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For each of us, the cosiness and warmth of the house is a feeling associated with some things and interior features. Give your home an identity, emphasize the dignity, and can defame the shortcomings of various design techniques help the room, which you can do yourself.

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  • Wall decoration by own hands
  • What to change in the kitchen?
  • Decor living room with their own hands. Family traditions.
  • Bedroom decor with own hands
  • Ideas for the bathroom
  • Registration of children's room with their own hands

Wall decoration by own hands

To diversify the interior, without changing its finished, to transform the room as much as possible, it is possible with the help of wall decoration.

Wall decoration

Change the usual background of the walls, add color, you can only have a jar of paint, the desired color and roller of a lump.

Drawing with twisted fabric

Staining of the wall fragment You can not paint the walls completely, but highlight a fragment. When painting only a certain area, limit it with paint tape around the perimeter.

Staining the walls with a stencil

There are many ways to transform walls:

  • Wall painting if there are artistic skills. Wall painting in the bedroom
  • Decoration of walls using various panels. Panno night city Panel from the bar
  • Decor of natural materials (branches, stones). Decor of a wall from a pebble Wall decoration веткой
  • Decorative frames from a baguette. Decorative frames
  • Paper Butterflies. White butterflies on the wall
  • Unusual hangers and hooks. Unusual hangers

Drawing a striped pattern

What to change in the kitchen?

Most often in the kitchen, where families meet at dinner, I want to change something. To paint walls, furniture, a refrigerator, kitchen facades, a tiled apron.

Wall painting in the kitchen

When there are no artistic skills, you can use the stencilled painting. Stencils are made of thick paper. Draw a picture and cut out with a stationery knife. They can be printed on a printer of any format. Ready-made stencils can also be purchased.

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Stencil on the table Fill empty walls in the kitchen will help the pots on the kitchen or village theme. It always attracts attention, transforms the interior.

The panel in the style of Provence

Decor living room with their own hands. Family traditions.

City vanity and haste often do not leave time for filling the house with decorative hand-made articles that are easy to make by oneself. But it's so nice to spend a few hours on the day off to create something unusual for yourself and your family.


Doing decorative things with your own hands together is even more interesting, it brings together and gives reason to be proud of your home to every member of the family.

Letters of cloth Amazing family symbols can be the capital letters of the surname. They can be made in the form of lamps, decorative pillows, wall panels, paintings on the walls, watches, decorative statuettes for shelves.

Letter of flowers For example, a cheerful letter from pompoms is fun to create all together, each waving pompoms of its color and size. Color yarn is needed. A few layers of yarn are wound on the fingers, bandaged in the middle, cut at the edges.

Letter from pompoms Manufacturing of pom-poms And of course, from letters you can create meaningful inscriptions: love, names of family members.

Family flower pots Family traditions can continue in the manufacture of accessories for filling shelves, for example, vases. Such vases can be made from ordinary wine bottles, by transforming them with the help of decoupage, or decorative linen twine.

Decor of wine bottles

Each family member makes his vase. The same methods can be used for flower pots.

Bottle decoration with newspaper

Vases with Butterflies It's a great idea to make a decorative pillow for every member of the family. What they will, depends only on the interior of the room and your skills. These can be the most incredible ideas: pillow toys, painted pillows, where you can paint on linen cloths for textiles, pillows made of old jeans. The theme of decorative pillows is inexhaustible (animals, seasons - winter, summer, spring, autumn).

Owl Toy Pillow

Bedroom decor with own hands

The interior of the bedroom is designed to calm the master, relaxation. It is important that nothing is strained, and in the morning gave a good mood, a sense of harmony, joy. A few decorative strokes can achieve exactly these results.

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Floor frames made of beams Wall decorations, textile decor elements (pads, bedspreads, rugs), lamps, ornaments hanging from the ceiling, are all suitable for a bedroom.

Photo frames on the wall You can tune in to a calm mood, having looked before going to sleep on a photo of your family. A panel with photos of your loved ones will give you a feeling of comfort.

Bedroom with wooden headboard An inexpressible coziness in the sleeping environment is made with bedspreads and cushions in the style of the patchwork. Sewing such bedspreads - laborious work, requires skills of sewing and assiduity, but the joy of such things is much more than from the purchased ones.

Bedspread in the style of a patchworkSupport for home, man-made furnishings in the bedroom will help warm bedside mats. It's very easy to make.

Rug rug

You, for sure, will have a dozen colored worn-out T-shirts for release. We cut T-shirts for ribbons and plait.

Rug rug Pompons of yarn are also a great solution. A hundred pompons of different calibers, tied or glued to the base, and the rug is ready.

Carpet of pom-poms Method of manufacturing pom-poms Simple in performance and worthy of applause will be mats made of jute cord. Natural material, easy to manufacture. Rope is an affordable tool for home decor, can be of different thicknesses and different materials. Best for creativity is a natural cord: jute, cotton, linen or mixed.

Jute bed mat It's so nice to fall asleep and look at the clouds hanging over you or a flock of birds. Such decorative solutions are fascinating.

Hanging ornaments - birds In the bedroom, we used to maintain a muffled light, so the lamps made by our own hands for the bedroom will be very appropriate. True, elementary knowledge of electrical elements is necessary for them.

Decorating fixtures with a vine

The production of plafonds for chandeliers and table lamps is an interesting topic in the decor for the house with their own hands. A plafond of threads

Materials for them can be the most unexpected: rope, tennis balls, branches.

Ideas for the bathroom

Reminders of the sea, symbols of water, cleanliness - all this we try to put in the bathroom. Decorate the interior of the bath can be, using also items that sometimes just accumulated with us over the years. Seashells brought from leave, pebbles. Decor mirrors with shells is always appropriate for the bathroom, whatever style it was.

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Round mirror with seashells The bathroom is very necessary for storing all kinds of small things. Possessing minimal sewing skills, it is possible to produce suspended panels for storage.

Panel cover for small items Shelves for storage of accessories can be made from an unprocessed board, the naturalness of this material brings comfort to the interior of the bath. Instead of traditional cabinets, heavy and massive for a small room, shelves made of wicker baskets fit, they look easy, at ease.

Shelves of woven baskets Candles and candlesticks - the same inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Candlestick from clothes pegs Hangers for towels all of the same clothespins will support the topic of candlesticks, combine the image of the bathroom.

Towel racks made of twigs All kinds of self-made mats, the manufacture of hangers, places for storing small items - all this is a source of inspiration for creativity in the bathroom.


Registration of children's room with their own hands

Decor for the house with their own hands, probably first of all begins in the children's room. After all, children do not like boredom. They themselves become along with adult designers and are eager to do a lot with their own hands.

Bedspread and cushions in the nursery in the nursery For the children's room are suitable accessories and interior items made of natural materials. Soft toys, funny decorative cushions, paintings on the walls, handmade rugs, pictures from the pictures, hanging clouds and birds from the ceiling, bedspreads in the style of the patchwork - all this and much more is simply necessary in the children's room. Joint creativity brings together and makes family ties stronger, develops the imagination of the child and motivates them to learn.

Painting walls in a nursery Decor of the room with your own hands is a source of constant inspiration, rest, joy, communication with close people. To create and fantasize about the theme of your interior is always entertaining for adults and children.