Wallpaper in the interior of the hallway +75 photo

Wallpaper in the hallway design

The entrance hall is small, no one here usually linger, therefore it is made out on a residual principle. But the view that choosing wallpaper for the hallway is easy, wrong.

According to the degree of moisture resistance, the wallpaper is divided into:

  • Withstanding only gentle care with a soft cloth. An image of one wave on a label.
  • Moisture-proof, will withstand wet cleaning with wet cloth. Two waves.
  • Those that are washed with cleaning agents. Three waves, the most resistant - with a brush icon.

Beautiful wallpaper in the hallway Yellow wallpaper in the hallway  Anteroom in Oriental style  Turquoise wallpaper  Light gray wallpaper in the corridor  White patterns on brown wallpaper

Paper and textile wallpaper in the hallway design rejects, they do not withstand all requirements. If they are used, then only as small decorative fragments.

Popular use:

  1. Robust, based on non-woven, vinyl. The texture hides the defects of the walls, does not crack, it is difficult to tear or set them on fire.
  2. Silk screen printing. The top layer consists of silk threads, the basis of paper. Easy to maintain, serve for a long time.
  3. For fans of non-trivial solutions, suitable liquid wallpaper. After the application, the effect of the untreated wall is given, pleasant to the touch.
  4. Steklooboi are effective, durable, many times exposed to staining. Withstand mechanical cleaning.
  5. Non-woven fabrics are used to create imitations of natural materials.
  6. For not constrained in the means are not available imitations, but real bamboo, cork or palm leaves. Create an environmentally friendly interior, combined with other types.

Wallpaper in a loft style Black and white wallpaper for the hallway  Brown wallpaper  Simple wallpaper in the hallway  Flower pattern on wallpaper  Beige wallpapers in the corridor

What color to choose

The hallways rarely differ in ideal forms, they are often too small, narrow, low, dark. Get rid of all the shortcomings at once try to light shades. But the shades of white are not so long, the room soon becomes untidy. If the coating can not be washed, it is impractical. The feeling of freedom in the space with dark walls is also lost.

Golden middle for a narrow corridor will be light, but warm colors, contrasting patterns, metered mottled elements. Dark spots will conceal possible dust, bright will relieve the sensation of the crypt.

With a properly selected color range of furnishings and walls, the "wrong" corridor will become wider and higher. Pastel colors fill the space with coziness and air.


A simple option is to cover the room with discreet wallpaper. Gray-brown tones will suit almost everywhere, a light skirting board in this case will create a volume.

Monotony and boredom of a light interior will dilute the bright decor: stains of accessories, cabinet doors of unusual shape, large mirror. They will make you forget about the faded walls.

Single-color обои — это совершенный фон, в особенности серый. На глухом сером выделяются любые краски, на стенах организуют фотовыставку на тему истории семьи или летнего путешествия.

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Single-color обои в квартире Single-color серые обои в квартире  Blue wallpapers  Gray wallpaper in the hallway  Bordeaux wallpaper  Light wallpaper in the hallway

A bright room with little space is filled with glossy facades, decorated with huge mirrors. In dark shades, the snow-white decor is clearly visible. Stresses the elegance and aristocratism of the tiles in the tone of the wallpaper on the floor.

Vertical stripes and drawings

For a narrow, close corridor, striped wallpaper is the source of the rhythm. The strip will remind you of the classic English interior, a retro-style of the times of Khrushchev. Vertical bars visually lift the ceiling. Decoration of the wall alternating wide bright strips with white saturate the tightness of the volume and air.

Narrow vertical bands will make you remember the association with the fence, give a camera, a sense of security. A dull corner is decorated with contrasting stripes. If there is such a merry spot, no more decorations will be required.

Vertical stripes on wallpaper in the corridor Sand walls in the hallway  Stripes on the walls  Striped wallpaper with a texture  Vertical stripes on the wall  Textured wallpaper

Fans of elegance and semitones will decorate the entrance hall with an unobtrusive alternation of relief strips. Correctly selected accessories complete the design of the room in a classic style. Close in tone strips of light colors will remind of Provence, dark bars will add respectability. The alternation of dark matte and shiny bands will make the interior bulky.

Vertical is the drawing of wallpaper, for example, trees or ornament.

Horizontal pictures and stripes

The strip horizontally moves the room apart, but reduces the height. Unlike vertical, horizontal bands do not bring about a classic mood.

The horizontal strip is expressed not only by color. Have thus visual effects, interesting prints.

The horizontal stripes are made up of parallel and short piers, this method visually lengthens them.

