Brilliant use of space: in a vintage kitchen the whole area

Kitchen interior design from Palmer Thompson-Moss

How can I place a cooking zone on 4 square meters, a storage system, a working island, a refrigerator and a washing machine with a dryer? Ask this question to the designer Palmer Thompson-Moss.

Today, readers will discover the secret of how this master succeeded in the virtuoso use of useful space in his client's apartment from New York. "The fact that we worked with a small room, in fact, helped us to make something of it genius," says the author of the project.

In addition, in every corner of the small kitchen were used vintage accessories found in the ruined buildings of New York. This is the wooden furniture from the surviving old pines, and the metro tile that did not suffer during the destruction, and the ancient stove. Combining all this successfully with each other, the client got what he dreamed of.

Kitchen in fact:

    • In the apartment there is a woman.

    • Address: East Village, Manhattan neighborhood.

    • Size: about 4 m2.

The previous kitchen was a thorn in the eye. "You could only watch this disgustingly decorated room from the living room," says Thompson-Moss.

The designer likes to use in his projects not only processed materials, but also old objects that survived after the destruction. So, on images 1 and 2 you can see a cabinet made of old dense pine beams. In their previous lives they were part of the buildings of New York.

Kitchen interior design from Palmer Thompson-Moss

Through advertisements on the Internet, the master found the Armoid oven of the 1930s on Long Island. Before installation, he thoroughly cleaned it and polished it. "You will need to conduct an analysis to make sure that the old plates can still serve you, and they will perfectly fit into your space," he says.

The ceramic tile metro for finishing the apron was discovered in the old apartments of New York.

Details on vintage kitchen accessories can be found here.

Kitchen interior design from Palmer Thompson-Moss

In the cabinets with long glass doors and in the open racks around the workspace, you can arrange a beautiful collection of dishes of the owner of the apartment. Racks make a large island like a separate piece of furniture. "It does not look like a massive object," says Thompson-Moss.

Washing machine in kitchen interior design

Part of the space in the kitchen island is occupied by a washing machine and dryer. This "technological miracle" from LG combines both functions in one subject, which saves a lot of space.

Kitchen interior design from Palmer Thompson-Moss

Built-in household appliances are considered an excellent solution for freeing space in the interior. So, the integrated refrigerator Blomberg, trimmed from the outside with wooden panels, perfectly fitted into the new design.

The author of this remarkable project had to leave the wall on the left side of the sink, because it has a built-in water pipe. The upper cabinet actually wraps this part, and the glass panel on its facade does not make it look out of place.

Sink in kitchen interior design

The shell was found in a destroyed depot in Harlem (Manhattan). Lamps Herbeau - this is one of the few new things in the kitchen. They were carefully chosen for the style of the shell.

Kitchen interior design from Palmer Thompson-Moss

The antique cupboard was polished to a shine. As a floor covering used chamotte tiles, as well as restored, brands Debris Series, the colors of green sage.

Kitchen interior design from Palmer Thompson-Moss

With sprinkler pipes in the upper part of the kitchen there were some problems. This is due to the design of the new cabinets. Since they could not be moved, the designer made a hole in the door through which the pipe passes. This leaf will be stationary, but inside the cabinet you can get through the other.