Bedroom design: small creativity in a small room

A small bedroom requires a thoughtful and competent design. After all, in a small apartment, the bedroom often also performs the functions of a dressing room, as well as a study. Its arrangement requires a clear and consistent organization of space, which would be filled with everything necessary, leaving a place for rest and staying cozy.

Basic rules for the design of a small bedroom

In most modern apartments, a bedroom occupies no more than 10-15 square meters. At the same time, it should contain all the same interior items as a large area: a bed, bedside tables, a TV stand, at least a small closet, dresser or dressing table. Therefore, the design of a small bedroom is carried out, first of all, on the principle of comfort and convenience, and the second - on the principle of aesthetics.

The choice of colors for decoration should fall on light, pastel colors: white, beige, olive, powder, etc. This will help visually make the room larger, "unload" space. However, the depth of the room can be achieved by painting one of the walls with a soft but saturated contrasting color. For example, green - in olive walls or purple - in beige.

Bedroom design in pastel colors

If the finish of the bedroom walls involves wallpapering, it is better to choose light wallpaper with a small pattern or pattern. They will not visually hide the extra centimeters of the room, like heavy, large and geometrically printed wallpapers.

Do not choose wallpaper with stripes, as well as decorative curb.

From stucco and heavy chandeliers on the ceiling, too, should be abandoned.

Lighting of a small bedroom

In many respects, how properly the small bedroom will look after repairs is affected by properly installed lighting. Without lighting, the beautiful design of the bedroom is impossible. In addition, successfully arranging fixtures and conducting LED lighting, you can again competently beat even a small area.

Best if the bedroom lighting is multi-level. It is better to refuse from the general central lighting (chandelier), giving preference to zonal illumination of individual sections of the room or decor elements.

Bedroom design in white colors

So, two rows of spotlights, located parallel to the ceiling, with a small indent from the edge, I will make the borders of the walls softer. As a result, the walls and ceiling will seem higher.

From the local lighting fit sconces or floor lamps, as well as a table lamp, if the room has a work desk with a computer.

In addition, you can use a ceiling light, which creates the illusion of a "floating" room or highlight decorative niches in the wall.

Design of a small bedroom

If you can not do without central lighting, it is desirable to install a switch with the ability to adjust the intensity of lighting: from bright - for changing clothes, cleaning, working at the computer, to muffled - for rest and creating a romantic atmosphere.

Choosing furniture

The main element of the interior of the bedroom is the bed. To ensure a healthy sleep and a full rest, you need to choose a bed with a width of 140 cm or more, better - with an orthopedic mattress. For a small bedroom there will be enough 140-160 cm width. All other parameters depend on the height and weight of those who will sleep on this bed, as well as their personal preferences.

Too much bed is not worth taking, as it will in any case have to be placed under one of the walls, which will limit the approach to it on the one hand, and one of their spouses will need to climb over the other. And this is not very convenient.

To relieve the space of the room, do not hang it with drawers and shelves, and do not force it with curbstones, you can buy a bed with lower drawers, where to put some clothes, books, bed-clothes and other things.

Pursuing the design of the bedroom goal maximum preservation of space, for storage of things it is better to use small wardrobes or built-in wardrobes.

Interior design of a small bedroom

The visual volume and spaciousness of the room will give glass and mirror surfaces of cabinets. And the illuminated facades of frosted glass will look stylish and effective, creating an atmosphere of coziness and romanticism.

Decor and Accessories

To the interior of the bedroom was interesting, individual and special, you need to tastefully choose elements of decor that would harmonize with the overall design and emphasize it.

Home, cozy environment will create photographs or pictures within. You can also create thematic collages from family photos and decorate their bedroom.

The windows in the bedroom, in the first place, have a functional purpose, which can be combined with aesthetic, if you decorate them with beautiful curtains. In the afternoon, the curtains did not interfere with the penetration of light, but in the early morning or evening, on the contrary, they hid the street vanity, you can also use transparent tulle in combination with them: in the daytime, collect curtains, leaving only tulle, and during sleep - pull up.

Decorate the ceiling can be inlaid. This will add to the design of charm and elegance.

Bedroom design in dark colors

Thinking over the design of a small room, remember that you do not need to overload it with furniture and an excessive number of accessories. The main rule is a beautiful and cozy functionalism.