9 secrets of attracting love by feng shui

Did you know that interior design can affect your bank account and personal life? You can test this on your own, using the following tips from feng shui, which were based on the ancient art of balancing energy.

Secrets of attracting love:

  1. Put the furniture legs on the carpets

Furniture should not be located strictly along the walls. According to Feng Shui it should be set so that it is convenient to communicate. So forget the walls. Place the chair not next to the sofa, but opposite it. At the same time, let at least the front legs of all furniture stand on the carpet, and not around it, - this will help bring people sitting in the room closer.

Design of the living room by Feng Shui

  1. Add more paired items to each room

If you want to start a relationship, then do not be surrounded by solitary objects. Especially avoid them in the corners of the rooms. It is important to create around yourself the energy of partnership, otherwise you will constantly adjust to your own separateness. Add a second armchair to the living room, put another photo on the shelf, place two table lamps near the mirror etc.

Interior by Feng Shui

  1. Print happy family photos

If you are already married, but want to improve your marriage, then arrange around the house smiling photos of your family. The best places for them are the corridor, kitchen and other rooms with intensive traffic. But at the same time, avoid placing family photos in the bedroom. Here you can only see photos of your couple and no other people.

Interior design with photos on the walls

  1. Organize a round dining table

When it comes to creating an atmosphere of love, the dining area is the second most important place in the house, after the bedroom. According to Feng Shui, the dining table should be, if not round, at least organized so that everyone can see each other.

Feng Shui Dining Room Design

  1. Create coziness in the bedroom

If you have a spacious bedroom, then you need to take care of creating comfort in it. There should not be too much free space here. Begin with the fact that you will always close doors to adjacent rooms, including in the bathroom, cabinet or wardrobe. If there are no doors, then set the curtains. Rest zone add chairs, put a dressing table, a banquet at the window etc. According to the philosophy of Feng Shui, when space becomes bigger and bigger, people become emotionally farther and farther apart.

Bedroom design by Feng Shui

  1. Place the cots correctly

Feng Shui refers to all living in the house. Children can be even more susceptible to environmental energy than their parents. Make sure that the children's beds are located in command positions. If the crib backrest is located opposite the door, the child will feel vulnerable. In addition, experts in feng shui do not recommend putting or even simply charging electronics near the baby's bed.

Design of a feng shui children's room

  1. Get rid of negative characters

Check the interior for any symbols in it that can carry negative energy. It can be a crossed pair of swords on the wall, even an image of a sad person or battle scene. Let all photos, paintings and the rest of the decor in your house be pleasant, inspiring and exalting.

Romantic Bedroom Decor

  1. Focus on each other

A place for a TV in the living room, and not in the bedroom. A bedroom is a place for passion and relaxation, but not for any other entertainment. Reading, watching your favorite TV shows - all this should be done outside the walls of your bedchamber. To increase intimacy, install heavy, cozy curtains and remove the laptop, tablet and other electronics from your bed. Do not forget also about the rule from point 3 - in photos in the bedroom can be depicted only two people.

Bright bedroom design in the style of Feng Shui

  1. Add a few pink accents

Pink is one of the best for decorating the interior, especially the bedroom. He embodies love, joy, happiness and romance. And it is not necessary that the whole room be feminine-pink and discomfort to the man. A few small details are enough, such as a bouquet of pions on the table, a pair of pillows etc. Another color that favorably affects the relationship is blue.

Pink in the interior

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