A capacious wardrobe in the hallway - design ideas with 25

For a small apartment is a big task to equip a spacious, stylish and comfortable entrance hall. But it is this place that meets and escorts us from home. A capacious and beautiful wardrobe in the hallway will solve all the design problems, and will also testify to your sense of style and demanding taste. Before buying it is worth considering how and what you want to store in it, how much space you can allocate for it in the interior, as well as what color, design and material is better suited. This article will serve as a source of inspiration for you: we will compare the corner, built-in models and wardrobes of the compartment for the hallway, and give the idea of ​​their registration in 25 photos.

Modern design of cabinets in the hallway: trends 2016

Distinguish angular, straight, trapezoidal and L-shaped cabinets in the hallway. Straight lines are ideal for narrow hallways and corridors, while trapezoids and L-shaped shapes save space in wider and square rooms.

Cabinet in the hallway - photo of the angular solution

For modern hallways it is recommended to choose light cabinets with a minimal finish. Mirror doors visually increase the interior, and the original handles and texture of the facade can make it more interesting. Also in 2016 are popular:

  • Closet in the hallway with open shelves and hooks for clothes;
  • Presence of built-in benches with storage box under the seat;
  • Embedded models of cabinets that visually merge with walls;
  • Wardrobe systems and shelves installed in the hall niche and equipped with sliding doors.

We suggest you take a look at several photos and go to the overview of the cabinets of the coupe, built-in and corner solutions.

Closet in the hallway - photo design in a niche White wardrobe in the hallway - photo in the interiorDesign of cabinets in the hallway with open shelves and sectionsAlso read: Stylish design of a small hallway - ideas and photos 2016Design of cabinets in the hallway with a bench and shelves for shoes Modern design of the wardrobe in the hallwayCloset in the hallway - photos of modern ideas in interior design

Closet compartment in the hallway - photo interiors and ideas of filling

The closet compartment in the hallway is the ideal choice in terms of functionality:

  • Thanks to the sliding doors, the cabinet can be deeper and more spacious, without taking up excess space from the hallway, as do the swinging doors;
  • The compartment can have any filling of your choice, which allows you to place in it even oversized wardrobe parts, such as umbrellas, shoes, gloves, hats and accessories;
  • Mirror facades visually expand the space of the hallway, which is important for small rooms.

When choosing the filling of the closet compartment in the hallway, it is worth giving preference to the departments with the bars. In one of them you will be able to store long coats, raincoats and coats, and in the other, hang 2 bars at different levels under each other. On the top it will be convenient to hang jackets and sweaters, and the bottom can be equipped with special hooks for bags, scarves etc. 3-4 shelves for bags and a pair of boxes for accessories and keys can be quite enough. Shelves for shoes below and mezzanine top of the cabinet are also welcomed. This is the most economical and convenient filling of the closet compartment in the hallway, although you may have your own idea.

Appreciate how different compartment wardrobes look in the hallway design on the following photos!

Cupboard in the hallway in brown tonesSmall wardrobe compartment in the hallway - photo design ideas for the apartmentDesign of wardrobes in the hallway - photo in the interiorAlso read: Choose a comfortable and beautiful wardrobe on the balcony - 40 photosBuilt-in two-door wardrobe in the hallwayA shallow closet in the hallway - a photo in black and whiteModern design of the wardrobes in the hallway in white color

Built-in wardrobes in the hallway: design features and 9 photos

A built-in closet is the best solution for people who want to maximize space in the hallway. The construction of built-in cabinets is interfaced to walls and ceiling with the help of skirting boards or plasterboard inserts. Depending on your needs, they can be attached to the wall or formed into a niche, creating an elegant and inseparable view of your hallway. Note that the built-in cabinets are made by measurements and therefore adapt well to your needs. You choose the type and color of the facades, the design of the cabinet inside, the type of doors - swinging or sliding. This is very convenient because of the variety of requirements of each of us.

Built-in wardrobes in the hallway - photo in white colorElegant design of the built-in wardrobe in the hallwayBuilt-in wardrobes in the hallway - photo with a door accordionDesign of a built-in wardrobe in the entrance hall of a private houseBuilt-in wardrobe in black color in the hallway of a private houseBuilt-in wardrobes in the hallway - photo with a banquet in the interior Original design of the built-in wardrobe in the hallway - photo of the curator

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What can be a corner cabinet in the hallway and its advantages

Corner cabinet in the hallway can be built-in, classic, trapezoidal or coupe. In any case, it allows you to conveniently place almost all of the available outer clothing. The corner wardrobe has many advantages. First of all, it provides a maximum of useful volume with a minimum occupied area, and secondly, it will not restrict movement in a small hallway and will not create clutter of space.

See how the corner cabinet can be in the hallway on the final 5 photos in this article!

Corner wardrobe compartment in the hallway gray with cream Corner wardrobes in the hallway - photo in the interiorStylish corner cabinet in the hallway - photo design ideas 2016Corner built-in wardrobe in the hallway - photo of a beautiful design A beautiful corner wardrobe in the hallway with a mirror on the door

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