How to arrange a small corridor in the house: 7 ways + 45

A small corridor in your house can do much more than simply merge rooms between each other. In this article you will see stunning corridors-hallways, libraries, wardrobes and galleries, decorated with built-in furniture, shelves and stylish decor!

Good to know: when choosing a suitable corridor design, consider that the ideal width for passage in such a narrow room is 90 cm. By keeping them free, you will achieve not only beauty, but also comfort in the design of the corridor.

If your corridor is interfaced with the hallway, then you also need to think over the design of the hallway, namely how to competently perform a harmonious transition in the design of these two rooms from one to the other. It is worth approaching this task very seriously, so that the dissonance of styles does not arise later.

We present to you 7 ways to create a beautiful corridor design!

1. Decorate the walls with frames with decor

Paintings, maps, mirrors and family photos are often used to decorate the living room and other rooms in the house, so why not hang them in the corridor? Moreover, in the narrow elongated space, the effect of this turns out to be quite unusual: a sort of own exhibition of works of art in your home!

Wall decoration with colorful frames Photos on the walls and a closet at the end of the corridorDecorating the corridor with bright frames Corridor with narrow built-in lockers Room decoration by geographical maps Beautiful dishes on the walls in the interior Built-in shelves along the wall and the corridor Black and white photos in the design of the corridor

2. Put a narrow table-console

Narrow tables, installed near the wall (so-called "console"), can be used not only to put different items, but also as an incredibly beautiful design element.

Design of a corridor in a classical style Wooden panels and expensive decor in the corridor Beautiful corridor in a modern style Design of the hallway in the African style Stylish corridor with a small table Cozy corridor - anteroom

3. To organize a cozy place for reading

Ideal for corridors, where there are windows, which can also be suitable for ordinary rooms using built-in lights!

A place to relax near the window Design of a corridor with windows on one side Design of a hallway in a narrow corridor Soft bench and bookshelves in the corridor A banquet in the corridor with a window

4. Install shelves with books and decor

Built-in, hanging or floating shelves are another simple way to give the corridor an interesting and friendly look. Available in a variety of sizes, they can be stacked on top of each other, like racks, or in any other ratio, to beautifully display favorite accessories or lure to reading books.

Built-in wardrobe with open shelves in the corridor A narrow table and bookshelves in the corridor Wooden shelves on a white wall Decoration of corridor walls with shelves with decor Design of a narrow corridor with shelves and bright carpet Open book shelves in the design of the corridor Design corridor with built-in bookcase The original idea for decorating walls in the corridor Design of a rounded corridor with niches in the walls Home library in the corridor with windows

5. Emphasize the walls, floor or ceiling

Glossy coatings or colorful patterns on the walls, beautiful stucco molding on the ceiling or a bright floor carpet - there are many ways to make the corridor more fun and interesting without the use of cumbersome furniture and other protruding objects.

Reflective glossy wall in interior designSlate on the walls in the corridorBright pattern on the walls in the corridor Stylish carpet for a modern corridor Excellent design of a small corridorBeautiful arch in the corridorCorridor and anteroom in a classic style with stuccoStylish design of a narrow corridor

6. Use stylish lighting fixtures

A beautiful chandelier, a few sconces or an elegant spot system can give your corridor a refined and even somewhat solemn look.

Decoration of a corridor with a sconce Suspended light in corridor design Spot luminaire system in the corridor Console with table lamps in the hallway and corridor Decor of walls in the corridor with led garlands

7. To give the corridor additional functions

Finally, we will give you some more interesting ways to decorate the corridor, in which he receives additional functions, such as a wardrobe or wine bar.

The idea for decorating an entrance hall in the corridor Wine bar in interior design Narrow furniture and beautiful decor in the corridor Wardrobe system built into the wall in the corridor Shelves with alcoholic drinks on the whole wall