Striped wallpaper Horizontal stripes on the wallpaper in the hallway  Stripes wallpaper  Checkered Wallpaper  Geometric drawing on wallpaper  Stripes on the walls в прихожей

Wallpaper stripes in the corridor are always fashionable, but they are more careful. A common method of pasting is the bonding of the strip of the lower part of the wall, a peculiar imitation of the panels.

Large drawings

Ornaments, monograms, rosettes - the characteristic features of the classical style. When adding gilding to the interior, wooden rails enhance the feeling of luxury and elegance. A large floral ornament is an element of oriental style, images of plants are used in the style of Provence or country.

Given the style of the room and a small volume, wallpaper with a pronounced pattern is placed only on one wall.

A large geometric ornament is framed for a dark front door. A small room will become even smaller if a large figure captures all the walls.

Large picture on wallpaper Curtains in the corridor  Wide light corridor  Large wardrobe in the hallway  Brown inserts on light wallpaper  Luxurious hallway design

Light background and dark pattern

The pattern on the wallpaper levels or enhances the overall impression. Surfaces, where damage and dirt are possible, it is practical to cover with light wallpaper with a discreet contrast pattern, an abstract geometric pattern. Rhythmic repeating prints on a white background with a milky or ivory tint will not distract from interior doors, other design elements.

The main thing when choosing a picture on the wallpaper is not to miss with its character, saturation. If it is necessary to increase the concentration of light and air, choose thin flying lines on a light background. Such walls look soaring, do not clutter a small room. Even a large print in a small hallway looks elegant, does not create a sense of color contrast, does not irritate.

Dark pattern on a light background in the corridor Large picture on wallpaper  Beautiful patterns on the walls in the corridor  Black and white patterns on the walls  Wallpaper masonry in the hallway  Wall-paper in the corridor

Photo Wall Mural

Дизайн фотообоев для интерьера коридора – это наука. Проще с большим холлом, куда подойдет практически любой вариант. Над стенами в хрущевке придется задуматься. Photo Wall Mural расширяют пространство при условии соблюдения пропорций между размерами стены, где они будут расположены, и рисунком.

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When deciding to design a hallway photo wallpaper, it is necessary to remember several rules:

  1. Large ornament and 3D effect will greatly reduce the space.
  2. To design does not put pressure on the eyesight and psyche, bright colors on the walls combine with pastel.
  3. Choosing dark images will narrow the corridor.
  4. A small apartment does not tolerate small drawings and flowers, for this type of pictures you need a lot of light.
  5. If you want to expand the hallway, opposite the photo wall hang out mirrors.

Photo Wall Mural в прихожей

Photocells decorate all the walls, one of the surfaces or part of the vertical, the horizontal, depending on the design idea, the availability of free space. The plot becomes the city's streets, nature, which veil the real dimensions of the room.

Purple wallpapers in the apartment

When the wallpaper is clearly expressed perspective, they are glued in front of the entrance door. On the side surfaces, the outward image breaks the space. A single bright element takes care of itself, becomes an accent.

If the room does not have large free areas, and you want to place photo walls, one resorts to one of the tricks:

  • with their help make a modular picture;
  • form a kind of false window;
  • use on the entrance, interior, furniture doors;
  • decorate the ceiling.

Colorful wall-papers in an apartment

Bright color

Combining bright and monotonous elements, customize the home and guests in a cheerful way, entertain. A red or lemon spot, a cage will revive the hallway, make it warm, cozy. Even extreme solutions for the pass-through zone are acceptable, because for a long time no one is delayed.

Bright, intricate prints distract attention from the chaos of the situation: a lot of doors in a narrow corridor, things out of place, different furniture items. Saturated tones make the space smaller, but more comfortable. The only bright strip of wallpaper on the end of the long corridor will bring the wall closer, accentuating attention.

Bright walls in the corridor Simple light wallpaper  Bright strips on wallpaper in the corridor  Masonry on wallpaper  The combination of simple and bright wallpaper  Dark brown wallpaper in the hallway

Picturesque bright flowers look elegant, supported by a combination of the same shades on the door, rug or tile, curtains. Modern styling using abstract paintings will look fresh, when the background and accessories are combined in color. If the hosts are not against expression, but in the room is white enough, they arrange a color "explosion", which will refresh the interior, will be charged with energy.

Active drawing requires a minimum of ornaments. In addition to wallpaper, in this interior nothing more is required.

Classic wallpaper in the hallway in the apartment

Rules for combining

Perception of the interior is solved by the right choice of wallpaper on the characteristics of wear resistance, but not only. Important color, texture of the material. They are always repelled from the parameters of the room. To achieve a certain perception of the area of ​​the hallway, it is glued with two to three kinds of material, creating combinations of light and dark tones, simple monochrome and patterned patterns. When choosing shades for creating combinations, the location and number of luminaires are guided.

