Ways to decorate the wall above the sofa

Decor wall above the sofa

Living room without a couch, like an army without a general. In whatever style the common room has been solved, it will certainly have this subject of furnishing. It is not without reason that it is said: "A clever man invented a wheel. And even more clever is the sofa. " With this expression you can not argue! What other furniture in the house does so many functions? On the couch we rest after work, going to the whole family to watch a movie, celebrating holidays with friends, sleeping, working, but what else is there! Therefore, without it, the living room will simply lose its purpose.

Decor on the sofa

There is another option, when the decor of the wall above the sofa will be superfluous. When it is located near the window. Add something to the existing design in the form of curtains or blinds to anything. In addition, the view from the window itself will serve as an excellent background for furniture.

Sideboard in the living room  Concrete walls in the interior  Pillow on the floor  Orange curtains on the window  Lamps on tables near the sofa

Variants of decoration of the wall above the sofa

To decorate this zone use a variety of techniques. Their choice depends on the general style direction, the filling of the remaining zones and the preferences of the hosts. Most organically look together accessories, selected in a single style and color scheme.

Decoration of the wall above the sofa Stars in the interior  Vase on the table  Pot with a flower by the window  Work desk in the living room  LED Ceiling Light

Wall with accent trim

The space for the sofa is determined at the time the project is created. Therefore, during the repair, the wall can be decorated with contrasting finishes. This will allow to introduce into the interior bright colors, textured lines in a small, dosed amount. The finish turns a flat, uniform wall into an effective surface.

The accent wall is isolated with the help of:

  • colors - for this use contrasting wallpaper, paint, plaster, tile, wall panels. A calm atmosphere will create an accent similar in tone to the main color. Such shades are located on the color wheel in the neighborhood. A bright cheerful note will bring colors from the opposite side. To the interior, executed in neutral tones any bright colors will do.

Saturated warm shades optically close the wall. Therefore, in long narrow rooms such an accent should be used on short walls. The room will visually become more square. Cold colors have the opposite effect. It is better for them to make long walls and the room "move apart".

  • ornament - a wall decorated with drawings or ornaments, is even more clearly distinguished on a monophonic background than just painted. Patterns will give the interior a characteristic mood, will set this or that tone. For example, floral and floral motifs will introduce romantic notes, the ornament will emphasize the ethnic style, horizontal bands will add dynamics and visually expand the wall.
  • plot - wallpapers and drawings on the walls will emphasize the general theme of design, and at the same time get rid of the faceless wall. Subjects can be very different - floral motifs, animalistic paintings, seascapes, city views. The image must match the general style of the room, combined with the basic colors of the interior.
  • textures - an interesting, eye-engaging surface can be created using natural stone, plaster, 3d panels, bamboo cloth, clinker tiles for bricks, moldings, siding, lining, plywood and even parquet.
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Accent wall behind the couch Drawings on the wall  Desktop wallpapers in the living room  Tile under the stone on the wall  Bright lamp in a gray interior  Wall and ceiling paneling

Decorating with posters or paintings

A favorite design method - to decorate the wall above the couch or sofa paintings, reproductions, posters. There are a lot of options for placing pictures on the wall. Works of a large format serve in splendid isolation. Small one-size and different-sized canvases are grouped, forming mini-galleries. Images can be arranged in the form of a square, a strip. They are hung in symmetrical and asymmetrical order, and also in the form of a swarm. In the latter case, the center of the composition is the largest work, and the rest are placed around it.

Posters over the couch

If you do not follow certain rules, you may be at risk of distorting the design. When selecting posters or paintings, it is necessary to take into account that:

  • The style of works should be general, but in some cases you can play in contrast;
  • images should be placed at such a level that they can be easily viewed;
  • The pictures should not be lost on the wall because of too small a size. Also, do not choose such paintings that will crush your excessive size.
  • the best background for posters is a one-color finish. On the motley wall, decor elements are lost. Images will simply merge with the picture on the wallpaper. Correct the position of the passe-partout or baguette contrasting with the wall.
  • Pictures need good lighting both natural and artificial. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, as the resulting glare will adversely affect eyesight, tire eyes.

