Brown color and its combinations with other colors in the

brown in the interior

Brown color is the color of the earth and everything connected with it. This is the color of fertility, stability, security and reliability of the home. In psychology, this color embodies coziness, comfort, peace and rustic life. This color in the interior of the designers of the premises is used everywhere. It, along with white and gray, is indispensable in creating a neutral, soothing atmosphere, leading to a state of peace, as well as rest.

  • Pastel shades
  • Combination with white
  • Combination with pink
  • Combination with purple
  • Combination with blue and orange
  • Dark brown and green-yellow
  • Ways of using in the interior
    • Bedroom
    • Living room
    • Bathroom
    • Entrance hall

Pastel shades

The pastel color is warm, so using it with brown in the design of the room will give it a soft, pacifying character. Brown and pastel refer to the same color scheme, differing only in the presence of light tones. Therefore, these two colors are perfectly combined, balancing each other in a balanced way. The brown-pastel interior represents harmony, inner peace, creating an aura of security, peace of mind, which has a beneficial effect on the internal state of the people in the room.

Shades of brown flowers in the living room

That is why the most frequent combination of data palette of colors found in bedrooms and living rooms. These rooms, which are zones of relaxation and restoration of the vital forces of man, express calmness, protection from external stimuli. Ideally, the use of brown and pastel colors in the interior of any room pleases the eye, if you add to them some accents, a highlight. An experienced designer will always be able to find the best solution for this issue: it will produce key elements of a room of pastel brown tones using decor objects, correct lighting or textile materials. But this can not be abused!

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Flowers give freshness to the interior

The use of bright elements should not create a feeling of flatulence and soggy rooms.

Combination with white

White color in the interior always gives a feeling of cleanliness and freshness of the room. In combination with brown it is beneficial, soothingly acting on the psychoemotional state of people. Therefore, the combination of brown white is ideal for decorating a bathroom, bedroom, living room, hallway or other premises of the house.

Brown interior and bright details in the room It is worth remembering that the use of dark brown, chocolate alone - the wrong decision! This color is very dark for this application. He will have an oppressive, overwhelming impact on the psyche of people who are in this room. Therefore, its use is possible with the addition of lighter colors, including white.

Walls in brown and white wardrobe Combination with white является нейтральным вариантом дизайна помещения. Кому-то данная палитра красок может показаться скучной, незамысловатой. Во избежание этого негативного эффекта следует добавить несколько ярких ноток для дизайна: приветствуется эксперименты с зелеными, розовыми, фиолетовыми цветами. Brown color in the bedroom

Combination with pink

The combination of brown and pink gives the dressing room, makes it warm, even cheerful. That is why it is very acceptable to use this combination in children's rooms. Pink is the color of happiness, tenderness, dreaminess, which perfectly blends in with a calm and peaceful brown. The application of this palette for the design of the nursery is fundamentally and very harmoniously.

Pink and brown However, with pink it is used not only in children's rooms. The design of bedrooms with these flowers will give romance to its inhabitants. The use of various shades of these colors, as well as a variety of decorative elements that emphasize certain objects, has always been widely used in the design of premises.

Pink in the brown bedroom Experiments with pink and brown are always fascinating for designers and true connoisseurs of interior beauty: their results can not be foreseen, but they always come out worthy. Therefore, this combination can also be used in the arrangement of the living room or in the kitchen. Pink textiles in a brown interior

Combination with purple

Quite a popular combination of colors of the interior of the houses of recent years. This is a combination of luxury on one side, and comfort on the other. However, do not disregard the advice of psychologists who say that in a pair of brown and purple acts overwhelmingly on the psyche of people. This composition sterilizes emotions, suppresses will, brings melancholy and dreary moods.

