Design of the bathroom in the style of minimalism (50 ideas

Bathroom in the style of minimalism is an ideal interior solution for owners of small rooms, where the rational use of space is in the first place. Observance of the principles of minimalism can visually enlarge and expand the space even in a small bathroom.

It involves the use of a small number of pieces of furniture and accessories. Its main features can be considered simple, clear forms, neutral shades, as well as the use of the game of light in design. This modern style is designed to create a simple but at the same time stylish and functional interior that gives a sense of purity and space.

Original interior

Minimalist interior is built on the principle of minimal use of furniture and decorative elements.

Stylish design

A notable feature of furniture for a bathroom in the style of minimalism is the refusal to use furniture.

Luxurious bathroom

The concept allows you to place a shower and a bath in the room. A universal variant of interior design in a family apartment.

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Features of style

Minimalism in the bathroom has become popular due to its ability to create the effect of space in a small room, adding to it practicality and functionality. Design in this style will always be fashionable and relevant.

There are a number of recommendations that need to be followed to achieve the desired effect:

  • a bathroom, the design of which is based on the principles of minimalism, should not be overloaded with various furniture and other unnecessary details;
  • The materials used in the work must necessarily be qualitative and stable, which emphasizes the respectability of the design;
  • for decoration of bathrooms the most suitable are light colors, supplemented by bright accents;
  • the prevalence of strict forms in furniture and plumbing will emphasize the modern design of the room;
  • Good lighting with built-in lights or highlights is an integral part of this style.
Bathroom in the style of minimalism is decorated in light gray shades. The view is attracted by a large mirror, which occupies the entire wall above the washbasin.

The bathroom is decorated in light gray shades. The view is attracted by a large mirror, which occupies the entire wall above the washbasin.

Spacious bathroom

To create a minimalist interior, white ceramic plumbing is predominantly used, which is ideally combined with any furniture and wall decoration.

Color solution

Color composition is considered, perhaps, a visiting card of minimalism. Bathroom should have in its design one or two colors with a predominance of light.

A classic combination is a contrasting mix of black and white. Often the black color is replaced by a gray, more restrained and warm shade to avoid the effect of too cold, uncomfortable space. Bathroom in the style of minimalism can be monophonic, ideal for creating the illusion of purity and lightness is considered white. A combination of white with shades of brown is possible. To add to the design of the bathroom a note of originality, you can add some bright element of another color: an accessory, a rug, curtains, a set for a bathroom.

Small bathroom

A small minimalist room is equipped with a large shower. The glass partition visually expands the space.

Oversized bathroom

The main requirement of minimalism style is the functional use of space. A cluttered room will always look lighter and more spacious.

Furniture and plumbing

The choice of furniture and bathroom plumbing in the style of minimalism is very important for maintaining the desired style. To ensure that the bathroom meets the parameters of the minimalist style, only the most necessary pieces of furniture and sanitary ware should be present in its design, the maximum space should remain unfilled. It is permissible to place furniture asymmetrically in the room, but there must always be space between the individual elements.

Plumbing is recommended to choose a quality, modern. The materials used to make it are often expensive: marble, glass, polymers.

Good fit in the bathroom interior in the style of minimalism pendant sinks and toilets. When choosing sanitary ware, it is necessary to take into account that the rounded corners and oval shapes do not correspond to the principles of the concept. Bath in the fashionable style of minimalism should be rectangular or square. The same goes for the shower cabin. Often the choice stops on corner models that save space not only visually, but also practically. Important elements are mixers, although their main purpose, above all, is functional. Their appearance is worth paying special attention, since this minor detail can perfectly complement the overall style of the room.

Bright bathroom interior

A bathroom in a country house near Indianapolis.

An unusual solution for the design of the bathroom in the minimalist style is the use for finishing ceramic tiles, imitating the texture of natural stone.

An unusual solution for the design of the bathroom is the use for decoration of ceramic tiles, imitating the texture of natural stone.

As for furniture (bedside tables, lockers, shelves), then it should not be much. It is best to use built-in lockers that will harmoniously fit into the interior and will not clutter the territory. A mirror or white glossy doors used in the design, visually increase the room and complement the design of the bathroom. A distinctive feature of such furniture is the lack of handles on the doors. The design can only contain correct, clearly delineated lines and shapes.

Room decoration and lighting

Bathroom in a spectacular minimalist style should be equipped with built-in light sources. For fixtures, special niches are usually formed, so that light is scattered from within. The bathroom in modern design minimalism can be highlighted. Up-to-date mirrors are also backlit, they should be square or rectangular with sharp corners.

Snow-white bathroom

Snow-white bathroom in the apartment of one of the new buildings in New York.

Interior of a stylish bathroom

Minimalistic concept with echoes of the loft. To save space, a shower was installed behind the glass partition.

The decorated bathroom should be exclusively of high quality and attractive decoration materials. Metal, marble, granite, glass elements usually harmoniously fit into the interior design. Most often the bathroom is faced with a smooth tile with an imitation stone. By combining different materials and textures, you can achieve an original combination that will make the bathroom unique. To maximize the space, you should choose light shades of materials for finishing the ceiling and floor. Color accent is better done on walls or plumbing.

Minimalism in the bathroom does not lose its relevance over the years. This style easily combines the solidity and simplicity, elegance and rigor of lines, practicality and beauty, restraint and modernity. Performed in the style of minimalism, the interior impresses with its functionality and looks very impressive.

Corner bathroom

Exquisite minimalism in the bathroom of a young lady. Exceptional feminine design.

Bathroom in the style of SPA

The design principles resemble interiors of spa salons. This design helps to relax, tune in to a wave of relaxation, relieves stress.

Minimalism in the interior is convenient. Video

Minimalist style in the interior design of the bathroom