Decorating the arch with decorative stone +50 photo

Arched niche in the hall

One of the options for creating both an original and practical interior can be recognized as the design of the doorway in the form of a beautiful arch. Now it has become fashionable to unite the kitchen and dining room, living room and bedroom into a single premise. The arched opening in this case unites the rooms, but leaves behind each functional space some isolation. In rooms with large traffic, corridors, kitchens, dining rooms, completely get rid of the doors, because households get tired of constantly opening and closing them, with a constantly open door, its presence becomes meaningless.

  • Portal. It has a laconic square, rectangular shape, which saves unnecessary labor, but it is not applicable everywhere.
  • Modern or British. Intermediate form, reminiscent of the classics and portal. The circle is smoothed, but you can not call it rectangular. It looks good in the openings of those rooms where the ceilings are low.
  • Trapezium. The arch has a trapezoidal shape.
  • Ellipse. A popular versatile design where the corners are rounded. The most popular type of construction for low, spacious rooms. It is combined with other species, columns.
  • Semiarctic or Thai. The casing is asymmetrical, the left and right sides are made in different ways, combining in one design an angle and a curvature of the non-identical radius.
  • Turkish. It originates in the palaces and harems of the Ottomans. It will require harmony with the whole interior, the presence of Mediterranean motifs in decoration and furnishing.
  • Gothic. Has a spectacular sharp arch, can be the center of the interior.
  • Arch-transom. The upper part of it is made out of an insert made of plastic and glass. Used stained glass, relief details.

Stone arch in the kitchen

About decorative stone

Of the popular materials that are used in the construction of arched openings, it is worth highlighting plasterboard, wood, brick and stone. Each of the materials is supplemented by various elements of decor. Decoration of the arch emphasizes the style of the room, helps to change the dimensions of the opening, disguise some defects. Finishing stucco, forging and carving in its own way is good, but the arch of decorative stone is most effective. There is no such design idea that could not be realized with the help of a stone.

When using an artificial stone inside a house or apartment, there are significantly fewer requirements for its protective functions. But here it is better than other materials resists mechanical damage, does not corrode, is not prone to rot. The word "decorative" should not deter natural lovers: cement, pumice, expanded clay, ecologically pure fillers, volcanic origin, clay and slate derivatives. There are practically no drawbacks with raw materials.

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Decorative stone in the interior

Advantages of the arch of stone

Enumerating the positive moments of finishing the arches in the apartment with a decorative stone, one should note the aesthetic and practical properties of it:

  1. Ease of care. Special detergents will not be required, any one with no abrasives is suitable.
  2. Imitation has no external differences with the original. Manufacturers have achieved complete similarity. At the same time, the price and weight of the artificial stone is much more attractive. With its help they trim the walls of wooden houses, they could not withstand the mass of natural granite and marble.
  3. Special training in order to perform repairs by one's own hands is not required. Facing the arch can do it yourself after a proper briefing, watching a video on the topic.
  4. The material has a variety of style options, antique, modern.
  5. A wide range of colors, there will not be any problems to choose for your interior.

Stone for home decor  Decor by stone  Stone arch in the house  Round arch in the hallway  Arch in the corridor

How to choose a decorative stone for the design of an arch

To begin with, an assessment is made of the designation of the premises to be repaired, in which it will be used as a decoration. After the required amount is calculated. For arched openings, narrow plates, which are easier to mount on curved vaults, are more likely. Acquire better stones with water-repellent properties or after covering with a water-repellent compound several times.

To calculate the required amount of material, 5-10% is added to the facing area. The material is saved by using stone trimming in the corners and for additional fragments. Primers are taken from the calculation of a double wall treatment. The amount of glue is approximately 3 kg per 1 m2.

Kitchen with stone arch

Before laying on the surface of the package with a stone opened, the contents are mixed. First, individual fragments of the future decor are laid out on the floor, selecting them according to shades and size. Short combine with long, their location next should look natural. Inspect the tiles on the back side, there should not be a foam layer on it, which worsens adhesion. If there is one, brush off with a metal brush.

