Kitchen decor by own hands: apply our strengths, talents and

Decor items

The decoration of the kitchen interior is a space for the imagination of handicraftsmen and homemade craftsmen, a fascinating occupation that can make the kitchen space unique, fill it with interesting little things created in a fit of inspiration and precisely expressing the characteristic predilections of the owners. The decor of the kitchen allows to revive the standard layout and furniture set, and each object made by own hands will add a home atmosphere of warmth. In addition, everything that members of the family touched in the process of creativity, in which their energy is invested, has an important feature - it is a family memory collection, a collection of happy moments when everyone was together and made their life beautiful.

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Tableware (ceramic glazed, clay, copper on shelves and brackets)

Dry Herbs

Embroidered paintings

Covers, cushions for chairs

Painted facades

Light curtains behind glass doors

Picture of a cock


Bundles of dried garlic, onion, red pepper

White kitchen containers with drawings



Modular paintings (you can use children's drawings that look like a vivid abstraction)

Metal or single-color ceramic vases

Glass containers

Trays with bright fruits

Window blinds with shading

Embroidered towels

Folk Ornaments

Products of folk crafts (Zhostovo trays, gzhel, palekh, Dymkovo toy, crafts)

Kitchen decoration

Which of the above can be done by yourself? What skills to apply? If you have the skills of embroidering, knitting, sewing, decoupage, painting on glass, photography, color graphics, you can create a unique decor for the kitchen with your own hands. You need inspiration and patience, but the main thing is courage. One should not be afraid of anything and initially think out the dominant idea, around which interior objects will be collected, filling the atmosphere of the kitchen with an individual.

Decor items на кухне

Kitchen decoration in minimalism style

In this space, nothing is distracting from the main thing - the most important ritual of cooking and eating. Calm colors, monochrome, smooth facades of kitchen furniture, laconic forms, the absence of pretentious details, tonal support of the facades through the shades of finishing materials for the floor, walls and ceiling: everything organically complements the idea of ​​"the absence of excess - there is harmony."

Elements of kitchen decor

But even in such a "sterile" kitchen, bright accents are required, so that it ceases to resemble a laboratory or an operating theater. It will be interesting to them to linger on the look, they are able to feed the chef's inspiration in the culinary process.

Kitchen in Russian style

The decor for the walls can be black and white copyright photographs or pictures in shades of sepia, umbra, ultramarine, which capture happy family moments, landscapes creating the necessary mood, or spectacular events. It can also be a modular picture made by your photo.

Turquoise Provence cuisine

If the owners have a desire to bring a bright note to the monochrome interior, add to the absolute rigor a fraction of the game, fun, fun, cease to be too adult and serious, then as a design dominant can act bright children's drawings framed by wide white mats.

Lilac cuisine in minimalism style

Works on paper placed in the kitchen, it is better to place in frames with glass, because the effect of hot air, steam, saturated with the smallest fat drops, can quickly ruin the works of "home" artists.

Kitchen decor in classical style

Decor in the classical style is difficult, but you can

Decorating the kitchen of the classical style with products made by oneself is quite difficult, because the direction dictates the predominance of pompous and rather expensive decor. However, in this case, it is also possible to use your talents. When decorating a classic kitchen with their own hands, the skills of a florist will be useful - making up bouquets of living and decorative flowers that vary in season and desire. The presence of luxury bouquets is one of the mandatory methods of decorating a classic interior.

Narrow kitchen in classic style

Candles will also be an interesting decoration. When implementing this idea, work in three directions is possible:

  • the decor of the already existing candelabra and candlesticks with gilding (a rather complex process with the use of paints or leaves of gold leaf), beads, artificial "precious" stones
  • creation of original compositions from candles and flowers placed in transparent flasks or vases
  • hand-made manufacturing of aromatic candles with the use of coffee beans, floral, fruit elements, citrus and herbal flavors, essential oils).

Kitchen Decor in Country Style

Bright and cheerful - decorative features of Russian style

Russian style в интерьере кухни может использовать элементы народного творчества, обращаться к историческим образцам, с другой стороны — быть отсылкой к уютной атмосфере старой усадьбы, полной душевной безмятежности и теплого гостеприимства. Он требует спокойной цветовой гаммы стен и кухонного гарнитура и большого количества ярких предметов, сочетающихся между собой.

