Amazing decor ideas for modest apartments

Small dining table in the dining room

In today's story, we will introduce you to stunning solutions for the design of modest apartments that will not only enhance the functionality of their use, but also bring charm and incredible comfort to the environment.

Do you have modest apartments? But do not know how to best arrange them? Try to pick up furniture for the furniture items and accessories that can maximize the useful area of ​​housing. Hanging shelves, a modular desk or even an attic allow you to use every square centimeter of the space of a small house.

Metal construction with hooks for hanging culinary utensils and kitchen utensils. It not only transforms the apartments remarkably, but also allows you to clean the countertop from excess items.

Metal construction with hooks for kitchen utensils

Kitchen by ADARC Associates Limited

For a small studio, every extra square meter is worth its weight in gold. The side table in the following example gives the boudoir an incredible lightness and airiness.

Big bed in studio apartment

Bedroom from Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

In the same studio, the designer used gorgeous open shelves to store accessories and interior items. They smoothly pass into the work area, which visually dissolves in space.

Open shelves for decorative elements

Будуар от Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

No garage? Keep the bike in the hallway or any other room. To ensure that it does not prevent you from moving around the apartment, fix it on a reliable suspension mechanism.

Suspension mechanism for a bicycle

The guest of Emily Elizabeth Interior Design

Do not clutter the apartment with walls and partitions. The following example demonstrates a creative design that focuses on the kitchen area. The original geometric panel with built-in hood and lighting allows you to harmoniously combine this zone with the guest cabin.

Kitchen panel with built-in hood and lighting

Kitchen from Bunker Workshop

This bathroom is equipped with an unmatched double vintage sink, mirror with illumination, as well as the original mosaic tiles, giving the bathroom atmosphere incredible charm and creativity.

Double vanity washbasin in the bathroom

Vannaya Komana by CWB Architects

If your apartment has high ceilings, equip an attic above the kitchen, where you can find a cozy bed. This creative solution is perfect for equipping a modest housing, and will also allow owners to enjoy a dream and rest in a comfortable environment.

Compact kitchen for sleeping

Кухня от David Vandervort Architects

A wide window sill in the house can be used to store books and other items. In this example, it was made using a textured wood of a rich brown shade, which perfectly combines with the floor covering and brings warmth and comfort to the atmosphere.

Wide window sill in the corridor

Коридор от Thomas Shafer Architects LLC

The original steps and the glass panoramic fence give this stairs to the second floor of the house lightness and airiness. At the same time, the snow-white coloring allows it to merge with the wall lining.

White staircase to the second level

Host Salon from Neuhaus Design Architecture, P.C.

A refined table without a leg, built into the wall surface, will be an excellent solution for decorating a limited space. It will not only fit perfectly into the interior of any apartment, but it will also allow the owners to effectively use the free angle.

Original corner table without legs

Kitchen area from Inspired Interiors

We presented to our readers a creative selection of solutions for the design of small rooms that will visually expand the space and give the atmosphere an incredible charm and aesthetic appeal.

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