Design of a ceiling in a bedroom +70 photos of design ideas

Rose on the wall in the bedroom

A cozy, comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom depends only on the owner, which design he chooses, which materials he uses. Each part of the room is interconnected, so it should look organically. A special attitude to yourself requires a ceiling design in the bedroom. After all, this room is a personal space for two people, so it should match the tastes, wishes of the owners.

In this case, with the help of color design it is possible to select the desired ceiling area, given the size of the room. For example, if you want to visually increase the depth of the ceiling, then its color goes beyond the upper part of the wall - about 20-30 cm.

TV on the ceiling above the bed Black glossy wall in the interior of the bedroom  Original lighting on the ceiling  Armchairs and TV opposite the bed  Fan on the ceiling above the bed  Lilac ceiling in the bedroom

  • Tree as decoration;

The most popular and universal way to decorate the ceiling is to trim its surface with wood, or the material that imitates it. The most suitable material for this work is a natural tree, pre-treated from pests and covered with stain, the topmost layer becomes wax. Of the more accessible samples for finishing the surface is a laminated board that has the effect of a tree.

Fireplace and TV in front of the bed Bedroom with access to the balcony  Original tables near the bed  Fireplace, table and chair near the bed  Glass wall in the bedroom  Chandelier of horns above the bed


Stretched (hinged) ceilings in the bedroom - this is the most popular way to create a comfortable, modern environment in the room. They are:

  • Single-level;
  • Two-level;
  • Multilevel, where three or more levels.

During installation of such ceilings, the height of the room decreases. For example, with a single-level design it takes 5-7 cm, and if it is three levels, then twice as much. Therefore, developing its design of stretch ceilings, this nuance must be taken into account.

Picture above the bed Regardless of the number of levels, stretch ceilings have a stylish, modern look. If the house has small rooms and low ceilings, then this is the best solution for the interior. If the living room is spacious, then with the help of multi-level ceilings it will be possible to visually separate the functional zones, that is, the office, the bedroom, the place for reading. Moreover, the canvas, which are at different heights, can be different in color, texture. Multilevel structures, where three or more planes, are often found in large rooms, where it is necessary to isolate each of the zones.

White ceiling with black circle White bedroom with orange stripe  Decorative fireplace opposite the bed  White-lilac bedroom interior  Bedroom with chic furniture  Original ceiling design in the bedroom


Ceilings from plasterboard - the most interesting, but a complex way of arrangement of a room. After all, there are a lot of options for surface design, you need to think out the layout of lighting devices correctly, design the structure and calculate the loads. As for the material itself, drywall is considered the most convenient, easy to use, it is able to perfectly level the surface and give it the most unique shapes. And it is fireproof, does not emit toxic substances and is suitable for decorating any room design. Since the gypsum is well cut, it cuts out details of the most diverse shapes. It is drilled to the surface without fear of chips, cracks or scratches. Some of the elements of the construction are fastened with self-tapping screws, others on the metal frame with special suspenders. As a result, between the ceiling and gypsum plasterboard a void is formed, where it is possible to hide the wiring of lighting fixtures. According to the structure and form of the ceiling from plasterboard there are different levels, shapes.

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Original ceiling lighting  Ceiling with patterns  Patterns on the wall and closet in the bedroom  Lamps on bedside tables near the bed  Pictures backlit above the bed

Panels of expanded polystyrene

These panels are characterized by a high level of thermal insulation and sound insulation, as well as resistance to various external influences. They are externally very attractive and fit any interior. Thanks to the use of modern technologies for the production of expanded polystyrene, panels from it acquire a surface that mimics stone, wood, and others. The installation of panels is simple and easy, so a person who has no experience in finishing can handle this job.

Bedroom with a bright interior

The main advantages of this finishing material were appreciated by ordinary buyers, as well as professional masters who perform the installation of ceiling coatings. Since they have a lot of advantages, they significantly increase the comfort in the room, its appearance. Such ceiling tiles are not afraid of moisture, so they are readily used in shower rooms, bathrooms, bathrooms, as well as in kitchens and other rooms where there is a lot of humidity. Since the polystyrene foam has a minimal mass, it is mounted on any ceiling.

Mirror and lamp at the bed

This quality is of high value for those rooms where floors are not capable of withstanding heavy loads. In addition, with foam panels it is easy to work, they can easily be cut into parts and adjusted to the desired shape. In addition, the assortment of this product is huge, because there are hundreds of colors, patterns and sizes of slabs, suitable for any interior. For example, the owner can decorate the ceiling from smooth tiles, or with patterns or ornament.

Orange curtains and bed in the bedroom

Toning and painting

Despite the fact that there are so many ways to decorate ceilings, some people prefer to use traditional methods of decoration - tinting and painting. Some simply paint the surface of the ceiling with water-based paint, while others complement the interior with baguettes, moldings. Due to this the surrounding situation becomes more cozy, exquisite. Sometimes the ceiling is not tinted completely, but only a certain part of it to get a unique design. For example, with the help of this method it is possible to obtain original patterns, which are supplemented with all sorts of decorative elements, are highlighted with an LED ribbon.

