A unique living room in a small apartment, rome, italy

Interior of the living room in a small apartment

Living room in a small apartment in Rome

Living room in a small apartment, which will be discussed in our review, it seems a true masterpiece. The land of outstanding artists and sculptors gives birth to all the new creators of beauty. Just look at the unusual interior of the small living room at the disposal of a young couple from Rome!

Antiquity in the interior

Valuable and memorable family relics are carefully preserved and exposed for show. Here and the old sewing machine Singer, and forgotten in the age of computer technology typewriter, and a vintage phone. The objects, executed by retro-aesthetics, cause nostalgia and give a theme for meaningful conversations.

Workplace in the living room

Frozen time

Everyone who enters the room feels the spirit of an abandoned factory, where everything has stopped forever. The decor of one wall is a semi-naked brickwork, protruding from under the delicate layer of gray plaster. To complete the entourage, the upper part of it is decorated with imitation of ivy shoots with juicy green foliage.

Brick and concrete in the decoration of the living room walls

Wood elements

The floor is covered with light boards, deliberately rubbed to enhance the effect of "worn" the interior. Wood is also made working and dining tables, while in the form of a coffee table a cargo pallet was embodied.

An aged tree in the design of a small living room

Warm lighting

The abundance of light is provided by various lamps. Brass sconces adorn the walls, and the zoning is emphasized by a series of strange low-hanging bulbs.

Soft lighting in a small living room

It is gratifying to think that the flight of human imagination is unlimited, and all the good from the conceived is necessarily carried out. Signs of unity of generations in the design of this small living room evoke the most pleasant sensations.

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