Choose a stone by color

Some factors influence the perception of the color of the cladding. When choosing a material, its color is evaluated at different times of the day, with natural and artificial light. At the southern and northern window, on an overcast and sunny day the samples will look different.

Pay attention to what will be selected next to the selected facing material: wallpaper, glass, decorative plaster. The texture and color of the products are selected in accordance, but not in one boring color.

Facing stone in the corridor Hall decorated with stone  Stone decoration  Corridor decoration  Mosaic on the Arch  Arch in the hallway

The choice of color affects the history and style of the house. Some color may not fit the style, spoil it. Sometimes chocolate is better than black, and beige stones look better than gray ones. If there are colored specks, contrasts, tints, this will create a more beautiful surface.

What styles are suitable arches from decorative stone

Styles sometimes coexist with each other, sometimes one is born from another. This is influenced by wars, fashion, crises. The use of decorative stone differs, depending on the style of the room.


Strictness and proportionality, high-quality wood, silk are combined with a refined finish. It should be rough, in a small amount. The most suitable monophonic decorative stone.

Classic interior with an arch


In its purest form it practically does not occur, but elements have to be dealt with. Stained glass windows, forged elements are in harmony with the decorative stone. Door portals in a frame of a rough stone create a "lock" effect. It makes an impression of a part of the arch with "bereavement", where brick or miscellaneous stone masonry can be seen.

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In the richly decorated decor with bronze, crystal, bas-reliefs, an expressive texture of the stone will play an important role. Arches spread with relief fragments, framed by frames, friezes.

Gothic style with arch


In a prosperous country house there must be a tree and a decorative textured stone. Arches, faced with a stone, harmoniously coexist with plastered walls.

African style

Arches are covered with a stone of warm and hot colors: the color of spices, brown, copper. Masks and wooden utensils, skins are well combined with mahogany, rosewood, a relief stone of ocher color.

Provence in the interior  Vintageная арка  Figured arch  Hall with a square arch  Arch with own hands

Scandinavian style

The laconic northern interior will underline the light natural colors in the decoration. The relief of the stone will look much more advantageous in multi-level lighting.


"Grandma's" old furniture and going out of the room through an arch of smoky brick will be to the liking of lovers of romance.


Here, concrete, open beams of ceilings, metal and glass will be in harmony with the rough texture of the stone-lined arch, whitewash and peeling paint. It will be quite appropriate to have an uneven corner of a brick wall with a glancing armature.

Backlight and other ways of decorating the arch

Visual expansion of space is important to properly design to have as a result an interesting object. Only a decorative stone creates a feeling of incompleteness. If the arch leading to the hallway or the nursery is stylized to enter the cave, the tunnel or the mouth of the exotic lizard, then light and plants are an additional way of decorating. Without vegetation, it is difficult to create an arch that will serve as a tunnel to the underwater world.

Archway in the apartment Beautiful arch in a modern apartment  A wide circular arch in the living room  Niche in the room  Arch decoration  Decoration of the hallway with a stone

Built in the arched doorway, the lamps do not spread light on the room itself, which is convenient at night. The backlight will add to the arched opening of the mystery. There is no need for light if the arch is the head of a dragon.

Color nuances and stone overflows require good lighting. For such purposes, hang stylish sconces, install LED lighting, depending on the specifics. The material is perfectly combined with live weaving plants, a vine. A wide uncomfortable opening is balanced with racks and shelves on the sides.

Decorating the arch with your own hands

To create a stone structure in the house, you will need a step-by-step instruction, a list of materials, which are taken care of in advance.

Beautiful stone arch in the kitchen

Tools and materials

  1. Mixer construction for thorough mixing of glue. In the absence of it, a drill is fitted.
  2. Level, Roulette, Kiev.
  3. Desirable is a cutting machine.
  4. Capacity for glue.
  5. Paint brushes.
  6. Pencil, sandpaper.
  7. Brush for metal.
  8. Syringe for brushing, brushing.
  9. Spatula or spatula, sponge.
  10. Wedges made of wood or plastic.
  11. Hydrophobizer. Unlike the waterproofing, it will give the stone "breathe".
  12. Primer, glue, the stone itself.

