9 mind-blowing and stunning ideas for arranging tiny

Shower and bathroom in a small bathroom

Let's talk today about unique design features that can turn a small bathroom into a chic space with a beautiful interior. To do this, please read the interesting information that is presented below.

1. "Wet Bath"

Colorful design of the bathroom

This style is the most common in Europe, where in almost every apartment you can see a mini-bathroom, in which the shower head hangs directly above the toilet, the washbasin stands aside, and the sewage drain is located in the middle of the room. Thus, you can really maximize space.

If the wet floors - this is too much for you, then fasten the curtain on the ceiling near the shower. So you will be able to divide the room into several plots.

Outdoor shower in the combined bathroom

2. Wall-mounted toilet bowl

Such plumbing is also common in European latrines. Despite the miniature style, they are distinguished by their high strength and stability. Without a thick pipe and a drain tank, it takes up very little space.

Wall-mounted toilet bowl in a combined bathroom

3. Shower and mirror with built-in cupboard

A compact shower is another good option for saving space in a combined bathroom. Such a reception will make the room much more extensive, and a small wall will visually divide it into zones.

A mirror with a built-in cupboard will become a delightful and, above all, a necessary addition for storing different things. Narrow sink will expand the bathroom.

Combined bathroom in white color

5. Teardash washbasin

In a confined space, curves are more welcome than sharp corners. In the bathroom that is shown below, the curved wall of the shower repeats the curves of the shell, creating a smooth and seamless appearance.

Green tiles in the bathroom

6. Fountain-style

The "goose" shape of the crane can fit even in the tiniest corners. In addition, she looks very elegant.

Original mirror above the washbasin

7. Sliding doors

Traditional doors, of course, take a lot of precious space. And to save it, install a sliding system.

Sliding door in the bathroom

8. Shower in the barrel

A charming solution for mini-bathrooms with a rustic touch. It's an amazing idea, is not it ?!

Shower in a barrel

9. Roomy shelves

Is it difficult to find a storage space? Consider carefully your bathroom, perhaps there is an angle for the installation of several shelves, on which you can put toiletries or lay out additional towels.

Shelves for bathroom accessories in the bathroom