Kitchen decor in different styles

In the historical version of the style, you should use handicrafts and choose the appropriate textiles. Carrying out this kitchen decor with your own hands, you can embroider with traditional ornaments short curtains that cover half the window, paint kitchen facades under Gzhel, decorate a free space with a composition from trays painted in Gorodets, Khokhloma or Palekh. If the house has masters of woodcarving or weaving of birch bark, the exposition of boxes, tueskas and carved boards will decorate the central wall of the kitchen, will become a magnet that attracts the sights.

Elements of decor in the Russian kitchen

In the second case, you can not do without a large round table, a knitted tablecloth with brushes and a low-dropped fabric shade lined with fringe, which on warmer evenings spreads warm amber light. To implement the idea will help the ability to crochet, basic sewing skills and good taste.

Kitchen decor in a private house

Table cloth, lampshade, other textile elements can be made with your own hands, using advice from the side. Have experience by looking at several master classes on needlework or profile magazines.

Decor of a small kitchen

Decorating the kitchen in the Russian style, you can create with your own hands beautiful little things: a cap for infusion capacity - "a woman on the teapot", a bundle of sheepskin, a figurine of a housekeeper with a broom to drive away evil spirits and unclean force from the home. On a bright background, bright forgeries in the national style will look great.

Kitchen decor in classical style

Provence: возможность масштабного декорирования

In this style, in addition to decorating small items, it is worth taking in the stylization of large surfaces - the facades of the kitchen set. Doors can be painted on their own or used ready-made plastic stencils, combining them with each other. Also, templates are easy to make by hand.

Great Provencal cuisine

If you are going to decorate furniture doors not with repeating, but with different murals, then first of all make sketches in full size and attach them to the doors with paint tape. Moving a few steps, you can cover the entire panorama, and if necessary, change the pictures in places to achieve the most advantageous effect.

Decor of a large kitchen in Art Nouveau style

The masters of decoupage can also apply their skills on the facades of furniture. If you consider that the doors in the headset at least ten, then there will be, where to turn around, to implement all the ideas. After the completion of the work, think about how to protect the surface from aggressive mechanical impact, maybe it is worth using one more fixing layer of varnish.

Kitchen decorationв стиле прованс

In some cases, the design of the kitchen space in the style of Provence, instead of the doors of the lower cabinets, it is suggested to hang fabric, densely assembled curtains on metal brackets. Such curtains with author's embroidery will decorate the kitchen and demonstrate other, not just culinary, talents of the hostess.

Decor kitchen country style

The glass doors of the upper cabinets can be closed from the inside with semi-transparent curtains with a shade or ornamental embroidery, or you can put jars of billets behind the glass of an antique cupboard. Fabrics with embroidery, sewing "Richelieu" or lace-trimmed caps, worn over metal lids, tied with ribbons, string or jute cords will make ordinary jars with homemade jam an excellent occasion to boast of skillful pens and an excellent gift to guests.

Kitchen with a rustic bar

We paint elements of decor in the style of country

In the country style, special attention is paid to kitchen utensils. Brushed braziers, scoops, pots are placed on open shelves, hung on walls on solid hooks or over the kitchen island. In France, there is a tradition to transfer ancient kitchen items from tin by inheritance. There, newlyweds often give the grandmother's tinware, as a symbol of culinary craftsmanship, a part of the family's pride. But if you are not a master of embossing or engraving on metal, it is easier to go along the way of decorating more "susceptible" objects.

Beautiful kitchen in country style

In the case of decorating a "village" kitchen with your own hands, you can apply painting skills on glass, decoupage, drawing patterns with acrylic paints on ceramic dishes. Painted dishes can become an amazing wall decor. And if you decorate plates with your impressions from travel, then on a free vertical surface you can create a home map of distant wanderings.

Decor kitchen in the style of Provence with their own hands

Glassware - bottles for olive oil, an integral participant in the culinary process in the country style, sweet tinctures, home fruit vinegar, - supplemented by depicting the main ingredients of the product, will revitalize every corner of the kitchen space.

Kitchen with living room in minimalist style

These same plant motifs can be repeated on elements of textile design. Embroidered or stenciled with special colors for fabric, floral garlands decorate the edge of the tablecloth, lambrequin or substitute napkin. Attach a little effort, patience, do not be afraid of mistakes and you will get a harmonious kitchen interior expressing your personality!