We prepare the surface

This stage is traditional: remove the remains of the previous coating, smooth the irregularities using sandpaper, then they are ground with a primer. The primer is selected in accordance with the material of the walls.

A wide arch in the kitchen

If the walls are concrete, a monolith, a special adhesive primer is used. When working in a hot or too humid environment, the back side of the tiles is wetted. Moisture-resistant GKL after the primer is well dried.

We prepare a stone for laying

Stacking material is reconsidered. According to the marking, the finishing stone is cut correctly. Developing a sketch, take into account the way of laying: buttock or with the formation of a seam. Pruning is performed with the help of a machine tool, giving the products an arcuate appearance. If necessary, the reverse side is cleaned with a metal brush.

When using a hand saw, you need to be careful. Excessive efforts at cutting lead to the fact that the stone breaks on unforeseen lines.

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Decorating the living room with a decorative stone Arch in a country house  Large living room with transverse arches  High arched doorway  Facing stone in the interior  Arches and a niche in the room

Preparation of glutinous solution

The material is attached to the wall, using silicone, tile adhesive. Suitable liquid nails, as well as cement-sand mortar. The most optimal option - a specialized composition, which is prepared in a bucket with the help of a mixer. The composition is thoroughly mixed until completely homogeneous.

Buy glue after buying tiles, cook according to the instructions. A large stock is not made, because the solution quickly sets.

Stone laying

The design of the arch starts from the bottom. First, using a putty knife, the glue is applied to the wall, then to the back side of the stone. On both surfaces its thickness should be 5-10 mm.

An excessively thick layer will lead to the sliding of the stone, the cavity to the formation of condensation. During the procedure, periodically check the horizontal styling.

arch in an apartment from a facing stone

For finishing the corners use special shaped elements or lay the stone so that its edge protrudes on the thickness of the tile. Fragments on the other side of the angle align the ledge.

Tile is applied to the selected place, slightly pressed down. With the help of a level and kyanki align, they achieve full fit. When tapping, having defined inside the void, the elements are dismantled, the glue is scraped off, the process is repeated anew. The adhesive that comes out around the edges is removed with a spatula. At the ends of the elements, the glue is not removed, it will promote their better adhesion to each other.

With a seamless method, the tile is snug against each other. Provided that the material was previously prepared, the process takes place quickly. Carrying the stacking from top to bottom, get clear lines of boundaries.

Oval arch in the apartment

For masonry with screed, special wedges of the required thickness are used. You can use gypsum cardboard strips of different thicknesses or crosses for tiles. The beauty of the arch in the future depends on the competent and accurate performance of the work. If the fragments used are thicker than 15 mm, the technology requires a pause after laying 3-4 rows, giving them the opportunity to grab.

Grouting and finishing stages

After the solution has solidified, after about two days, the auxiliary elements are removed. The surplus solution is also scraped off. Prepare the composition for the grouting, which is filled with all the seams. To fill the slits use a building syringe. After half an hour, the seam is smoothed with a special spatula, spatula. To remove excess grout, you can use a sponge for utensils. In accordance with the design, use a grout of different colors and shades.

Arch of stone with your own hands Large bright hall  Zoning with an arch  Decor by stone в квартире  Framing the arch with decorative stone  Vintageная арка в коридоре

Rules and secrets for laying facing stone from specialists

To create a natural masonry, the stone in the places with the edge is decorated with decorative chips. To do this, draw a knife with the desired line, they bite off excess pliers, trying to snatch the extra small pieces. The chips are smoothed with a file.

Stone of large and small size alternate, and joints of plates should not coincide from a row in a row. When finishing, which is not made from the floor, an auxiliary metal profile is attached to the wall, which is removed after the structure has dried. Clear and even angles, curly details are obtained with the help of a Bulgarian, using a diamond circle.

Arched opening to the second floor

Secure the arch from rubbing can be acrylic lacquer. At cleaning use a broom, a vacuum cleaner, an atomizer, after which from the floor simply remove the stuck water with a rag.

On the decoration of the decorative stone, the arches, as a rule, do not stop. This element looks more advantageous, echoing with the same fragments on the walls of the room. The process takes a lot of time, but the arch designed in this way will decorate the house in an original way, it will bring additional comfort.