A modern approach to optimizing space in the design of

White interior of a small kitchen

Owners of this tiny kitchen (the area of ​​only 5 square meters), located in the house of the 1920s, in one of the oldest districts of Moscow, wished to preserve its traditional image, but to make the interior more practical. Designer Irina Tatarnikova left the original configuration of the room unchanged, but significantly improved its spatial and visual characteristics due to the use of a light palette, compact appliances and custom-made furniture.

Having paid close attention to the functionality of the design, Irina took care that the history of the house still found a reflection in it. Classic, simple exterior components, including marble countertops and cabinets from MDF, allowed this idea to be realized, while the abundance of white color visually expanded the space.

In the chandelier, many people recognize the popular Soviet model of the pre-war era, although this, of course, is a reproduction.

In order not to make changes in the layout and configuration of the kitchen, Irina Tatarnikova, picked up compact household appliances that fit perfectly into the concept of design. A dark green plate of Italian production was found near the exit. To put in the kitchen a full-size refrigerator, which the family never had, managed only after the built-in wardrobe was dismantled.

Antique furniture in the interior of the kitchen

Irina understood that it would be difficult to pick up ready furniture because of the limited space. According to her sketches, a dining table was made, fully taking into account the needs and parameters of all three tenants of the apartment. Thanks to this, it became possible to include a large number of cabinets in the interior. A compact dishwasher and microwave oven hide behind the decorative panels.

White furniture in a small kitchen

The low ceiling still made the interior even more cramped, so it was decided to paint it with white glossy paint. Glitter creates the illusion of depth and reflects light, which, of course, is in favor of a room with a small window, and even in a severe Russian climate.

Built-in white table in a small kitchen

The charming vintage interior of this kitchen is diluted with ultra-modern black chairs that fit easily under the dining table and do not clutter up space. A lint-free carpet with oriental ornaments brings color and style variety to the decor.