Loft design +75 photo arrangement of a room in a private

Loft design in a private house

The design of the attic in a private house is a kind of transformation of a "useful" floor. Work on it can be done even during construction or, if necessary, after the operation. First, let's see what the difference is between the attic and the attic. The second is a "cold" room between the residential area of ​​the house and the roof. It can be arranged, but the use will be limited only to the warm seasons. Under the attic is an insulated attic, which is designed properly and is suitable for living. Previously, these premises were used as basements or balconies: to collect unnecessary things that are being eaten up, and do not go for ejection. In some of the old houses, you could find here even real treasures or relics of the kind of owners. In the villages in the attics kept the hay. The windows, as a rule, were tiny, because in this room there was no need for light. On interior decoration and speech was not going: the beams and ceilings were in sight, and the aesthetic appearance of the attic did not bother anyone. Today, the attic is made quite differently. Domestic designers have adopted the practice of foreign colleagues, because in Europe these premises are even sold and rented as separate apartments and studios. The equipment of the attic workshop became fashionable at the end of the last century. Now more and more inhabitants of megacities are trying to move to nature in a country house or a country cottage. Accordingly, the attic began to pay more attention. We will try to find out how to "domesticate" and make a cold loft suitable for living.

Of the minuses, note an additional "test" for the purse of owners, because you have to trim and equip a new spacious room. To create a stylish and luxurious interior, you will not be able to save on furnishings and materials, alas. In the simpler options you can do on your own, thereby reducing the waste to a minimum. Another drawback is the peculiarities of the roof design, which forces the owners to "adjust" the situation for them.

The partition between the kitchen and the living room

Recently, the minimal decoration of the ceiling of the attic has become fashionable. Its main task: to emphasize the uniqueness of forms, without hiding the natural cover.

Armchairs-pillows on the floor  Dining table by the window  The palm next to the couch  Lamps on the ceiling  Tile under the stone in the interior


Before you start large-scale works (decoration, design), you must sketch out a clear plan for the location of walls, partitions, doorways, ventilation, wiring and other communications. For this purpose, they are sent to the attic and, using a tape measure, measure the distances between the elements, which can have a noticeable effect on the design. Special attention is paid to the gables (symmetrical "sides" between the roof slopes) and mauerlats (part of the roofing system). Their measurements are carried out with great care. Just pay attention to the height of the floors. In this case, two independent measurements are taken: from the floor to the rafters in the area of ​​the Mauerlat and the roof ridge. The presence of wooden struts is also taken into account, later they are advantageously played in non-standard design decisions. Raft constructions can have a number of complex elements. If the latter fall below the level of the conventional ceiling (crossbar), their dimensions are also noted and applied to the floor plan of the room. If the attic is only in the construction phase, then separately consider the placement of windows and a doorway. The latter, sometimes contrary to tradition, is taken outside. So you get a completely independent room, which more like a separate apartment.

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Layout чердака с гостиной

Layout мансарды необходима только для просторных помещений, в которых собираются разместить несколько индивидуальных комнат сразу. Для маленьких чердаков достаточно простенькой схемы с приблизительным расположением мебели и проведением коммуникаций.

Floor lamp next to the armchair  Bright sofa in the interior  Pictures above the bed  Stone wall in the interior  Leather sofa by the window


Warming чердака можно сделать своими руками. Работы по «облагораживанию» помещения нужно проводить в любом случае, даже если вы не будете его использовать для проживания. Зимой под крышу, выполненную из бруса, задувает ветер, который может снизить общую температуру в доме. Отопительная система будет работать на максимуме, что сопряжено с дополнительными расходами. Уровень влажности в межсезонье на чердаке сильно меняется, что негативно скажется на брусовом материале, который впоследствии начнет гнить и быстро придет в негодность. Для работы выбирают следующие виды утеплителей:

  • Mineral wool. Practical and relatively inexpensive material. Available in the form of mats and rolls. Wadding has good heat conductivity, it does not ignite, but passes steam, so from the inside it is additionally protected with waterproofing material.
  • Expanded clay. The material is obtained by firing clay shale or clay. It is light and ecological. It is produced in granules, therefore, when it is insulated, a frame "box" is separately constructed for it, into which claydite "balls" fall asleep.
  • Polyurethane foam. Refers to a group of gas-filled plastics. There are two types of material: flexible (elastic) and rigid (skeleton). The first is called foam rubber, and the second is insulated with rooms. Polyurethane foam (PPU) is able to further strengthen the structures in which it is applied.
  • Fiberglass. The main thing is that the material is tightly adhered to the surface, then the thermal insulation will be at the highest level. Of the shortcomings, only small "glass" dust is noted, which will "hang" in the air during work. Do not let it get into the eyes, the skin or the lungs. Glass wool is the cheapest thermal insulation material.

