Children's design for boy and girl - in one room

Children's room

When square meters impose restrictions on the allocation of individual rooms to children of different sexes, it seems that the problem is unsolvable. How in one room to settle absolutely opposite personalities, so that there is no conflict of interests, but only a good mood and a fabulous atmosphere? If your children share one space, you need to think carefully about the future design of the children's room for the boy and girl. It is quite possible to create a small world, where they will not just sleep, learn, but also play, dream, meet with friends. To do this, you just need to know the basics of zoning, the economical distribution of the area, the harmonious introduction of the desires of small masters into the future nursery.

In cohabitation there are obvious advantages: brother and sister will get along better with each other, their relationships will strengthen, they will not be lonely. Finding together will help to accustom to order, discipline, to feel belonging to a certain sex.

Beds with names

Ask about how they imagine a room: clearly divided into 2 halves or more neutral with shared common areas. Ask in advance so that you can adjust your own plans.

Partition in the nursery

Correct zoning

Children's room performs a variety of functions: sleeping place, storage of things, study, play area. Their uniform, reasonable distribution is especially important when living together as a boy and a girl.

Yellow-blue nursery

Part of the interior experts recommend choosing the joint largest children's room in the house, with an area of ​​at least 20 square meters. m. With the help of proper zoning, the maximum benefit is obtained from a smaller area, without disturbing the aesthetics of the room.

Small children's playground In the zoning will help:

  • Permanent partition (figured from plasterboard). Located perpendicular to one of the walls will provide zoning, will make it possible to arrange toys, books, collectables.
  • Cabinets, racks. The drawback of the method is somewhat cumbersome.
  • Living partition. For older children, a large aquarium with fish, turtles will be an alternative to domestic pets.
  • Stained-glass windows, glass blocks. Option for schoolchildren.
  • Screen. Creates a clear boundary if necessary (sleep period).
  • A multi-level arrangement. The podium is a good solution - hidden storage of things.
  • The curtains. The use of small pologs will give children a feeling of their own personal space.

Two bunk beds

Style direction

First, they are defined with needs, zoning, and then they select a suitable style that is optimal for your ideas.

Bedroom for boy and girl

Among the variety of solutions the following styles are most common with their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Classic. Pros: durability, versatility, comfort, comfortable furniture, mainly made of natural materials. Ideal for older children, but the style creates details: when adding a decor the younger one will be interested, comfortable.
  • Ethno. Original, non-standard. The main advantage is natural materials (wood, rattan, bamboo). The option is acceptable if the children are really fond of the wildlife, exotic countries. Using appliqués with animals and birds is easy to supplement with the painted masterpieces of young naturalists.
  • Modern. Universal, suitable for a kid and a teenager, thanks to bright colors, creatively arranged space. Always fun, fascinating at the expense of furniture, which can be quickly moved, transformed. Arrange parents - a minimal finish, no additional costs for registration.
  • High tech. A new direction, gaining popularity. The style has some coldness, restraint. But for schoolchildren it is appropriate, especially if the younger generation does not represent life without a computer, game consoles.
  • Observance of certain topics.
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podium for playing in the nursery

Thematic design - everything is possible

The main drawback of thematic design lies in the age of the son and daughter. Children grow fast, tastes change even more rapidly. Younger schoolchildren may begin to feel embarrassed by some "babyishness" in the interior. Then the room will not bring so much excitement, joy, as a couple of years ago, when they visited the kindergarten. But if the younger generation does not cross the school threshold for a few more years, the age difference is minimal (especially the weather, twins), you can give a fancy to clear up, because the main thing for small children is playing.

Bedroom for two children

You can design in a common theme, without conducting a strong separation on the basis of gender. The standard gender neutral solution is the use of themes: a fairy-tale castle, a circus, a jungle, a zoo. It is worth considering the option of using your favorite cartoon characters. Among the many characters there are those that will allow zoning on the basis of gender (Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Smeshariki - Sowinja and Nyusha for the girl, Krosh and Hedgehog - for the boy). It is possible to create something together, for example, based on Disney's Winnie the Pooh. To carry out it is necessary by means of an art list of walls or to order a photo wallpaper.