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Lilac color in brown design Therefore, the interior of brown-violet tones is categorically contraindicated to creative people, strong, strong-willed personalities, since here they have nowhere to draw energy. Violet-brown room will soon become a place of filling some sensual pleasures, than a zone of comfort and rest. Purple furniture set

Combination with blue and orange

Blue and orange elements of the interior look very harmonious against the background of light brown walls. Interestingly, harmony in the application of these colors is achieved by the influence of their absolutely opposite properties. Blue is the color of coolness, suppression of emotions. Orange - on the contrary, a source of heat, sunlight and a good festive mood. The whole secret of the successful combination of this three colors is in the predominance of positive qualities when exposed to human beings. Blue gives rigor, orange fills the room with the depth of light, and brown - makes up a sense of peace with tranquility.

Combination of orange and brown  Blue and orange in combination with the color of the tree These colors and individually look good on a brown background, but still, it is believed that the best combination of them occurs in pairs.

Blue and orange in the interior of brown tones Brown walls and orange furniture

Dark brown and green-yellow

The combination of this color with green gives feelings of a sense of spring, harmony of nature. This sensation inspires optimism, and the use of various shades of green - from gently salad to pistachio - will give the room a playfulness and iridescence.

Yellow and brown With the transition to more yellow tones, up to golden, the duet of these colors will give the room heat, sunlight. Small additions of golden tones in combination with brown will embody the luxury of the room and the exquisite taste of its inmate.

Brown sofa and yellow armchairs The use of combinations of brown, green and yellow is possible with the design of any room: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living room. Dirty yellow and brown shades

Ways of using in the interior

The great advantage of brown color is its proximity to wood. Therefore, the room filled with this color will radiate a source of natural, natural light. Its use can be absolutely acceptable in the interior:

  • bedrooms;
  • living room;
  • bathroom;
  • kitchen;
  • hallway.
Combination with red colorCombination with red color Brown color of walls and doorsBrown color of walls and doors

The combination with other shades, decor elements, curtains, furniture, he will give the room an unforgettable charm with subtlety.


At design of a bedroom designers use reception of a combination of dark and light brown shades. You can choose, depending on the wishes of the owner of the dwelling, wallpaper of various shades of brown, while placing decor objects with coffee-dairy tones at their discretion. But still, according to most experts, the walls are best painted white, and all other items are painted brown. With brown to combine in the bedroom is best warm, pastel colors. It is highly undesirable to use bright, aggressive ones. Bedroom в коричневых тонах

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Living room

Perfectly combined in this application for the living room: white walls, brown curtains, soft, as well as built-in furniture, other prominent objects. If as a cover on the walls dark brown wallpaper or painting is used in this color, on the contrary, in order to dilute the density of the interior colors, it is worth selecting light objects, such as beige, turquoise, pink flowers. Against the background of brown walls, the sofa with chairs of pastel color look great. Living room от светло-коричневого до темного


Bathroom – это то помещение, где можно экспериментировать с интерьером. В виду малой площади помещения не стоит прибегать к оформлению тёмного однотонного дизайна. Это приведёт к визуальному уменьшению без того маленького размера ванной комнаты. Стены лучше всего оформить светлых тонов, но предметы декора, зеркала и мебель ванной можно выделить с помощью материала коричневого цвета. Bath with brown tiles It is worth remembering about the specifics of the bathroom: this room is notable for its high humidity. Therefore, the possibility of using a tree here is very difficult. This problem can easily be solved with the help of a tile decorated for a tree. Shelves or other pieces of furniture can be made from MDF material, stylized as a tree. Beige and brown bathroom

Entrance hall

The use of materials of red-brown color in the hallway looks very organic and sought after. In combination with it, beige, gray or blue color is very attractively visualized. You can use this combination with furniture and decor. To proceed with the interior design with brown tones should always be weighed, and also judiciously. It is necessary to set the necessary priorities, to study all the pros and cons. You can turn to the services of professionals, because when planning the design of premises there are rules and laws, the implementation of which is mandatory. Spacious hallway Brown color is a natural color, the use of which must be dosed, unimagined. When choosing the color of the interior, the tastes, as well as the mood of the owner of the dwelling, his expectations from the design of the room where he lives to live, are not the last. Therefore, the use of this color in the design of residential premises - a purely personal matter, depending on the preferences of people preparing to reside there.