We unite the kitchen and the balcony - important questions

Interior of a small kitchen on the balcony

How often did you meet the combined kitchen and balcony? As a rule, the basis of the idea is the expansion of space, and its implementation becomes a bar counter or a working area on the sill, and the removal of the dining room to "new" square meters. If the design is too small, a more complex solution is required.

The interior of the kitchen combined with the balcony

Fortunately, it is also implemented in a number of projects by enthusiasts of interior art. Even the small size of the newly acquired area can make life much easier. So, in the modified window opening, you can install the hob, separating it in this way from the countertops. The refrigerator and portable electrical appliances (grill, multivark, bread maker and others) are also easy to carry out on the former balcony.

Kitchen interior with balcony

It is important not to have a stove and various built-in appliances on this site, since in fact it is illegal. Such a serious alteration will then be impossible to document, and sell the apartment if necessary. However, even small items removed from the tables in the center of the room will make life easier.

Kitchen interior with balcony

From the point of view of a beautiful design, you can install mirrored panels on the piers of the window unit, install a soft corner on the connected area, or alternatively fill it with household appliances, cleaning the main room to organize the dining area.