apartment there was always such a bucket waiting for its time. However, now it is used much less often;

Christmas tree in a pot

installation in a bucket using bottles filled with water. Not every inhabitant of the city can simply find sand, so using plastic or glass bottles will be more acceptable;

installation with a cross. In our time, it is quite possible to purchase a fresh spruce already with an installed cross. But, if you did not get one, or you cut the tree yourself (only if you have the appropriate permission), we will briefly describe how to make the cross itself. You will need two bars, which will need to be connected perpendicular to each other. Then the large self-tap is first set at the intersection of the bars, and then it is tightly screwed into the trunk of the tree.

Installation with the help of a leg from an office chair. This is the most original and even the most convenient way. If you have broken an armchair, do not be sad, its "tripod" can be an excellent reason for a festive spruce. And the installation process itself will take no more than five minutes. Just in the hole "tripod" you need to insert the tree trunk and voila, you get a spruce, which can ride.

Installing a Christmas tree on a table

Choose a place for a Christmas tree

Thinking about the place for a festive tree, you need to remember that you need to put the Christmas tree safely for pets just like for small children. The most suitable place will be the far corner of the room, where the movement of the household is reduced to a minimum. In addition to safety, one should also worry about the "well-being" of the most magnificent beauty. Try to keep it as far as possible from batteries and other heaters, preferably closer to natural light, otherwise after a couple of days it will turn from a beautiful green tree into a herbarium.

We decorate the Christmas tree in the living room in the fireplace

Basic Errors

The rules for the use and installation of festive spruce are quite simple, but many still meet the New Year in the company of a stale or spoiled tree. In this regard, we want to once again draw your attention to the most common mistakes:

installation of felled spruce near heat sources will lead to the fact that it will dry quickly, even if it is in the water;

installation of a fir tree close to the wall. Someone can dispute this statement, because such an arrangement will make the spruce more stable and prevent a possible fall. Agree on the one hand, but on the other hand, hard branches and tree needles can damage wallpaper and paint walls;

- installation of a tree in the middle of the room. To dance round the winter beauty is undoubtedly fun, but it greatly increases the risk of its fall, and besides, the spruce will simply interfere;

- As for an artificial Christmas tree, it should be avoided errors related to branching. After you pull the tree out of the box you do not need to order and clearly parallel the branches, let it be chaotic and slightly sloppy, because it will look much more natural.

Unusual decor of a Christmas tree

Where to put a Christmas tree after the holidays?

When all the merry festivities are over and everyday life begins, the question of where to put the symbol of the holidays will become dramatic. Do not rush to spruce up the fir tree or burn it. Needles can serve as an excellent decking of indoor plants, they will become an excellent humus in the compost pit in the garden or small animals (hedgehogs, mice, frogs) can build small houses for themselves.