Purple color in the interior and its combination

Purple color in the interior of the living room

Violet - a complex color, indifferent to him people do not exist - either like or not. Many refuse it, because they find it too gloomy, shrouded in myths, negative coloring. Even those who are very impressed with him, are afraid to introduce a violet color in the interior of his house. In vain! Proper use of numerous incredible shades will help to make the design graceful, elegant and stylish, will give comfort to you and amaze your guests imagination.

Purple color in the interior of the living room комнаты


It is considered a complex color: it combines a cold and warm palette. The natural version is rare: fruit and flower colors, precious stones. But even on a dish with plums there are several subtle shades that can create a cozy nest.

Purple and yellow in the interior

Various variations: eggplant; bilberry; grape; violet; amethyst are in demand, successfully used by various style directions:

  • Minimalism, high-tech, techno are based on a contrast combination of white with bright colors. Suitable colors of cold bluish tone (for example, indigo), reinforced with the gloss of glass, metal, chrome parts.
  • Ethno-style. Moroccan, Indian style is used actively (textiles).
  • Modern. The unspoken symbol is a gentle-purple iris.
  • Modern. Juicy tones (fuchsia, aubergine), neon are supposed.
  • Classic. Used deep, velvety (eggplant, dark purple, plum, orchid), supplemented with gold, bronze.
  • Country. Characteristic is the presence of a tree - an excellent combination with modifications of a reddish subtle; decor with a floral pattern characteristic of natural (violet, heliotrope)
  • Vintage, Provence. Basis - pastel makes accents plum, grape as full as possible.
  • Futurism, pop art. All sorts of extravagant combinations.
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Textiles in violet colors and shades

Ideal combinations

The main color of an impeccable combination is white, capable of eliminating some darkness of dark purple. The interior will lose moroseness, become calm, relaxing, as stylish as possible, made with simple materials. Tandem with green is suggested by nature. Flower shades (fuchsia, violet), delicate tenderness of greenery guarantee success.

The combination of violet and white

Fans of quiet solutions should refuse to combine it with yellow. Use "powder" tones (golden, light orange, copper patina). Neutral combinations with light gray, light beige scale are considered. Wins violet on the background of natural wooden surfaces; forged gratings; framed by gold-plated frames of mirrors. The combination with turquoise looks good, but the intensity of the shades is minimal. Eliminate the risk of lasciviousness will help to maintain a balance of saturation, proportions.

The perfect combination of purple and yellow

Adherents of courageous experiments are given the opportunity to create an interior that does not look fresh. The contrast of eggplant, grape, fuchsia with bright open colors (celestial azure, cherry), background of blue ice walls will fill the room with the energy of the Brazilian carnival. Colorful, colorful, harmonious: plum, eggplant with canary lemon yellow, emerald.

Purple decor elements

The selected combinations of colors in the catalog, do not always look as good in performance. Do not rush, carefully consider the photo of ready solutions or use the services of professionals.

Black, green and purple

Designers do not recommend adding the following colors on their own:

  • Blue (excess causes depression);
  • Red (wrong shades, proportions - a source of discomfort, excessive drama);
  • Gray (incorrectly selected tones will create an effect of negligence, "dirt");
  • The black. Gothic style to make a truly pretentious is possible only by a competent selection of related accessories: candles, paintings, crystal.

Purple tones in the children's room

How to use?

Color is more diverse than it seems, has the ability to zoom in, delete objects, make a bright accent of furnishings. It is not necessarily dark, bright: the use of muffled, light lavender looks gentle, airy, fragile. Monochrome black and white performances look contrasting, but a little bored. Alternative: replacement of black color - plum, white - pale lilac.

Bright purple in the living room with fireplace

Designers, creating new fashionable interiors, do not limit the use of any standard surface: the use is not recommended only for flooring. The walls are easy to make with wallpaper, paint: matte depth is achieved, glossy - airiness, subtlety. Wall solutions are often built on the contrasts of various colors of shades of violet. It is executed by geometric patterns, combining the rich dark down to the lightest at the top, creating an unusual gradient. Finishes the design of a very pale lilac stretch ceiling: in the interior of the living room, the reception found frequent use. The dark blueberry ceiling is a bold decision of a bright room.

