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The human body regularly requires time for rest. Therefore, one third of the time in our life is spent by any of us on rest in the bedroom. The better this room is decorated, the more pleasant it will be to rest. But what exactly is included in the design of the bedroom?


Pay attention to the photo of stretch ceilings in the bedroom. You probably noticed that it's much more comfortable. But apart from the ceiling itself, there is sanctification and a picture on the ceiling.

If you want to equip a children's bedroom or your own bedroom in the best way, pay attention to important aspects before undertaking such a major repair.


Table of contents of the article:

  • What to choose?
  • What colors should not be chosen?
  • Successful colors
  • What colors work well together?
  • Photo of stretch ceilings in the interior of the bedroom

What to choose?

In total there are two types of stretch ceilings for the bedroom: fabric and PVC-film. And what is more suitable for you? It is first necessary to understand the purpose of each species. For example, the stretch ceiling from the film is very moisture resistant.


If your private house or a quatry is threatened with flooding, you should choose a film option. As for the fabric, so it's not terrible to lower the temperature. Just here for the villa is a great second option. The fabric is much stronger than the film and is good for a detached room. Flooding can be threatened when the bedroom is next to the kitchen.


The design of stretch ceilings in the bedroom can be of different levels. Naturally, two-level ceilings look very dignified, but always everyone can afford the means to purchase this luxury. Nevertheless, a single-level stretch ceiling is also good.


Variety of invoices provides the most convenient. We see them glossy, matte and satin. Preferably choose glossy stretch ceilings in the bedroom.


The bottom line is that at least on all the invoices you can draw a picture, but here the glossy cloth is easier to clean, and visually it expands the room. The matte option guarantees comfort, and satin combines the advantages of the two materials listed above. In addition to the materials themselves, it is very important to successfully choose the right photo. For example, the clouds, the sea and the mountains will well calmed and set to sleep.


In terms of fastening, various methods are used. But here in the nursery the "harpoon" method is usually used. In this way, it is unnecessary to dismantle the frame to replace the fabric.


An important point! When you equip a children's room, there can always be some damage to the canvas. They are very difficult to avoid, and therefore professionals recommend attaching spotlights to damaged areas.


The more such lamps, the more beautiful the ceiling will be. So you can not be afraid of the amount of damage. In this case, you will provide the child with a "starry sky" in his own room.


If you look at the photo of a beautiful stretch ceiling in the bedroom, notice a well-chosen color scheme. Whatever the suspended ceiling, but if it's unsuccessful to pick up the color, all the repairs will go to the bottom.


Experienced experts advise to avoid unfavorable colors. The fact is that each color has its own symbolism and can psychologically influence a person's mood. The bedroom does not need hot colors. But even cold ones are not welcome. Here we need a golden mean.


What colors should not be chosen?

Red color strongly excites, and therefore does not adjust for rest. Violet or black simply steal the space of the room. Blue - takes away heat. Brown along with gray badly affect the neural system.


Successful colors

Pink color inhabits the room with romance. Warmth and coziness appear with yellow color. Turquoise makes you cheer up. Light or dark blue calms and gives the required cooling. The eternal classical color remains white. Even without black can not do without, because this option gives a share of severity.


What colors work well together?

Before you print a photo, do not forget to recall the general compatibility of colors. Otherwise, ignoring this fact, you can discourage the overall design of the room.


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Beige fits pink; yellow is combined with orange; green fits to the color of the sea wave; blue captures colder colors - blue or purple.


Maybe some more like more contrasting colors. But here for a children's bedroom it is better to avoid dangerous combinations of colors. It's about red and green, orange with blue-green, yellow with purple and pink with grass.


Photo of stretch ceilings in the interior of the bedroom


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