In the hallway with non-standard constructions: ledges, niches, decorative arches, they are accented with bright colors, stylish patterns.

Combining styles in the interior

Principles of combining

  1. Bright wallpaper is used in the interior only as inserts, it is not advisable to decorate with bright coatings large areas.
  2. Saturated colors are diluted, a soft palette is added.
  3. Wall materials should not conflict with the color of furniture, style of the room.
  4. Do not combine wallpaper of different price categories, thickness.
  5. When creating combinations try to find a common element of the pattern or texture, the basic shade.

Ways of combining


In modern vestibules, wallpaper strips with the same texture and width, but different colors expand the dimensions, extend the corridor to the desired limits.

Vertical combination of wallpaper


Helps to protect the lower part of the walls from unfavorable contacts. The upper is done taking into account the style. With this method, do not use a large number of different shades, this visually overloads. The classic combination is 2-3 colors.

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Decorative inserts

They are allocated some zones, framed by frames as a panel.

Decorative inserts на стенах в прихожей

Combination of techniques

Here the flight of fantasy is unlimited. The main thing is to remember the features of the room, the materials themselves.

How to apply correctly

  1. The wallpaper is selected according to the thickness, the imperfections of the walls are masked with relief coatings.
  2. To maintain the vertical and horizontal, preliminary marking is done.
  3. First, put the main cloth on the wall.
  4. For accentuation of some zones, masking of seams use a wallpaper edge, moldings, apply ideas of designers with planks and borders.
  5. At the junctions of the two types of wallpaper, make sure that the glue does not leave marks on previously pasted fragments.

Classic wallpaper in the house Unusual wallpaper in the hallway  Large pattern on the walls  The interior in the style of Provence  Gray wallpaper without a picture  Dark blue walls in the corridor

The choice depends on the shape and area of ​​the room

In buildings dating back to Soviet times, where the area of ​​the room at the entrance leaves much to be desired, all the nuances must be thought out before the repair, so that as a result space gives energy to the departed and inspires home affairs for the parish.

Design wallpaper in a narrow hallway

In rooms where the useful area is very small, the well-designed design is corrected by the defects of the long "tunnel". The main points worth remembering:

  1. Do not use black, dark blue, harmful brown, with them the corridor will become even narrower.
  2. Light shades are preferred, but the interior should not be associated with the interior decoration of the car.
  3. Bright colors in moderation.
  4. More space seems to be the space where combination is used.
  5. Use neutral drawings, striped wallpaper to make the room different from the others.
  6. Covering pastel colors with dark streaks of the pattern will hide possible stains and scuffs.
  7. A large figure is contraindicated.

Black wallpapers in the corridor Mustard wallpaper in the corridor  Double wallpaper in the hallway  Painting on the wall in the hallway  Baroque style in the hallway  Beige wallpapers in a big house

Design wallpaper in a small hallway

Here choose any wallpaper, only so that they do not visually reduce the room. If, in addition to a small area, the room is characterized by low walls, they are decorated with wall paper in a vertical strip. Do not narrow the space of finishing the walls under the brick and stone. If the owners like natural materials, resort to their imitations, buy a trim for matting, burlap, bamboo. Choose at the same shades lighter, so as not to weight the interior.

For a small hallway it is actual:

  1. The room in warm colors will visually narrow, cold shades will expand it.
  2. A large pattern reduces the room, a small pattern will help to move apart the walls.
  3. The surface of the walls should be matte, without reliefs, complex ornamentation.

Flower wallpaper and a mirror in the hallway

Design wallpaper in a spacious hallway

In the spacious room of a private house, dark and bright colors, contrasts, are acceptable. If you stop on a light background, then the feeling of spaciousness can be muffled with a large expressive print. It is only necessary to find a balance between the volume of the hallway and the visual effect to which they aspire.

Wallpaper with the effect of wood, brickwork, cork are most appropriate in a large room. The ability of such a cover to hide excess sqm will be useful. In free space, such styles as avant-garde and modern find freedom for the imagination of the designer. On empty spaces of walls hang pictures and family photos.

Wallpapers in a spacious hallway Wide entrance hall  White walls in the corridor  Light wallpapers and dark doors in the hallway  White wallpaper with black pattern  Classic hallway interior


Observing the basic rules when choosing, wallpapering, working with combinations, create a unique interior. A room that meets home and guests will stimulate relaxation in their native walls, striving for harmonious relations.