Striped carpet on the floor

Pictures help to divert attention from the unevenness of the wall and adjust the dimensions of the interior items. For example, the overall sofa will look a little less cumbersome if you place over it a series of paintings or a triptych.

Photo on the shelf  Mirror on the floor  Locker against the wall  Glass wall in the living room  Gray sofa in a light interior

Home Photo Gallery

Instead of pictures on the wall, the photos will look great. It can be copies from a family album, pictures of recognized gurus from photo art. In different variants of the interior, black-and-white and color variants are appropriate. Stylish look monochrome images with one bright accent, when only one or several details are singled out - red rose, umbrella, balloons. You can use pictures of the same or different sizes. The rules for placing photos on the wall are the same as when using pictures. Do not count only on amateur photos. To create a photo gallery, the best option will be the work, produced and processed by a professional. And self-captured amateur footage can be complemented by impeccable portraits from the photo studio. Organization of a family photo shoot in the original scenery is a great way to get high-quality pictures and have fun.

Photo gallery above the sofa Books in the table  Branch of a palm tree on a bedside table  Family photos on the wall  Decorative plaster on the wall  White sofa in the living room

Geographical maps in the interior

Geographical map in the living room, it looks nontrivial and interesting. The image immediately attracts attention, speaks of the extraordinary nature of the owners of the house. There are many options for decorating. Bright interiors will shade a monochrome image, a room in which neutral tones predominate - color. In classical and colonial styles, an old image with the names of ancient cities or simply an artificially aged modern version will look good. A map located above the sofa in the children's room will help you learn geography. It can be physical, political, with images of the flora and fauna of each zone, discoveries or inventions. It is not necessary to hang a map with the image of the whole world. You can confine yourself to one continent or state. The decor is framed like a picture, used as a wall-to-wall fresco or photowall.

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Map over the sofa

Mirror decoration

Using a mirror, you can not only decorate the room, but also solve some problems. For example, to expand the room visually, to increase its illumination. The shape and size of the mirrors can be very different. The area above the sofa is decorated with large mirrors in luxurious frames of rectangular, round, oval and square shape, and small ones grouped into a single composition. This is a mirror sticker in the form of hours, butterflies and flowers, and a mosaic, laid out in a certain sequence. Look great and carry a dual purpose model with backlight. Old mirrors in carved frames are worthy of taking an honorable place in the living room. So it's time to get them out of the pantry and make your interior unique.

Mirror over the sofa Glass table in the living room  Ceiling fan  Mirror over the fireplace  Skirting on the ceiling  Leather sofa in the interior

Decoration with dishes

A collection of decorative plates is appropriate not only in the kitchen. Place it in the interior of the living room, and the room will play with new colors. Decorating the walls with interesting and bright dishes is important for country styles, vintage. Plates with traditional paintings will enhance the charm of the ethnic interior. Products for the composition can be selected in a single theme or in different. They can be made in one color or in combination shades. The location of the plates on the wall depends on the imagination of the designer. Popular compositions of several identical in size items are grouped in a certain sequence and a combination of different subjects. Most often around a large central dish fix a few small.

Decorative plates over the sofa Shelf from the stairs in the interior  White carpet in the living room  Pots with flowers on the couch  White doors in the interior  Plates with faces on the wall

Various textures on the wall

If the room already has an expressive accent in the form of a gallery or a bright poster, do not overload the space and make an equally bright wall above the sofa. In this situation, you can highlight the zone with the help of a game with a variety of textures. Stucco molding, plastering, ceramic panels or masonry, soft panels made of eco-leather will only emphasize the style direction, but will not draw attention to themselves. Luxuriously look the voluminous paintings that appear from the wall, created on plasterboard with the help of ordinary putty. These are flowers, animals, birds, trees. They are white or in color. The finishing of the zone is performed in neutral shades, or in the colors of the palette taken as a basis.

