A touching charm of the mini-kitchen - the advantages of

Dining table in the corner of the kitchen

Today we will talk about compact sets for a modern kitchen, which will fit into the interior of a small apartment.

The most important in this room is the dining table. And although designers come up with all sorts of options for bar counters and console tables, a traditional table with a set of comfortable chairs will always stand in our kitchen.

A pleasant set of light wood with built-in multi-functional household appliances, hanging cupboards with modern LED lighting and a glossy kitchen apron is picturesquely located along the wall.

The cantilevered weightless table, also of light wood, was originally seated on the side of the whole set and invited to sit on high stools to taste fragrant coffee for a leisurely conversation.

Dining table in the modern kitchen

It's quite convenient and relevant, but personally I'd like to sit on a comfortable chair and thoroughly settle down at an ordinary dining table, where you can talk about the weather, and have a cup of tea in a neighbor's room by a "glass".

And on such a stool you do not feel quite comfortable, although the young people probably like it. Therefore, on the sidelines, let there be a familiar oval table with a set of chairs.

Kitchen area with a console table

A kitchen set of minimalistic style with a built-in white wardrobes and a black island with a stove and counter top, smoothly turning into a bar counter, takes us to the future when everything is built into the wall of the room.

It is only necessary to press the appropriate button on the control panel, as a bed or a dining table appears from the wall, and maybe a luxurious sofa that you can lie down on, and instead of the newspaper you can listen to the latest news using the supplied headphones. The main thing is not to confuse the buttons!

Black and white kitchen with breakfast bar

Creating a small but stylish and functional kitchen is always the way of compromise, and designing a beautiful and comfortable headset is not an easy task, but modern designers cope with the task at hand and continue to please us with new variants of their work.

A small set of furniture with black hanging cabinets and built-in multifunctional equipment occupies a relatively small space. Its decoration is made in the spirit of modernity, and the discreet color scheme will harmoniously enter the interior design of almost any apartment.

Kitchen set with black hanging wardrobes