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Children's room in purple flowers

Accentual use of violet is a simple, reasonable step for doubters. Usually the tested scheme is used - a choice of two objects commensurate with volumes: a sofa - a chandelier, a chair - floor lamp, a couch - curtains. The solution can be carried out independently, having the standard finish trimmed with a neutral base color.

Bedroom with wallpaper in purple stripes

Where to use it?

In some rooms will become a real favorite, in others - an outsider. It is not recommended to use in the office - the effect of attenuation, concentration. Get the result: not a concentrated work area, but a meditation room. The design of the children's room accepts the paleest (lavender, pious, heliotrope) small amounts, an alternative is one bright detail.

Purple sofa

Modern interiors have often been performed in the style of "fusion", but in the violet living room the mixture of styles is better to be missed. To achieve the desired refinement will help fidelity to a particular direction: Baroque, Rococo, Classicism. Using only accessory inclusions on a quiet background ensures that fatigue is not excessive. It is necessary to avoid too heavy, thick shades. It is better to choose transparent curtains, furniture upholstery - velor, velvet, then the texture of the material will work positively. The flooring is laminate, parquet floor of fashionable smoky gray. Orchid - an actual trend, filled with fresh flowers, prints. Like bright: eggplant, fuchsia, indigo, but do not have the courage to experiment - start with a small: paint the frame of photographs, paintings.

Purple in the hall

The bedroom, depending on the preferences, is created in the spirit of 1001 nights for conjugal options, choosing the stylistics of the oriental directions - Arabic, Indian. Selection of delicate shades is a good alternative to the female version of "pink". Get an analogue of romantic pink performance, but remove the plaque of infantilism. The introduction of only one detail will make the bedroom unusual. Option: in a standard white bedroom to make a custom-made headboard from MDF, on which, through laser cutting, an ornament is applied, superimposed on a bright substrate - orchid, mauve, mauve.

Purple colors in the interior of the bedroom

The kitchen uses "edible" variations: eggplant, plum, grape. Possible partial use: small kitchen - furniture facades. Now many manufacturers offer a wide color palette of assortment of kitchen gadgets, appliances, household items: electric kettles, toasters, utensils. Use a bold design move - a combination with white on one subject. White blinds have several lower slats, painted bright-violet; or the legs of the chairs of the white dining area are painted in the same shade as the facades of kitchen furniture, the apron zone.

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Purple color in the interior of the kitchen

A bold reception for the bathroom is a game of contrasts. Do not look gloomy, will inspire optimism matte dark wall (blueberry, plum) with a yellow shell on its background - the sun coming out from behind the clouds. The coloring of only one wall is applicable for the hall area. Interaction with light beige will avoid the narrowing of space, the installed entrance door of brown, chocolate shade will support the color solution, emphasize the contrast.

Bathroom with violet tiles


There is a general rule: an extremely saturated, dark purple color is chosen - lighting proportionately increases, especially local illumination. With the help of competent selection of fixtures, specialized lighting schemes, a stunning lighting design is created that can change the room drastically. When choosing warm or cold lighting - use specialized color charts to make the selected shades look the most advantageous. With the same warm lighting, the shades of the predominant red scale (mauve, eggplant) will be in favor, the cold look unnatural (indigo, dark purple).

Light purple wallpapers and textiles

Applicable to each specific room - certain nuances:

  • Living room. The main source of light is a chandelier, spotlights with crystal elements. As an additional - floor lamps. Futuristic, driving exteriors - colored neon will add cosmic notes.
  • Bedroom. In addition to the standard set (ceiling chandelier, bedside lamps), color LEDs can be installed. Allows you to change the color from relaxation, meditation to a hot party.
  • Bathroom. Spotlight adds heat. Additional lighting behind the mirror, made by autodiodes will not be superfluous.

Geometric patterns on violet wallpaper

The use of purple

Do not ignore the purple experts of feng shui. It is believed that colors can fulfill desires. Precious purple promises wealth, especially in the financial center of the house - the far corner from the entrance to the left. Color therapists say: it effectively cures cough, neuralgia, helps to gain self-esteem. Or maybe you should listen to the opinion of designers who insist that purple colors in the interior are harmonious, chic and absolutely luxurious?

Violet wallpaper

But no one will dispute the claim that he really has some kind of attractive force, which makes him risk, and find himself in a violet dream.