Modern design of one-room apartment - photo examples

Modern design of a one-room apartment

Many people, dreaming of their own habitation, mentally draw a chic country cottage where everything that is required for a comfortable life will fit. However, such luxury for most of the country's population is still inaccessible, these people have only one way out - to make the most of the living space they already have. If desired, the modern design of a one-room apartment can be done in such a way that your efforts will make its shortcomings invisible, make it play with bright colors of dignity. Work on the interior of a small apartment will be aimed at increasing the functional component, creating an original direction in style, preserving comfort, charm. The main advantages of small-sized housing is getting rid of excess items of interior. This work should be taken very seriously, since the main task here is to make every centimeter of available space useful.

Cozy studio apartment with lots of storage space

How to make a real redevelopment

Indeed, you can expand the space in only one way - by realizing the real redevelopment. For this small-sized apartment will need to be turned into a studio, eliminating all the walls, the exception will be only those that separate the bathroom. Sometimes such drastic changes are not advisable, just move the walls a little. Some designers use an unusual technique, working specifically on the doorways, transferring them to the most suitable place for it.

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Example of a one-room apartment layout in a modern design

It is very important - to deal with such drastic changes, one should have the appropriate documents on hand. From the idea of ​​transfer or complete elimination of load-bearing walls must be abandoned immediately, because such alterations are the reason for the collapse of a multi-storey building. Consider another way to expand the useful area, combining the room with a niche, a loggia. Often only two or three meters are released, but this area can dramatically change the overall impression of the renovated dwelling.

Living room combined with kitchen

About the design of a one-room apartment of 40 sq m

If you originally purchased an apartment-studio, the size of which reaches 40 square meters, make it functional, cozy is much easier. You just need to compile a detailed design project for the arrangement of the furniture that you have. If you are only going to buy furniture for your studio, you can only be happy for you. Take advantage of the unique chance and choose from the offered assortment the best options for furniture - functional, modern and, of course, not too bulky. Kitchen furniture in this case is preferable to purchase built-in, thus saving the living space.

Spacious living room with kitchen

It is very important - even if you have a studio apartment at your disposal, you should consider every step if you yourself have taken up the organization of the living space for several people. Each member of the family must live in the most convenient conditions, since the comfort of living on a small area of ​​the whole family depends on this.

Zoning with amalgamation of kitchen and living room

Color scheme of the dwelling

Most designers when decorating a studio apartment focus on the correct selection of colors, pushing for later the choice of furniture and accessories. This is correct, since colors have a major psychological effect on a person.

Color solution in the design of the apartment

Recommendations of psychologists on the choice of wall color:

  • To provide a relaxing effect, stop at blue, green or brown.
  • To strengthen the nervous system, create positive emotions, use yellow color.
  • The red is exciting, but it quickly tires, for this reason it is necessary to use red color in 1-room apartments only for creating bright accents.
  • Pink color acts soothingly, but its overabundance, excessive brightness causes aggression and anxiety.
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Separate sleeping place

Optimum option for use in odnushke are sand, cream, green colors, which create an even, calm mood among people living here.

Bedroom solution

How not to be mistaken when choosing curtains and furniture

When you decide on the color of the walls, choose the curtains that match the texture, color. Your assistants - special color matching tables, they can be found on the Internet. When choosing furniture, do not violate the main prohibition - cumbersome furniture is strictly not recommended, in a small apartment it creates only discomfort. As an option - built-in furniture, consider transformers occupying in the assembled form the minimum area. When selecting cabinet furniture, pay attention to the modern wall-slides, creating a special style in the room, serving as an excellent storage space. Sofa-transformer consider as a place for storing bed linen. Manufacturers of furniture produce interesting options for small rooms, one of the know-how is a bed built into the cabinet. Near the entrance door, creating a "dead space", rational hosts arrange pantries, a wardrobe. This saves space in a room where you no longer need a wardrobe, bedside tables.

Design of the room

Modern style

If you often use catering services, only sometimes eat at home, it is better to use a folding table. The life of our contemporary is difficult to imagine without a personal computer, the stationary version is hardly suitable, it is better to buy a compact laptop, which does not require a three-dimensional table. Sheets, shelves will be a place for storing books, business papers. In a small room it is preferable to use compact and functional furniture, for a family of two people you will need:

  • Wardrobe;
  • Sleeping area;
  • Workplace.

When choosing furniture, pay special attention to its color, it is better if it is light. Optimal combination is considered white with shades of blue, or beige. If you are not going to do without dark / bright colors, they are not recommended to be made basic, it's better when they only serve as accents. If you did make the walls dark, then the furniture must necessarily be white, this little trick will visually expand the space.

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Design of an apartment in a modern style with a sofa bed

Extremely save space

A one-room apartment should have a quality storage system, especially when this housing is intended for several people. The wardrobes with mirrors are ideal for this purpose, as they visually expand the space. Their main function is storage. It is simply beyond praise - you will be able to place clothes and shoes for the whole family in such a closet without any difficulty. As for domestic plants, they should be placed on window sills so that shelves, special flower stands do not take away useful space. The kitchen sill is turned into a comfortable dining table, replacing it with a sturdy worktop. The minimum set of furniture for the kitchen includes a refrigerator, a sink, a stove, a washing machine, a table for cooking. For you, this can be an inappropriate option, some housewives can not do without an oven, a kitchen hood. If the oven is not needed, the slab is built directly into the countertop.


Lighting for an apartment

The issue of lighting in small rooms is always acute. It should be very much, since lighting makes a small home cozy, expanding it visually. Each functional area must have its own lighting device. The general lighting of the interior of a one-room apartment assumes an original chandelier, creating a modern style of the room. One chandelier is small, you need additional light, but do not overdo it with excessive brightness, causing visual fatigue. The brightness of the local color should be above the brightness of the general lighting. An excellent option for local lighting is spot lighting, ceilings with LED lighting. You can use LED lights in the darkest places - to illuminate the interior of the cabinets, lighting in the kitchen. Selecting fixtures for a standard apartment, pay attention to the correct, rational approach to lighting the space, otherwise the general appearance of the room will look like an occasional heap of furniture, practicality, convenience will go to the background.