Two-level apartments: a stylish and functional interior of

The interior of the stylish duplex in Manhattan

The organization of creative storage spaces is a whole art that allows you to hide things securely from prying eyes and at the same time keep them always at hand. Architects Raad Studio found the ideal rational solutions for the interior of the New York cottage comedian writer and her boyfriend. For example, a large bookcase on rollers, which simply moves away, when the owners need more space in the living room, or shelves that cover unsightly radiators. But the highlight of this hospitable house is undoubtedly the pull-out wardrobe under the stairs.


Location: Lower Manhattan. Living area: 142 square meters.

Large, built-in headset shelf covers the entire guest, dining and kitchen area. But not only it was developed and implemented by a group of designers, which included Mike House and James Ramsey, led by Kibum Park. They also made the most functional place under the windowsill, which contained a lot of collectible vinyl records. The color of the dark walnut, which found its place in the design of the flooring and creating bright accents, brought warmth and comfort to the whole atmosphere, immersed in the cold whiteness of the walls. Virtually all the furniture was purchased in the CB2 brand store and other not less popular brand manufacturers. A spacious wall shelf connected the kitchen and living room, creating a spirit of integrity and brevity.

Stylish duplex kitchen in Manhattan

The huge bookcase is very comfortable. It houses a lot of interesting specimens, which can be easily obtained. But when there is no need for it, with an easy movement of the hand, he is pushed to the staircase. So you can go up to the second level with convenience.

Bookcase in the living room of the stylish duplex in Manhattan Living room of a stylish duplex in Manhattan A spacious stylish stylish duplex living room in Manhattan

Without this, a bulky cabinet in the room is much more spacious.

"My wife wanted to arrange a large rack in the whole wall so that you could store your favorite books and antique souvenirs. The designers suggested that we place it above the stairs. To which we were surprised, because access to things will be very uncomfortable. But they reassured us by telling us about the sliding structure. We liked this idea so much that we immediately agreed to its soon incarnation, "the owner of this nice house shares with us the secrets.

Book rack along the stairs

The staircase from the hall on the first floor leads to the bedrooms and the bathroom. It is on her and drew their creative views of designers. In a small space under the stairs, they organized a convenient wardrobe for storing shoes and outerwear with integrated LED lighting.

Storage system under the stairs

The second bedroom became a working office for the owner of the house. But that is not all. There is also an original bed - a clamshell, which with maximum comfort can accommodate unexpected guests.

A stylish duplex office in Manhattan Bed-transformer in the stylish duplex office in Manhattan

Since this room is not very large, the developers of Raad Studio have come up with a folding table that is removed when using the bed.

A sleeper in the office of a stylish duplex in Manhattan

In the master bedroom, designers also used space under the window to store them in the form of small lockers.

Bedroom of a stylish duplex in Manhattan Planning a stylish duplex in Manhattan

Photos from Allan Zepeda.

Cost of functional furniture:

Kitchen cabinets: $ 16,000; Shelves near the radiator: $ 2,500 each; Movable bookcase: $ 9,000; Closet under the stairs: 2,000 $; Bed-folding bed: $ 12,000.