Leather panels on the wall behind the couch

Original ideas with shelves

Shelves above the sofa - the opportunity to fill the space with not only beautiful, but also functional objects. Here you can place something that you can not fix on the wall. These are different vases, antique candlesticks, photo frames, table clocks, scented candles. Readers can move part of their library here. Agree, it's nice when you can get your favorite book without getting up off the couch. At music lovers there is an opportunity to establish here an audiosystem or at least a portable column. Calm melodies will calm down during the rest, energetic will cheer up in the morning. The number of shelves and their size depends on the needs and preferences of the inhabitants of the house. Ideally, if the shelves are made of the same materials as the rest of the furniture in the guest room - a table, cabinets, cabinets. In minimalism, perfectly fit the options of glass, complemented by chrome elements. In classical interiors - from MDF or natural wood.

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Shelves above the sofa Floor lamp-searchlight in the interior  Lamp in the armchair  Orchid on the shelf  Letters in the interior  Pillows on the couch

Niche over the couch

You can also decorate the wall with a niche. This option should be considered before the repair. It will require the execution of special works, which must be done at the initial stage. It is necessary to create a framework of profiles, to coat it with plasterboard, to putty, and then to finish the finish - wallpaper, paint or plaster. The niche performs several functions. It can act as:

  • shelves for the display of souvenirs, vases and other decor;
  • frame for a bright poster, pasted on the far wall;
  • an additional light source, if it has built-in lighting.

Niche over the couch

Do not overload the niche with decor, because this is not a rack. Its main function is the adornment of space.

Gray furniture in the living room  Bright apron in the kitchen  Built-in ceiling lights  Mirror in the living room  Illumination in the niche

Large wall clock

A large-sized watch is not just an effective accessory. This is also a very convenient thing. Large numbers and arrows are perfectly visible even from a long distance. To find out what time it will be enough to take a quick look. Such decor is appropriate in any style. The main thing is to choose the right model. Today, a huge number of large-scale interior watches are on sale. The choice presents a variety of mechanisms from the fundamental classical to the avant-garde, in plastic and metal cases. Impressive look models without a body. All elements of these watches are attached to the wall separately. Usually they just stick to the surface. If you apply a little ingenuity and a little skill, such a clock can be done with your own hands.

Large wall clock над диваном

If you do not want the noise from working hours to prevent you from resting, or distracted during work, choose a model with a smooth turn of the arrow.

Built-in ceiling lights  Low table by the couch  Variegated picture in the gray interior  Vases on the nightstand  Colored carpet on the floor

Thematic decor

The idea laid in the interior can be supported with the help of accessories. Marine theme will be enhanced by images of ships, panels made of shells, watches in the form of a starfish, lifebuoys, steering wheel, oars. Country style - forged lamps, handmade crafts, caskets. And if there is a desire to design a room as a hall of hunting trophies - stuffed animals killed, skins. Extraordinary pop art can be made even more expressive by placing over the sofa guitars or posters with the image of Elvis or Michael Jackson. Mexican style is worth sour bright ceramic plates with ornaments, rug, woven from palm fiber, baskets, tapestries, canvases of Mexican artists. The best way to support the Russian style is to use products of folk crafts - Gzhel and Khokhloma plates, Zhostovo trays, Dymkovo toys. You can hang embroidered towels over the sofa or Pavlov Posad shawls.

Thematic decor над диваном Steering Wheel  Forged Fixtures  Guitars  Michael Jackson  Musical instruments

Combined ways of decor

If space allows, do not stop with one element of the decor. A large area requires additional clearance. And if the sofa group already has a decorative niche or shelves - it does not mean that you can not hang a picture or a clock above. A large rectangular mirror will be a noble composition with two wall lights. The wall will be filled in this way, and the picture will be more complete. Posters, paintings, mirrors will revive an accentuated plain surface. Next to the designer carpet, the sconce will be logically placed. Interior stickers in the form of flowers can be supplemented with shelves with small pots. The sticker in the form of lattice metal shutters is a real wrought-iron lamp.

Combined decor over the sofa Living room combined with dining room  Chandelier with ceiling fan  Black armchair in beige interior  Corner sofa in the living room  Outdoor clock in the interior


Decoration of the wall above the sofa is an exciting activity. In the fuse you can overdo it. However, it is better to hold your ardor. And no matter how much you want to decorate this wall with everything that is in the house, you do not need to forget about the feeling of the measure.