Baroque style - royal luxury (53 design ideas)

"Fanciful", striving for sweep and splendor. He perfectly embodied in creating the image of any room. It is a Baroque style that originated in the late 16th century in Italy. The idea of ​​a grand combination of reliefs in art and architecture like the nobility of not only Italian, but also other European cities. Louis the 14th, the French monarch, influenced the flowering of this direction, because by all recognized style won the hearts of people.

"Wrong pearl", "shell of incomprehensible and bizarre shape". Here are just a few recognizable definitions of the Baroque. Adherents of the style were mostly know and rich court kings. And now the owners of large households do not neglect the intricate images and rich grandiose decoration, chic and giving the impression of prosperity, way of life.

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  • 1 The style of kings, what is he?
  • 2 Baroque and modernity
  • 3 Principles of decorating walls, windows, floors, furniture
  • 4 How to create a harmonious ensemble
  • 5 The elegance and grandeur of the Baroque style. Video
  • 6 Conclusion on the topic
  • 7 Baroque style - the luxury of kings

The style of kings, what is he?

The game of colors, splendor, pomposity, greatness, complex designs and figures, unlike any of the traditional. Unthinkable colorful ceilings, a mass of mirrors. Unconventionality in design decisions. A beneficial combination of light and shadow. All these are baroque features.

The style is baroque-style kings. Only exquisite salon furniture, gilding, tapestry on armchairs.

The style is baroque-style kings. Only exquisite salon furniture, gilding, tapestry on armchairs.

Living room in soft colors

Living room in gentle colors "Paris green", marble countertops, and a refined crystal chandelier.

Exquisite style of baroque in the kitchen.

Exquisite style of baroque in the kitchen.

Types of baroque can still be seen in the museum expositions of the 17-18 centuries. The components of this direction were reflected to a considerable degree in the decoration of the houses. It developed most intensively in the middle of the 18th century. Power in Europe has changed, and interior design has remained unchanged. A lot of gold, jewelry, abundance and wealth in everything without exception. Here are the main characteristics of this style. He expressed himself in clothes. The costumes of the courtiers resembled in those days exquisite cakes or ornate compositions. Their colors were copied and in the interior:

  • clear turquoise;
  • gold;
  • silver;
  • bej.

Painting is everywhere. On the walls - angels, on the ceiling - clouds and cupids. Over time, luxury is not dissolved. The Italian baroque flourished, but acquired a more intimate and sophisticated character, no less luxurious. Motives for painting are love scenes and themes of nature. The tissues with plant pattern prevailed.

Baroque living room in the hunting castle of Provence France.

Baroque living room in the hunting castle of Provence France.

Elegant furniture in the interior of the baroque style living room.

Elegant furniture in the interior of the baroque style living room.

The style of Baroque in our country is better known as "Naryshkinsky". And in Russia, the nobility supported the tradition of pomposity and chic, manifested in everything. The interior is rich and in a literal sense, quaint. (Рис 1)

ris 1

Finishing and furniture were made from a variety of materials, but mostly from wood. Gilt stucco molding, painting on walls and ceilings. Upholstered furniture is quite comfortable, in some cases the armchair or sofa becomes a bright spot against the background of the rest of the decoration, which is not inferior in the riot of colors and pomposity of style. Characteristic features of this direction:

  • curved legs of sofas;
  • complex carved compositions;
  • high backs of beds, sofas and armchairs;
  • patterns, reminiscent of skillful motifs in the works of great artists;
  • comfortable and soft carved armrests of armchairs and sofas;
  • bright finish of mirrors, pictures, table-tops.

For the Baroque era are characterized by: the use of a mass of jewelry, sculptures of various sizes of types and types, the richness of the decor. The perception of texture becomes saturated, because the lines and reliefs are not clear, but curved.

In the huge rooms, which are typical for large mansions and houses, but not for apartments, form massive columns. They are decorated with relief moldings. For finishing use varnish coating, metals, semiprecious and precious stones, mosaic, valuable wood. Smooth surfaces are not welcome. Almost every centimeter of walls and furniture has convex or curved elements.

Ovals and circles, according to the authors of such compositions, this is an uninteresting solution. Much more beautiful looking spirals and complex shapes. In the Baroque style, for the first time, fabric wall cladding was used, which perfectly combined with the color range of furniture, floor and ceiling. (Fig. 3)

ris 3

Baroque and modernity

In the modern interior, the use of pompous combinations and saturated compositions, characteristic precisely for baroque, is quite common. Often there are elements of ostentatious luxury, rather than restrained motives. The room, in which the principles of the Baroque are widely used, should have a large area and be quite spacious. In this style, not only a variety of designed rooms - bedrooms and living rooms, but also rooms, offices, hallways, corridors. A small room, made in the Baroque style, will not look aesthetically pleasing if its interior is oversaturated and will become suboptimal for perception.

Modern Baroque style: curved salon furniture, tapestry with gold sewing, massive gilt chandeliers.

Modern Baroque style: curved salon furniture, tapestry with gold sewing, massive gilt chandeliers.

Corner of the living room of a country house with recognizable features of Baroque style.

Corner of the living room of a country house with recognizable features of Baroque style. A few modern interior details and "heavy" style of kings breathed freshness. The designer is excellent.

To whom as, but I do not like. Perhaps this is the bedroom of the criminal baron.

To whom as, but I do not like. Perhaps this is the bedroom of the criminal baron.

Furniture, which decorate the interiors, is quite large, and carved curved legs on armchairs and sofas, whimsically sticking out to the sides, often require almost more space when placed than a large wardrobe. Due to this, the space of the room greatly narrows.

