Green kitchen in the interior - 30 photos of the best

Green color in people is associated with envy, emeralds and jade. But in addition, this color more than any other is close to nature - the color of leaves and grass, ponds and lakes, apples and many other vegetables and fruits. And nature never makes mistakes in choosing shades. Green color has the ability to soothe and brings positive energy. In the interior of the kitchen, it creates a fresh atmosphere and (perhaps you are surprised) contributes to a good appetite. Read from us on Dekorin, what kind of kitchen design promotes weight loss, and here we will consider the 30 best photos on the topic of green kitchen in the interior.

Beautiful green kitchen in the interior of the apartment

Beautiful green kitchen in the photo

Green is considered an ideal choice for those who want a quiet environment. Psychologists say that once you feel tired, especially in the eyes, you just have to pay attention to something green, as you quickly relax. And it works! Today we will show you photos of green kitchens that look not only soothing, but also very stylish, including:

  • Photos of kitchens in various light and dark shades of green;
  • Green kitchens in styles Provence, minimalism, country etc.;
  • Interiors of kitchens with green walls, furniture or worktops;
  • The best combination of green with other colors in the design of the kitchen.

But everything is in order.

Kitchens in different green colors - 10 photos

Light green, olive, mint ... Green has a huge number of stunningly beautiful shades! Let's look at some of them in kitchen design.

Bright green tones, such as lime or apple, create a sense of modern style, cheerfulness and vivacity in the interior of the kitchen. Perfectly combined with natural wood shades for creating coziness, as well as with white and gray colors - for an elegant and refreshing kitchen design.

brown-light green-kitchen brown-green-kitchen modern-green-kitchen green-table-top for kitchen

Lighter and colder shades of green, such as mint and celery, are an excellent option for an exquisite country style. They will easily give the kitchen a fresh and cool atmosphere of Scandinavian design.

brown-green-kitchen-s-myatnym-potolkom modern-light green-furniture-for-kitchen light green-kitchen-design green-kitchen-with-open-shelves

The green kitchen on the last photo is different with lockers with open shelves, which is in line with the 13 main kitchen trends of 2015.

Deep dark shades of green, in turn, help to emphasize the elegant design of furniture in classical style or Provence. Just look how charming the green kitchen looks on the next photo.

dark green-kitchen green-kitchen-in-style-provence

Share in the comments, which shade of green do you like most?

Green walls in the kitchen

А что если, вы собираетесь делать ремонт кухни, но не покупать новую мебель? Green walls in the kitchen являются отличным способом придать интерьеру ту яркость, которая обращает на себя внимание, но не начинает со временем раздражать. Удивительная способность в дизайне интерьеров, присущая исключительно зеленому цвету!

beautiful-white-green-kitchen olive-kitchen-green-kitchen dark green-wall-in-the-kitchen green-wall-in-the-kitchen green-wall-in-design-kitchen

And if you do not want to make all the walls green, then you can manage a beautiful green apron for the kitchen and complement it with accessories.

green-tile-in-the-kitchen green-tile-wood-furniture-in-the-kitchen White-green-kitchen-minimalism

Apron for the kitchen in color is different from the general color of the room - this is a very good solution. So you can make bright notes in the interior, without changing the cardinally common color scheme. In addition, you can completely regulate the amount of the selected tone due to the configuration of the apron, which is certainly beneficial.

With what to combine the green color in the interior of the kitchen

In the design of each room it is important to have well-chosen colors that will make you feel comfortable and fresh. The best combinations for green in the interior of the kitchen are white, brown and yellow tones. But on the following photos you will see that other shades can accentuate the beauty and natural charm of green cuisine in your home.

small-green-kitchen gray-green-kitchen white-green-kitchen sine-white-green-kitchen black-green-kitchen yellow-red-green-kitchen wooden-green-kitchen orange-green-kitchen brown-green-kitchen-dizayn claret-green-kitchen purple-green-kitchen