Wooden beds

Do your kids gravitate toward designers? Lego-style is an excellent way for small rooms; it has great functionality due to the design elements, the availability of storage systems. Light background (even white) surfaces, furniture visually increase the space, and the semantic load will lie on the bright decorative elements, textiles in the recognizable style of the cult designer.

Bedroom decor for children of different sexes

If the kids are pretty energetic, like physical activity, direct their energy in the right direction - create a sports complex at home. A variety of Swedish walls, mini-climbing walls, slides - the starting point in the design of the room, which is not exactly boring for several years.

Corner arrangement of beds

Color solution

When it comes to a design project for children of different sexes, one should listen to the opinion of not only designers, but also psychologists.

Stylish children's room

In their opinion, visual perception has an impact on development. Primary colors:

  • Yellow. Improves mood. Promotes mental activity.
  • Blue. A small amount is a soothing effect. Overabundance causes depression.
  • Green. Eliminates negative emotions, relaxes, improves eyesight.
  • Blue. Positively affects health, but it can dissipate the concentration of attention (ideal for gaming).
  • Red. Stimulates activity. Suitable for passive children, excess - causes aggression.
  • Orange. Very conducive to a fragile psyche.
  • Pink. It lifts the mood, forms a feeling of comfort.
  • Peach. It inspires optimism, gives a sense of security.

Zoning a bedroom for two children

It is best to use for walls neutral, light shades - beige, milky, white, and already internally filling - brighter, more saturated, avoiding overabundance, but charging with a good mood. Not recommended the presence of brown, dark blue, purple, dark gray, black hues - a depressing effect on the psyche.

Children's room

Do not adhere to the classic distribution of colors: pink for a girl, blue for a boy, especially since it's not always their favorite colors.

There are techniques based on the game of contrasts: yellow-blue, orange-lime shades, necessarily diluted with calm. Sometimes a boy and a girl like the same colors. This simplifies the task - enough to use the decor to designate personal zones.

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Cheerful bedroom

Do not make the floor bright, so as not to cause discomfort atypical colors of the surface under your feet. Optimum coverage will be light beige shades. Horizontal walls fit the walls - visually expand the space; vertical - visually raise the ceiling higher, which is important when a bunk bed.

Zoning with a decorative partition

We save space: furniture

Not only a visual expansion of space, but real savings is an urgent problem in the joint living of two children. Modern furniture will save precious area. Tier location is one of the most effective ways.

Small childrens

Advantages of buying a bunk bed:

  1. Suitable even for a small bedroom of 9-10 sq.m.
  2. Availability of additional storage sections for many models.

Designing a bedroom for children

To avoid possible quarrels between brother and sister for having a second floor - discuss this problem in advance; suggest a solution (a specific schedule). Option - to make to order two beds, located on the second tier. With this attic arrangement, the area of ​​the room will be used for other topical zones: working, game. To reduce the risk of injury, many models are equipped with special bumps, rails, sometimes removable. On the second floor there should be enough space to allow the distance to the ceiling to sit comfortably. You need to think through the ventilation system - it can be too stuffy for sleep.

Bed arrangement

Alternative: a chair-bed, a sofa-bed. In such models, the place for a full-fledged sleep can be quite large, and folded in the day to occupy a minimum. Option: rolling out beds from under the podium, which is a zone of study and creativity. This way, in contrast to the folding, will not spend every night time to cover the bed linen.

Color solution для детской

Babies are not required, as for schoolchildren, a separate place. A folding table top, attached to a cabinet or other surface, can only be used if necessary. But if the son or daughter is already going to school, there is no need to save on the work area, because for the second child, sooner or later, September 1st will come. Option - the use of a common countertop, located at the window, divided by a partition, the console. As for the storage of things, a corner cabinet will help out. Under the toys get beautiful boxes. They will like children, because bright, interesting, and you - get out will be much easier.

