Lights in the loft style (55 creative ideas)

Before studying luminaires of the loft style, you first need to understand how such a design generally appeared. After all, to the lamps you will need to choose the right and all the other elements, and this is impossible to do if you just focus on photos of other people's houses. To do everything right and turn your apartment into a real loft, you need to know the history of this style and its main features.

Small room in loft style

The living room lighting in loft style is conditionally divided into independently functioning areas.

Spacious studio apartment

The loft style is noteworthy for open communications, so the corresponding lighting was chosen for the living room. A lot of small lamps fixed on the pipes give enough light and make the situation unsurpassed.

Ceiling chandeliers in the loft style are characterized by a restrained, laconic design. The plafond of the lamp is made of metal.

Ceiling chandeliers in the loft style are characterized by a restrained, laconic design. The plafond of the lamp is made of metal.

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Characteristic features of the loft

The origins of this design lie in the 40's. the last century, when in the United States the position of a simple working class was quite complex, especially with regard to the purchase of own housing. Anyone who could afford to own his own house was automatically considered to belong to the middle class, however, so it is now. Those who could not afford such a luxury or at least an ordinary apartment, rented the upper floors of factories, manufactories and other enterprises for housing. Hence the name of the style "loft", which in English means "loft". Traditionally, today a real loft is considered such a dwelling, which is located under the roof itself, but you can give it the appearance of almost any apartment that meets the requirements.

Light bedroom

For a small bedroom in the loft style, appropriate lighting was selected. Small lamps in a metal frame are symmetrically placed on the ceiling.

Original chandeliers

Exclusive lighting for a loft-style bedroom makes the design concept complete. Lamps are enclosed in cubic metal plafonds.

Required moments

First, to create a loft with your own hands, you need a spacious accommodation with high ceilings. In recent years, in Moscow and other large cities of our country, old businesses are often rebuilt into residential complexes, so you can try to follow the path of US residents in the 1940s. and find yourself just such an apartment. In your potential loft should be as few as possible partitions, usually in such apartments kitchen, living room and sometimes even a bedroom are located in one huge room.

Style loft is another design way to play on contrasts. It combines brick walls without finishing with upholstered furniture. And bright lamps in the loft style contrast with simple wooden floors. Various accessories should give the apartment coziness, but at the same time, housing should give the impression of industrial, industrial. Connoisseurs of this architectural style respect him for spacious rooms, a free spirit, combined with comfort.

And let once such style of an interior was considered poor, suitable only for working class, but it for a long time already has won popularity among people provided. In such apartments many celebrities live. So for you loft can be an opportunity to get a spacious, bright, comfortable accommodation, and even in a style that has remained popular for the last several decades.

Spacious living-dining room

An example of properly selected lighting for a room decorated in loft style.

Original wall lamp

An interesting design solution for interior decoration in the loft style - a lamp that simulates communication from metal pipes, can be used as a shelf for books.

Hallway Loft

Classic lighting in loft style. Most often, several low ceiling chandeliers are used to illuminate the room.

Interior of room in loft style

Now that you know what loft style is, and about key features, it's time to figure out how the lighting is organized in such an interior. This question is complex and quite complex, because only with a competent choice of lamps and lamps, the loft acquires its full and natural appearance.

Light bedroom

As bedside lamps, the usual metal table lamps are used.

Loft Apartment

Studio apartment in the loft style with correctly selected lighting in the center of New York.

Lighting and lighting

With regard to natural light, then, since traditionally for such an interior was chosen apartments located under the roof, they had large windows that were not closed with thick curtains. You can hang light curtains or horizontal blinds, but nothing dense that would prevent the natural movement of light and air. And the curtains you choose should be monophonic, and not yet have any patterns. The lamps themselves, as well as other types of lamps, such as a floor lamp, are an important part of the loft style. Various options are used, chandeliers in loft style usually assume the presence of a long chain, on which they are suspended. You can still use a competently chosen floor lamp.

It is desirable that the lamps have shades of soft, discreet colors that will not distract attention from other elements of the decor. However, the lamps can be bright, but only if the walls have a strong enough color, for example, made of red brick. Then the lamp with a bright lampshade can be combined with them, but it's better not to abuse such elements in the interior.

Studio Loft

A fairly popular lamp in the style of the loft are "bare" lamps, which can be collected in various compositions.

Creative platforms for chandeliers

A plafond of a lamp in the style of a loft made of metal can be made by hand. A little imagination and professionalism and your interior will become the most unusual.

