Popular styles of cuisine (with photo)

For many of us, the kitchen is a real heart of the house, because in this place the whole family gathers at the same table. From cute rustic to bright modern - this article presents the most popular styles of cuisine. Choose the one that best suits your tastes and lifestyle!

1. Kitchen in the style of Provence

Colorful and comfortable, with a light sense of antiquity, cuisine in the style of Provence are the most popular both in Europe and in the farthest corners of this world. The lack of plastic, parquet on the floor, simple painted cupboards and playful patterned fabrics are the hallmarks of this truly family-like style.

Provencal cuisine

2. Kitchen in classic European style

Elegant and intricate moldings, hand-carved details and dark shades of wood are the main features of the classic European style. Although these elements are very beautiful, they are rather difficult to combine so that the kitchen does not become too dark and oversaturated. More refreshing effect it will add green plants, vases with fruits and small graphic patterns on walls and textiles.

Kitchen in a classic style

3. Modern style of kitchens

The modern style of the kitchen is one of the simplest and most comfortable. In this case, you do not need to focus on modern materials and abandon traditional elements. In the picture below you can see how harmoniously combined marble countertops and built-in kitchenette with smooth cupboards, metal and dark color of the floor.

Kitchen in a modern style

4. Kitchen in the style of country

Lacquered or painted cabinets, rough metal processing, abundance of wood and warm, natural shades are the main features of the country style or, as it is still called, country style. Agree, it has its charm!

Kitchen in country style

5. Kitchen in the Art Nouveau style

Streamlined and elegant, the Art Nouveau style is a close relative of modern style, although it differs from it with more thoughtfulness. The dark color of the furniture, the chrome technique, the built-in lamps and the bar stools in the kitchen, pictured below, just scream about their modern and fashionable origins. However, the simple and matte finish of the lockers smoothes this effect and makes the kitchen very stylish.

Kitchen in Art Nouveau style

6. Romantic cuisine

Do not want to add a little chic to the heart of your home? This is easy to do with bright wallpaper and textiles, white furniture, crystal chandeliers and refined moldings. The romantic style is very similar to the classical, but it has a decidedly more femininity.

Romantic cuisine

7. Tuscan style of cuisine

In conclusion of our article about the most popular styles of kitchen design, we want to acquaint you with the breathtaking Tuscan style. Its distinctive feature is the use of cheerful sunny tones, often in combination with classical elements, copper accessories, handmade tiles and artificially aged stone or wooden floors.

So which style of cuisine do you like most?

Kitchen in classic Tuscan style