Country style in the interior of the apartment - comfort for

Many rural residents do not know that the decoration of their homes is decorated in the country style. Meanwhile, the rustic theme already vengeance conquers the spaces of the most fashionable and modern interiors of the world.


  • From the village - to fashion
  • National features of the country
  • Country style in the living room
  • Breakfast in the village: country kitchen
  • Bedroom in country style: sweet home

Country style in the interior of the dining room

From the village - to fashion

The country style in the interior of the apartment is original and original. In it the color of many national designs, a lot of ethnos and folklore is collected. In the people, however, the country style is simply a village style, cultivating the cozy simplicity and use of natural materials for finishing: wood, straws, flax, fur.

The main idea of ​​the country is ecological design. Therefore, the main, basic building materials are wood of various species and natural stone.

Country welcomes the emphasis of textures, observance of traditions, naturalness. That is why it should not be categorically plastic, chrome plated metal, gilded and other modern, pretentious things. But do not take the direction of the country, as obsolete, archaic and inherent only in the deep provinces. This is far from the case. The design, provided by the country style, is aimed at creating a cute, warm and very homey interior, in which the connection of generations, loyalty to the roots and traditions, memories of something native and distant is felt. Live in the modern world and design an apartment or house in the country style - it's like that, being an adult, Come to the village to your beloved grandmother and feel like a child again - with nothing incomparable sensation.

Country style originated in the last century in the US, but today it can not be called American. Due to its popularity, he went around the world and absorbed the national peculiarities of the design of each country. This in many ways explains its relevance and affection for many designers.

Country style in a cozy living room

National features of the country

Despite the existing general trends in the style of interior decoration, each country extends the framework of the style with its national features and characteristics.

So, prim English makes country - very elegant. In the interior there is a large number of tissues. Since English interiors are characterized by practicality and functionality, they also get the country style in English interpretation.

Wooden bedroom, is it beautiful?

Of furniture - only the most necessary. Practically complete minimalism. And, the characteristic style, cosiness and "homeliness" is achieved, mainly, due to the color scale - shades of pink, cream, beige, ivory and blue.

In France, the classical style of the country is cut by refinement, elegance and chic. The color scheme of decoration - pastel with a dominant purple hue. Distinctive, bright features of French countryside is a wooden parquet, short, with curls, curtains and wooden hinged shelves with porcelain dishes.

In Russian dwellings, the country style is accompanied by the use of cracelure finish - intentional aging - scuffs, chips, cracks. Also, the interior is actively decorated with textile items - plaids, embroidered pillowcases, curtains, woven napkins, furniture covers.

Bathroom decoration in the old days

Country style in the living room

The country-style living room becomes an ideal place for joint family evenings, cozy tea parties, movie screenings and receptions.

So, the main principles of registration are:

  • minimum set of color palette (only three or four close shades: light - for walls, and darker - for decor);
  • wallpaper and textiles are united by one, shallow floral, theme;
  • no delicacies and luxury goods in decoration and decoration: materials should be as simple and natural as possible, and ornaments as basic;
  • walls "dress" in plaster, sometimes - with elements of brickwork. Under the ceiling, wooden beams or textile elements can be present.

The main accent in the living room is a decorative or real fireplace. The composition can be supplemented with a wooden rocking chair and a fur rug on the floor.

Country style in the interior of the living room with a fireplace

Breakfast in the village: country kitchen

Country style in your kitchen will "settle" in the event that you welcome not just meals, namely meals, leisurely, filled with a warm atmosphere and sincere conversations.

Kitchen in country style has little to do with modern kitchenbecause it does not have an excessive amount of household appliances and various appliances that make life easier for the hostess. Of course, it's impossible to do without engineering, so the option built-in is preferable.

Echoes of Provence style in country style

Bright colors and varnished surfaces in the kitchen should not be. The main colors of decoration are natural: sand, beige, olive, pale blue, vanilla.

The floor can be made of wood or made of porcelain stoneware with an imitation of natural texture.

Particular attention should be paid to the furniture headset. It should be made of wood or veneer, preferably - light colors (pine, walnut). Furniture design is better to choose simple and practical. Excesses, like carved doors or mahogany, are categorically not acceptable for the country. All doors of cabinets should be smooth and closed, without glass inserts. We can say that the design in this case obeys one unofficial rule: the simpler, the better.

Country style in the interior of the kitchen

Bedroom in country style: sweet home

Country style in the bedroom is a guarantee of a full rest, comfort and home comfort.

Naturally, it should be decorated in pastel shades. The most optimal option is the green range, calming the acting on the psyche: olive, mint, coniferous hues.

Bedroom design in country style

The entire space of the room is subject to the semantic and design center - the sleeping place. The bed can be forged or wooden. Instead of the cover, it is usually covered with a cotton or woolen plaid with floral or cellular prints, and is also decorated with many small pillows.

Creating a country style in the interior requires an inspired, thoughtful and competent approach. Because the seeming simplicity, elementarity and, allegedly, the facelessness of the style are in fact achieved by great difficulty and professionalism.