To solve a small room, the owners of which wish to decorate it with the use of baroque characteristics, only a few details typical for this era are enough. The color scale is better to make contrast, bright. A little stucco and quaint decor favorably emphasize the design.

Modern technologies in the field of creating materials for decoration and repair allow us to complement the interior with baroque Rococo elements (no less bizarre style, but more refined). Some people prefer to decorate their apartments or houses with the favorite motifs of a certain era, but more reminiscent of the German Baroque. A few columns replace several walls, which gives an open space. In the decor, the seashells are combined with fruits and placed on the walls. On the ceiling there is a wooden stucco, the basis of which is a quaint carving. Walls are used to apply wallpapers of textiles or to use decorative plaster. For curtains choose heavy, dense fabrics. In honor - brocade.

The aesthetic principles of this direction suggest the use of baroque decor in living rooms in a more restrained form than we can see in theaters and museums. Such buildings are decorated with the use of pure style, characteristic of the Baroque. There is no conciseness here. Invoices are saturated and embossed.

Now the interior decoration does not apply the principles of that era in its pure form, and if it is possible, then nothing but irony. The design is reserved. It is more likely to be eclectic, a combination of mass styles than the exact embodiment of the historical picture of the Baroque era. The huge chandeliers are no longer in fashion. Make them a little or much smaller in size from tinted plastic, aluminum, fiber. But in form they exactly repeat the many-tier lamps of the time of Louis.

The Baroque style in architecture is no longer an example for imitation. Modern technological solutions made it possible to create an absolutely transparent chair made of plastic, in the form of exactly the furniture of Baroque times. But not only colorless varieties of Baroque style in fashion, the wide range of colors of purple, fuchsia, bordeaux, ultramarine are widespread. The vegetable pattern and heraldry are less popular than the one-color solution in color.

Principles for decorating walls, windows, floors, furniture

For the floor, the Baroque style assumes several solutions: a parquet inlaid, a ground board (lacquered), a parquet of wood.

Curtains choose in the classical style. They should be combined in tone with the color of the walls and furniture upholstery. Fabrics are natural. Drawing curtains - exquisite, creating the impression of uniqueness. Widely used:

  • silk;
  • velvet;
  • brocade;
  • atlas.

On the curtains catch big bows, trim them with frills. Lambrequins are welcome. Furniture with curtains is better to perform in the same color. Window decoration should be chic. It is acceptable to use materials with a pattern of turtle shell, marble, malachite. Interior items such as pillows, bedspreads, tablecloths for high cost and beauty should not yield to curtains to match the grand luxuries.

baroque bedroom

The floor and walls of such an amazing bedroom are made only from natural materials: valuable hardwood and Venetian plaster.

Furniture is a work of art, or a self-portrait of its era.

Furniture is a work of art, or a self-portrait of its era.

Exquisite lines of bygone centuries.

Exquisite lines of bygone centuries.

Modern bedroom in Baroque style.

Modern bedroom in Baroque style.

Furniture with a carving, massive, with a decorative finish. Its design is complemented by mosaic, metal inlay. Old furniture is prized.

Sofas are necessary with magnificent upholstery. More often - in a strip of dark tones with a beautiful drapery. The legs are rounded and gilded. The shape of armchairs and sofas is florid, the lines are smooth. All this adds charm, makes the living room cozy, and the atmosphere in it - majestic and pompous.

Bed - a special theme. In the bedroom, the design of this subject is given the main place. It was she who embodied the main features of baroque. Quite expensive and large, stylized under the old days. Popular mahogany. But the use of other breeds is not forbidden. Decorate the legs, giving them the shape of the grapevine, the head - high, make elegant inserts on the sides.

It is acceptable to place in a room a pair of bedside tables in baroque style, with which the dressing table is combined. It is well "cradled" caskets, candlesticks made of different materials, and in color they can contrast with the main solution.

How to create a harmonious ensemble

Walls of Baroque style suggest the placement of carpets. According to the tone, textile or vinyl wallpaper with velvet coating can be beige. Pretty fashionable shades of silver and dark: brown, rich red, blue. Let's admit the contrast in the coloristic decision. For example, light furniture - the walls are dark or vice versa.

Light is needed a lot. In addition to chandeliers and lamps, fancy floor lamps, sconces fit well into the atmosphere. (Fig. 4)

ris 4

Materials can also be used exquisitely. In addition to traditional plastic or metal, crystal incrustations, inserts made of wood and stones are possible.

Baroque style - it's figurines, famous paintings and even frescoes, vases, grandiose in size and filling services. Silver or gilded objects, bright colors are the most obvious features of baroque. The apartment is quite difficult to create an image of this style. Several baroque elements are also not enough. It is important to achieve a golden mean in the design and detail. Then the interior will correspond not only to modern trends of fashion, but also to please the eyes of the owners and guests.

Grace and grandeur of the Baroque style. Video

Conclusion on the topic

No detail should not be left without attention. Each vase or even a fork from the service has its own meaning. The style of Baroque involves the creation of a single ensemble, the subjects of which play their roles in a chic composition of interior solutions.

Moderation and restraint are welcomed, in spite of the fact that this style of Baroque assumes scope. It is better to give a few bright spots, corresponding to the forms of baroque. Too many "exclusive" gizmos overflow the compositional perception, and filling a small room with furniture to the point of refusal, turn it into a warehouse or give vulgarity.

With the right combination of stylistic elements, the interior will recall an exquisite pearl framed in a whimsical shape with unique patterns

The optimal solution is to decorate in this style only a room or a bedroom. The remaining rooms in this case will look more reserved, which will make their perception no less spectacular.

Baroque style is the luxury of kings