Warming чердака начинается с подготовки помещения к работам. Его освобождают от всех лишних предметов, а пол иногда застилают фанерой. Если чердак будет холодным, то монтируют вентиляционные желоба. Затем всю стропильную систему обтягивают гидроизоляционной пленкой. Сверху на нее прикрепляют выбранный утеплитель (им же застилают пол). Затем его накрывают слоем пароизоляции, если таковой необходим. В завершении изготавливают обрешетку для декоративной отделки мансарды.

Warming чердака


Lighting в мансарде суммируется из искусственных источников и естественного света. Обычно в холодных чердаках окошки совсем крошечные и не рассчитаны на использование в жилых помещениях. В этих случаях придется монтировать дополнительные проемы, так как одним искусственным светом не обойтись.

Lighting чердака частного дома Chandeliers over a billiard table  Round table and chairs in the attic  A chair by the bed  Fish under the ceiling  Bedroom in loft style

Natural light

As for the location of the windows, here there are several options:

  • "Pitched" (inclined). In the literal sense of the word, the windows are on the roof. A peculiar opening "into the sky." This type is characterized by an abundance of light and amazing views at night.
  • Frontline. The windows are arranged vertically, as in the other standard rooms. This arrangement has a disadvantage: it is not suitable for complex apartments with many rooms. Some of them, because of planning, can be deprived of light at all.
  • Cornice. Applicable only in rooms with a high chimney. The window is divided into two areas: the upper oblique and the lower vertical.
  • Extensions. Small windows of round and triangular shape, which are installed on the pediment under the ridge. Light is not enough, but in the exterior the buildings look organically.
  • "Auditory". The windows have a characteristic protrusion, which protrudes strongly against the general background of the roof.
  • With mini-balcony. These are the same vertical windows that have an additional superstructure for exiting to the street and the parapet.
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Natural light на чердаке

In large attics, which are very long in length, usually set a series of "pitched" windows on the roof on both sides of the ridge. Thus, each section of the room will be equally lit. In small attics, symmetrical "panoramic" windows on both pediments look spectacular.

TV on the partition  Bedroom design with logs  Interior in Art Nouveau style  White floor in the attic  Bed by the window

Artificial lighting

Artificial lighting делиться на:

  • General. The so-called "top light".
  • Local. Lights specific places.

If the attic ceiling is skewed or additionally equipped with beams overlap, then it is better to refuse from the general lighting, because it will distort and reduce the space. It is replaced by a local one. With the help of spotlights or similar plafonds, hanging from above on thin "legs", emphasize non-standard lines of the ceiling. If you want to give the room a soft comfort, then use halogen lamps, and for a "cool" environment - fluorescent.

Artificial lighting на чердаке

A non-standard way to increase space in small attics will be installing a floor mirror in front of the window. Its frame is decorated with numerous light bulbs. Between these two elements a "light corridor" is formed.

A chest of drawers in the windows  Kitchen, dining room and living room in the attic  TV in front of the sofa  Lamps in the headboard  U-shaped layout in the interior

Choice of colors

When choosing colors, they repulse from the style in which they decorate the room. In each of the directions there are certain norms for the combination of shades. If you want to emphasize the features of the attic, then use the abundance of white, natural wood tones and their combinations. This combination is considered classic. In small attics with a lack of space, give preference to light colors:

  • Gray;
  • White;
  • Sand;
  • Peach;
  • Blue;
  • Pink.

Attic of private house in light colors

You should not combine more than three colors in one room. For the design of large attics, there are no color restrictions.

Island fireplace in the interior  Wicker chair in the living room  Telescope at the window  Pots with flowers on the floor by the window  TV ceiling

Stylistic directions

Loft style loft style decorate with masonry. Windows should be many, if necessary, will have to attend to the installation of additional openings. The floor is finished with a brown parquet board. Use furniture of strict shapes with a monochrome finish. As a decor ceramic objects, vases with elongated branches, lamps on long curved legs act. Loft likes an abundance of metal and wood. Pipes and other communication lines should not be concealed. The attic in the Provence is trimmed with light tones, among which white prevails. Beds and chairs are finished by forging. Bunches of live wild flowers are set on the floor or on the old tables. The windows are curtained with curtains with a pretty, floral pattern.

In Scandinavian style, the floor is covered with a soft, fluffy carpet. Wooden attic structures are hidden behind false panels or painted in white and blue. The windows do not close anything, they just buy models with beautiful frames. Do not forget to place two armchairs or soft poufs to see the surrounding beauty and drink tea in the winter evenings was more convenient. In eco-style, the beams for the ceiling are left "as is". Any natural parts of the attic space are emphasized and not subject to change. In addition, the decor is made of stone, metal and natural textiles. Walls are trimmed with decorative wood planks, which can form a complex composition (concentric circles, squares, triangles).

