Bright design of a one-room apartment on the background of

Red and black accents in the interior of the living room

Different colors

The design of the apartment was born from a certain life situation. Young people quarreled because of this apartment and dispersed. A participant in the conflict - a guy - asked the designer for help.

Looking through sketches and drawings of the previous developer, angry cues were heard. Already made a final finish, and the apartment looked like a clinic. I had to come up with a new solution with the customer.

With the finances it was already tense, but I wanted to spend some money on something grand and amazing. The client wanted to paint the walls in red or black. Other ideas did not appeal to him.

Evaluate the result of the joint work of the customer and the designer - a bright studio with a real fireplace and an individual decor.

Glossy coffee table in the living room

Gloss and steel - that's a worthy solution to the problem

Lighting in the stylish living room

The right illumination and a fireplace - a fairy tale in reality

Large window in the living room

Large window - lots of natural light

The designer dissuaded the young man from the red-black palette he had conceived. The visualization offered by the specialist and wonderful decorations immediately appealed to the customer.

The kitchen turned out to be budgetary, that's why the money saved was spent on purchasing a table - a bio fireplace, cabinet furniture from Italy and a relief in bright red colors. The rest was bought at IKEA.

The bed in this interior should not be present, so they took a chair and sofa transformers.

Mr Perswall the original wallpaper is located on the opposite wall from the window. Other walls decorated screenshots from different games and a picture of Robert Doisneau. Scarlet and dark - completely satisfied the wishes of the client. The white color ceased to be irritable for him.

Small working area

Working area - everything at hand

Wall-mounted print at the door

The gray door, also not bad

Bio fireplace in the living room

Biokamin will warm on cold winter evenings

In the kitchen there is a phytomodule, a picture and an unusual lamp, which itself is a decor.

Exotic palm in the interior

Exotic palm - excellent air freshener

Small dining area

Dining area: ate and slept

Loggia in the kitchen

Combined balcony and kitchen - extra space for residents

Used furniture in our project

  1. Factory ALF group and its subjects Monoblock MB02, Italy.
  2. Sitting in a tree – фотообои.
  3. "Moorbo" from IKEA - a sofa that turns into a sleeping place for two persons.
  4. Cape on this piece of furniture from IKEA.
  5. Light Prestige, lamp.
  6. Functional table "Expedite", IKEA.
  7. The folding armchair of Vansta, IKEA. 
  8. Turning chair "Skruvsta".
  9. Chair with BioCamnon Pentagon. 
  10. A. Berezin, "Expression."
  11. Robert Doisneau and copies of his photos, screenshots from online games.
  12. Mobile home phytomodule.
  13. "Lord", kitchen chairs.
  14. Surf, kitchen furniture.
  15. Oil painting from Mila. 
  16. Kuhnya Bober & Decor, фирменная люстра.