Amazing solutions for the design of complex places in the

Interior of a stylish small living room

Today we will introduce you to unusual ideas for the design of complex spaces in the apartments, which were developed by qualified masters from different corners of the world.

Creative placement of creative furniture, intelligent storage spaces and sleight of hand will turn any apartment or cottage into a stylish and beautiful place to live and relax.

Each house has a special layout, engineering design and architecture, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Narrow and long corridors, unusual form of rooms, partitions and non-standard arrangement of windows - all these problems can be solved using simple and easy to perform decorative techniques. In today's story, we will show you some of them.

Get Started

Before creating a design project, look at the space of your apartment. Go out, have a cup of coffee, go back and look again at the layout and construction of the building.

You can use the professional advice of your friends or colleagues to help you come up with interesting ways home decorating.

Parquet floor in an empty apartment

Living room from A + B KASHA Designs

1. The long narrow hall

A wonderful solution for such a space is the picture gallery. Fresh white walls are a classic choice, as they will be a perfect backdrop for contrasting black and white and colorful paintings. Complete the room with the correct lighting.

Paintings on the wall in the corridor

Corridor by Hufft Projects

2. A small house with a long hall

Instead of cluttering the apartments with a wardrobe, equip the hall with a narrow chest of drawers and shelves. Place on them beautiful accessories and decorative elements that reflect the individuality of the dwelling.

Narrow chest and shelves in the corridor

Corridor of moment design + productions, llc

3. Small space, no hallway

Do not try to cram a tiny set outside the door. Instead, arrange a large table near the pivot wall. It can function as a comfortable workplace and as an entertainment center.

If your dream house even there is no space for the hallway, fix several key hooks, bags and outer clothing on the wall, as well as shelves for essentials.

Large table near the wall in the hallway

Living room from Workshop / apd

4. Kitchen with a lot of doors and openings

In such places, square tables and islands will not look aesthetically pleasing. Curved forms, as a rule, better fit into these rooms, softening the rigid contours of the room. Try to arrange a round table surrounded by elegant chairs near the wall, as was done in the example in the next photo.

Round dining table by the wall in the dining room

Kitchen from Fivecat Studio | Architecture

5. Living room with many windows and doors

If your main room is distinguished by a large number of various openings that do not allow you to place furniture near the walls, try putting the suite in the center of the apartment.

Use of two symmetrical sofas, laconic coffee table and panoramic mirrors with illumination gives the opportunity to form a cozy corner and distract attention from the doors.

Interior of living room with fireplace

Salon by Tim Cuppett Architects

6. Guest salon with a minimum free area between the walls

In this dining room a large table surrounded by unusual chairs was installed in the center of the room, and the composition was complemented by an unmatched fireplace.

Fireplace in the dining room

Dining Room by Studio D - Danielle Wallinger

7. A tiny one-room apartment

Small furniture is the right solution in this situation. Round tables, a set of acrylic, glass and plexiglas, as well as modest decorations will create the illusion of volume.

Compact furniture in the living room

Project by Nichole Loiacono Design

8. Inclined ceiling under the stairs

This area can be decorated with a couch, soft pads and other interior items.

Soft couch under the stairs

Modern design

9. Small salon

Try to use an extremely illogical solution - put instead of a coffee table a massive ottoman. They will attract the attention of the guests and, in contrast to the small accessories, will give freedom and volume to the room.

Poof instead of a coffee table in the living room

Проект от For People design

10. The long and narrow room

In such an unusual area, you can easily form different functional areas: living room, kitchen and dining room.

Interior of a long studio apartment

Interior in industrial style

11. High ceilings

Try to fill the vertical space. For this purpose, an arc-shaped floor lamp or massive ceiling chandeliers is perfect.

An arc-shaped lamp in the living room with high ceilings

Дизайн от Ziger/Snead Architects

We have provided you with excellent recommendations and advice on equipping complex places in the house that will allow you to form a practical and aesthetically attractive environment.

And you liked these decor ideas? Share with us your own ways of transforming non-standard zones?