Attic of a private house in Scandinavian style

Bedroom - practical, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing: finishes

The bedroom is decorated mainly with natural materials: wood and stone. In more budgetary versions, partitions and wooden boards are casually painted in light shades. Rough strokes that emphasize the texture of the material, elegantly fit into the interior composition. A sleeping set of a bed and adjoining bedside tables are placed either under one of the pediments or under the sloping windows so that at night before going to sleep one can admire the edge of the starry sky. The bedroom in the attic has many for the embodiment of the old dream: installation of canopy "crown" made of light, airy fabric.

Bedroom in the attic of a private house

Features attic space allows you to install a fireplace in it. A magnificent interior element, which brings with it to the bedroom not only the warmth, but also the cosiness of a country house.

Wood burning stove by the window  Turquoise accents in the interior  Furniture with the same design in the bedroom  Bright ottomans in the interior  Marine motifs in the interior

Special features of the drawing room

To receive guests in the attic is a very original decision. On the one hand, this is the most unusual room in the house, from which a view of the adjacent territory opens. On the other hand, space allows you to equip a hall with conditional zones for different types of joint recreation. One pad is allocated for watching movies: the TV is on a stand surrounded by a whole "set" of soft pillows that are laid out right on the floor. In another area, place a place for tea with a coffee table and a soft sofa corner. If the dimensions of the attic allow, then another part of the room is equipped for active games or a separate small guest bedroom. Monumental overlapping is not necessarily necessary. A simple mobile partition is enough.

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Living room in the attic of a private house Decorative fireplace in the interior  Cube with lighting at the couch  Clock on the wall  Bright carpet on the floor  Pendant armchair in the interior

Children's room under the roof

In the attic, you can draw a bedroom for a child, a room for games or a full "mini-apartment" for a teenager who aspire to freedom. The attic has a special "fabulous" color. Many remember that the most impressive horror stories are told here, and behind any sofa or closet can hide a monster, a house or the best in the world "ghost with a motor," which lives on the roof, that is, in the neighborhood. Beat any of these topics, but not in order to scare the child, but rather dispel his fears and settle in a real fairy tale. For girls set whole castle compositions, and for boys - Indian wigwams. Above under the hare hang birds with outstretched wings, flying Dutchmen and dream-catchers. To one of the ceiling beams, hang a hammock or a floating "chair".

Children's room in the attic of a private house Plane under the ceiling  Light walls in the interior  Boat in the nursery  Bright chandeliers on the ceiling  Carpet in the form of grass and stone path in the nursery

Arrangement of attic in the office, library or workshop

The attic space is an ideal place for arranging a quiet room, a cozy library with a reading room or a spacious workshop where no one will interfere with creative processes. In some cases, all three rooms are combined into one, conditionally divided into functional zones.

Cabinet in the attic of a private house

Bathroom - nothing is impossible

The bathroom in the attic will make it possible to realize the dreams of a spacious room for water procedures. It does not have to huddle in a narrow shower. The attic area usually allows you to install a Jacuzzi bathtub. Naturally, before designing works, it is necessary to design the necessary communications: water supply and sewerage. Some additionally equip the attic bathroom with special cabins, which by the effect produced are similar to baths. This design usually requires a lot of space and will ideally fit into a similar room.

Bathroom in the attic of a private house Chocolate tile in the interior  Room flowers in the bathroom  A laundry basket near the wall  Niches in the interior  Aquarium in the bathroom

Home Theater

Home theater organization is an actual idea, which many people realize, if not in the attic, or in the basement. A room for watching movies is suitable for those who like to collect large companies. Otherwise there will be enough wide plasma and a cozy corner for two or four "visitors". A spacious "cinema hall" is equipped with several sofas placed parallel to each other, or rows of the same type of seats. The first is considered preferable, since seats can not only be rearranged, but also moved to other rooms. While dozens of the same chairs "attach" anywhere else than the movie theater will be problematic.

Home Theater на чердаке частного дома Figures on the shelf  Projector under the ceiling  Armchair opposite the screen  Acoustics in the interior  Carpet in the form of a skin at the sofa

Wardrobe - save space

The attic can be fully used for the equipment of the wardrobe or to allocate under it only a small area, and the remaining space should be given for living quarters. The room "for storage of things" is equipped with long or spiral-like (leaving top to the ridge) hangers, as in boutiques. The walls are closed and open racks for storing shoes and various small things. It is necessary to have a place for rest: with puffs or chairs, a table and a high mirror. In some stylish rooms even equipped with mini dressing.

Wardrobe in the attic of a private house  A chair in the middle of the room  Light wood cabinet in the interior  An ottoman in the dressing room  Closet in the interior


The attic is considered a unique premise, the main advantage of which is its versatility. In the attic, you can really arrange a room of any kind with different functional purposes. There are no restrictions on style in this room either, the design will be chosen in accordance with the taste preferences of the owners. Another plus of the attic - the possibility of budget execution and basic works independently without the involvement of specialists. If desired, most of the finish is left in its original form and simply beats these eco-elements in the design.