Sports corner in the nursery

This is important: lighting

From properly selected lighting depends not only coziness, but also the health of the son and daughter. If it is impossible to meet the condition for creating the most natural light regime (location in the east, south-east direction), a more complex lighting scheme will help. One ceiling chandelier is clearly not enough, especially when the children are two. It will take an additional: directional action (bright light on the left for the work area) and night (a light night light for each child in the area of ​​the bed, which is easy to turn on if necessary).

Solution for two children's children

In lighting design, an important aspect is the elimination of the contrast between light and shadow, so as not to tire the eyes. For the same reason, the surfaces of furniture and other objects should not give strong glare. All fixtures should unambiguously minimize the risk of being split during the moving games of a brother and sister. Halogen point - not only a stylish solution, but also safe. It is not recommended to use both daylight and incandescent lamps. Very original will look illumination of niches, cornices, ceiling. The most important rule when co-living children - local use of additional lighting should not interfere with the other child.

Baby for daughter and son

Continuation of the fairy tale: decor

Designing a design for a boy and a girl, a special role is given to decor, for it is he who will help express the individuality of each, and enhance the sense of having his own personal space. Decoration together with children will allow you to more creatively approach the process, will present many pleasant moments. For the children's room, the decoration consists of a choice of posters, paintings, table accessories, non-standard pillows, original bed linen. The best decorative elements are your favorite toys. The presence of a sufficient number of shelves, open shelves, especially in the corners, around the window, day openings, will combine the pleasant with the useful - the use of surfaces to the maximum and the possibility not to abandon your favorite collections, books.

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White walls in the nursery

Do not forget about the mirror for the little princess. Its presence on the inside surface of the cabinet door, even in full height, will not affect the interior, but will bring many pleasant minutes to the future fashionista. Hidden mirrors will increase overall security. If the size allows, you can put a small dressing table where the girl will store her numerous treasures. A unique atmosphere will create creative works, handicrafts, letters, medals placed on the walls - this is the most important and significant decor.

Brick pattern on the wallpaper in the nursery

Increased attention is paid to the choice of curtains, because in addition to the decoration function:

  • provide good daylight;
  • reliably protect sleep at night.

Wall decoration in a nursery

But the standard combination of tight curtains and curtains is not always appropriate. The exit will be roller blinds, blinds. When choosing a material, it is better to give preference to cotton for its softness and ecological compatibility. Special accessories for window decoration (holders, lambrequins) can support and even strengthen the interior theme. With the help of multi-level roller blinds, you can achieve an additional interesting accent.

Zoning with colored horizontal stripes Do not get carried away by carpeting on the floor. This, of course, will add comfort, but the amount of dust is not the best way to affect the state of health. Limit small, but original, bedside rugs.

The layout of the children's room


Ensuring full-fledged security is a key point. First, we must eliminate the risk of injury, because two children in the same room increase it directly in proportion. Rounded forms of furniture, lack of glass, mirror surfaces, safe ladders, especially in the presence of a child of young age - the basis for choosing an interior.

Letter designation above the beds

It makes sense to use more expensive, but specifically designed for children's rooms, certified materials that do not contain phenol, formaldehyde, styrene. For walls suitable paper wallpaper, paints on a water basis. From novelties of floor coverings - cork. Its dignity is not only in ecological compatibility, but also in strong resistance to mechanical damage.

Modern children's room

After the repair, wait for a while before settling in the children. All interior and furnishing items should be as comfortable as possible in terms of care and cleaning. If the children have reached school age or are close to it, the working zone should be thought through especially carefully. Models of school furniture (table, chairs) with the ability to adjust the height of the legs will always match the growth. When choosing beds, do not forget about a quality orthopedic mattress. Increased responsibility for ensuring safety will make the space of the children's room comfortable and at the same time pleasant.

Beautiful children's room

The result - a child's dream

It may seem that the development of the design of a joint children's room for a boy and a girl is much more difficult and impossible than an individual one. Of course, the area limitation leaves its mark. You will always have to adhere to the rule - "nothing superfluous". But when all the difficulties are easily solved with the help of modern interior solutions, your children will receive a unique development space with their personal territory, permeated with the warmth and care of their parents.