Especially popular among designers in the interior of the loft are fixtures that are made of aluminum. This wonderful material has several advantages. With his natural color, he does not distract himself. Such designer lamps look especially functional, thus advantageously completing the loft, perfectly matching with the brick walls and other elements of the decor of the industrial environment. Best of all, they look, if they are used in a complex way, so it is better to select such fixtures together with furniture and wall decoration. In general, industrial-style lamps are an excellent solution for lofts. They are still able to provide high-quality lighting, but at the same time give the apartment a serious, industrial look. If in the future you decide to redesign the design into a high-tech style, many of them can be left behind thanks to the cold metallic and functional appearance.

Lighting in the loft style.

Correctly organized lighting in the loft style.

Spacious living room

Functional lighting option in loft style. The direction of numerous metal luminaires can be adjusted.

As for the very location of the fixtures, there are a number of other features that you should know about. We'll figure out where the lamps should be in the kitchen, how to properly place the floor lamp in the living room and how to illuminate your bedroom. As mentioned earlier, lighting is one of the key elements to ensure the proper interior of the loft, but this applies not only to the appearance of the fixtures, but also to the arrangement, which will emphasize certain decor elements.

For kitchens in loft style pendant lamps with aluminum shades are perfect. Such a pendant light, or even better, that it was not alone, should be located directly above the table. Due to this pendant lamps will create a comfortable zone of light and will focus on the main element of any kitchen - a table for cooking. Thanks to this, the premises will acquire a new look. It is recommended to use such pendant lamps, which are made in industrial style. After all, the kitchen is a territory that has a functional purpose, and still there are quite a lot of different techniques: a refrigerator, a sink, usually also a metal one, and much more with what exactly this pendant lamp will perfectly match. But old lamps can look a little inappropriate here, like some floor lamp, so it's better to avoid using them. Especially since the first lofts of the middle of the last century were dominated by pendant lamps, and not something else.

Lamp for five lamps

The five lamp is ideal for decorating loft-style kitchens.

Lamp style

Lamp in the style of the loft - great for organizing the interior of a spacious bedroom.

As for the bedroom in such an apartment, I will also perfectly look pendant lamps in the form of plafonds on a long cord, which are also called cable systems. They should be located above those elements of the decor, to which you want to draw attention, and still where you will need the brightest lighting in the evenings, for example, above the bed and a desk. It will be very good if you manage to find an antique pendant lamp, because such lamps look great in the bedroom. But remember that you should avoid the elements made of crystal, it is better to prefer glass and metal.

As for the issue of lighting in the living room, everything here is almost the same as the bedroom. You can still use ceiling lights, focusing on those parts of the room where this is especially required. You can also use wall spotlights, for example, sconces in loft style looks sometimes very good, if used competently. Remember that any pendant lighting in the loft style is a way to focus on certain aspects of the room, rather than luxury or beauty.

A frequent element is not only wall lamps, but also such a beautiful device as a floor lamp.

An industrial loft can be a profitable option for designing a bathroom.

An industrial loft can be a profitable option for designing a bathroom.

Ceiling lamps

Ceiling fixtures in loft style.

It can be used to create the best lighting conditions near places where it is particularly needed. For example, a floor lamp is very useful near the sofa on which you read, or near a desk where wall lights will not be appropriate. But floor lamps still should not be pretentious, it is better to use something simple and metallic.

Any loft chandeliers in a large hall must be suspended. And avoid crystal - it does not fit this interior design at all. The ceiling lamps made from it break the industrial look of the interior. Also, pay special attention to what kind of light bulbs you use, preferably so that they are those that give a nice soft light, not too bright or sharp. Otherwise, the lighting will be too much in contrast with the situation in the room, and no such lamps can not be fixed.

Now you know how to organize the lighting of the apartment, designed in the loft style. The main element here, of course, is a pendant lamp, made in various variations. It is with his help that you can give the apartment an unconventional look. For example, a pendant lamp above the stairs will immediately attract attention to it and it will be very beneficial to look. Go for this interior style in your homes to make them unusual and attractive.

Ceiling chandeliers

The wrong, asymmetrical shape of the ceiling chandeliers is ideal, if we talk about the loft style.

Chandelier from chains

Elegant chandelier of many thin chains for a bright interior in the style of loft or eclecticism.

How to create a loft in the interior. Video

Lighting in the loft style