Bathroom as a space for self-realization

A new apartment (well, or one that was inherited or a gift from relatives) is not only a joy, but also a new concern. True, these concerns can be treated differently. Some are in a hurry to make problems out of them: they say, so much money needs to be spent to bring it to a satisfactory living condition. And others perceive living space as an opportunity to realize their design intentions.

We offer you a few ideas (using the example of a bathroom), as it is possible to make a stylish and original from the usual premises. For this, it is not necessary to buy expensive building materials. Quite good tile Kierabud and domestic inexpensive plumbing. The main thing to choose all this with taste.

Bathroom interior

Choose the basic tone

Bathroom is associated primarily with cleanliness. Therefore, many people choose light-tone materials as background tiles. But since the plumbing (toilet, bathtub, washbasin) is likely to be white or ivory, we recommend that you choose a different tone. So, for example, for a bathroom, pastel, soft tones are perfect: light-green, sky-blue, pale yellow, peachy, beige, etc.

Bathroom design in cream tones

Such a proposal as a plumbing wholesale in Moscow makes on really favorable terms. But if you are not a builder, then you do not need to buy dozens of bathtubs, wash basins, etc. But once again, white Sanfayans is really inexpensive, and besides that, it is combined with any background color. So buy without hesitation.

Bright accent

Delicate colors for the bathroom - this is the classic of the genre. In addition, Kerabud tiles are represented in a wide range of soft colors. However, to wall in the same way and stop at this - the simplest, but also the most boring option.

Why not make some bright colors in the design! There are many ways to do this:

  • use decors and curbs of saturated colors;
  • Mount the cabinets and trim them with a bright self-adhesive film;
  • pick up a cheerful rubberized rug;
  • buy a bright curtain for the bathroom, etc.

Bathroom in minimalist style

True, the only thing that is worth remembering, is that all the additional color elements are combined.

In a word, if you do not need plumbing in bulk in Moscow, why not spend your time on a pleasant one. After all, every detail in the bathroom is important - from towel hooks to decorative soap dishes and vases with artificial compositions on the pedestal with aromatic oils, shampoos and shower gels.

Design of a bathroom for a summer residence

And it would be superfluous to draw your attention to the fact that it is not at all necessary to pursue designer novelties that come to us from abroad. Bath, she and in Africa the bath. And domestic manufacturers are not worse than foreign manufacturers are able to produce products with high ergonomic qualities and excellent design. Is that they are much cheaper. But that, as they say, is only for us!

Luxurious modern bathroom design

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