White and blue bedroom interior

If the ceiling treatment takes place in a room where there are a lot of wooden parts, and the ceiling itself needs to be as close to the natural design, it is better to pay attention to the antiseptic or coating coating. These compounds have a lot of advantages, namely:

  • The surface to be treated gets a light shade and shine;
  • The service life of the wooden ceiling is significantly increased;
  • The texture of the tree is completely preserved.
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Fan on the ceiling above the bed The combination of white and blue in the bedroom  Bright bedroom design  Bedroom with a striped ceiling  Mirror opposite the bed  Cat on the bed

Tree decoration

The tree is the most high-quality natural material, which is always valued, because anything is done from it. Any wooden thing looks very beautiful, different in originality and high external qualities. Some people believe that wood is the most suitable material for floors and walls, but today it is widely used for finishing the ceiling. Such a coating will provide excellent sound insulation and thermal insulation, which is very important for any home.

Pictures above the bed

There is a large selection of wood species, ranging from the most budgetary options to the most valuable ones. Thanks to this assortment, each owner of the house will choose the most suitable finish for the ceiling. The main feature of the tree is ecological purity, the presence of original patterns and a unique natural flavor. That's why every room has its own design, not like the others. There is one more important detail, favoring the natural material, is its ability to scatter light. Almost all designers know this nuance, therefore create in their interiors the effect of natural shading, where the play of shade and light is the main decoration technique.

Mirror and table near the bed White ceiling with a circle of wood  Fireplace near the bed  Original chandeliers in the bedroom  Paintings on the bedroom wall  Fan over bed

More complex ways of design

Of the most complex, but effective ways to design, it is worth highlighting the installation of a mirror surface. Use for work large, heavy mirror canvases is dangerous and expensive, so the most acceptable option is plastic analogs. For example, it is enough to install plastic mirror panels on the ceiling, as the interior of the room will radically change. Despite the fact that they have a low ability to reflect, these panels can create a piquant setting in the bedroom, making it more passionate and sensual. This option of finishing is an excellent choice for a young married couple, not burdened with family worries.

Colored mirrors

If you want to make the atmosphere more bold, fun and original, then the color ceiling will be an excellent solution. In addition, in recent years, colored ceilings remain in the trend and are found in many famous designers. Such a decision will help from the very morning to tune in to solve important problems, recharge energy and feel a surge of energy. For registration you can use orange, yellow or light red color.

Pictures opposite the bed

Painting and prints

Painting on the ceiling is different, but it always corresponds to the interior design of the room. Therefore, before finishing, you should consider the environment, the availability of furniture and wishes. Usually in the bedroom there is an airy, light composition, which does not accent attention and fits into the overall style of the interior.

Landscape on the ceiling of the bedroom


The latest trend of fashion in the field of interior decoration is prints. They are willingly applied to the ceilings, walls and even the furniture of the room. They make new notes, make the room interesting, amazing. With the help of prints, the main accent of the bedroom is made on the ceiling, not forgetting the color scheme of the surrounding situation. You can not make prints very bright, piled up, otherwise the dwelling will not be cozy. Everywhere there should be a measure, with prints too.

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Flower on the ceiling above the bed

In most cases, prints with floral motifs are used for living space. Also often designers choose natural elements, for example, seashore, forest, sunset. The next most popular are prints with animals, but if desired, you can apply any pattern to the ceiling.

Elegant Bedroom Interior Crowns of trees on the ceiling  Flower on the ceiling in the bedroom  TV in front of the bed  Patterns with flowers and butterflies on the ceiling  Starry sky in the bedroom on the ceiling

Beam ceilings

In some houses and apartments on the ceiling there are wooden beams, which today no longer hide under the lining. After all, such an insignificant detail that hinders many can become an excellent decorative element for interior decoration of an apartment building. If you reconsider certain styles of interior, then in many designs there are beamed ceilings that give the zest to the room, make it more modern, stylish. And also wooden beams differ ecological compatibility and attractive appearance.

Wooden furniture in the bedroom Table with a chair in the bedroom  Shelves on the wall opposite the bed  A variety of lamps in the interior of the bedroom  Picture above the bed  Mountain view from the bedroom window

Usually, these designs are present in those styles where wooden decor prevails, and also occur in other directions, where the tree is used, as an additional element, giving chic to the general appearance. For example, wooden beams decorate modern high-tech style, historical classics, ethnic interiors and many others. The only difference between them is the presence of different decorative elements.

Choice of colors

If in plans from a normal bedroom to make the most successful place in the house for relaxation and rest, then for finishing the room it is better to choose calm, unobtrusive shades:

  • Beige;
  • Clean sand;
  • Light brown;
  • Heavenly blue;
  • Gentle yellow.

In the bedroom, a person should rest, calm down and not be distracted by extraneous details of the interior. Quite often it is necessary to make several zones in one room - for rest, work and sleep. In this case, you can combine several colors in one room, for example, add light gray, green or purple. Thanks to this combination, it is possible to relieve tension from the eyes, to prepare for sleep.

Chandelier and ceiling lights on the ceiling Pictures above the bed  Sakura on the bedroom wall  TV in front of the bed  Original lamps in the bedroom  Interesting bedroom interior

Selection of colors for furniture

If the bedroom is used only for sleeping by two people, then the best option is to decorate it in a romantic style. Furniture, decoration and ceiling is desirable to decorate with gentle, soothing tones that contribute to quick relaxation. If desired, the bed is decorated with curtains or canopies, which will make the sleeper as comfortable as possible. The best choice for decorating walls and ceiling will be brown, beige or pink. If there is a child in the bedroom with the parents, then there should not be any quiet shades. The child needs emotions, development, so the bedroom is additionally used elements of green, dark gray, purple or blue.

Bright bedroom design Baldachin above the bed  Elegant view from the window  A zone of natural wood with a backlight above the bed  Ceiling and walls with lighting  TV on the wall before bed