Design of an entrance hall in khrushchev +40 photos of

Turquoise color in the corridor

Small hallways can be of different configurations, but they are united by one: they are extremely crowded. Modern solutions will make it possible to transform the main place in the house, to challenge the uncomfortable area. Harmonious interior of the hallway in Khrushchev will be based on functionality, comfort, but it's not difficult to make it memorable, spectacular. And although there are limitations in color selection, materials and accessories used, photo-examples will show that the mood is transmitted from calm to dynamic. The interior is capable of producing the best impression, reflecting the character of the owners taking into account the latest fashion trends.

As for the cardinal alterations in the Khrushchevs, in order to do this, it is worthwhile to be ready for such nuances:

  • costly exercise;
  • increasing the duration of repair;
  • getting permission is not so easy.

Narrow hallway with wardrobe

But to get rid of inconvenient mezzanines under the ceiling is a good way to increase the volume. Alternatively, they can be somewhat reduced, leaving only above the door and decorating the material in the color of the walls. Before choosing a style, color palette for the embodiment, it is worth considering all the technical nuances, such as wiring, sockets in the right places.

Design of the hallway and corridor

Organization of space

When choosing the appropriate design of storage systems and functional content, take into account the number of family members and, accordingly, clothing and footwear. There are two most common ways of arranging hall area:

  • Make it as not as overloaded with objects, open.
  • Occupy space by voluminous items of furniture with a maximum capacity.

Simple hanger for a small hallway

Each case has its own certain advantages and disadvantages. Attractive in the photo of the design examples open hangers, ready-made anterooms look good when they are almost not filled with things, or placed several items. This approach sometimes turns a small room into an absolutely littered one.

Porcelain tiles на полу

Partially to cope with a problem the attractive decorative boxes, разноформатные weaving baskets will help. But if, especially in the presence of children, it means the storage of a large number of things - it is worth placing a wardrobe, for example, with mirrored sliding doors. This solution will attract both ergonomics and always external accuracy.

Tile for wood

Consider the option of custom manufacturing, built-in to the ceiling, and possibly a narrower model.

Mirror in the hall widens the space

Style: Priorities

The hallway should reflect to a certain extent the overall style of the apartment, especially if there are arched or other openings through which some of the rest of the living space is visible. But in case of its isolation, it is possible to execute in any preferred style.

Narrow hallway

A small contrast will always benefit a miniature room - the addition of metal elements, leather. It is impossible to express the style in full because of the limited space, but recognizable details are quite appropriate:

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LoftBrick wall masonry.
ClassicLeather upholstery of banquets, vertical parts of hangers - a fashioned quilted quilted pattern; high plinth; bronze, copper parts will show the idea.
High techMirror and metallic elements in combination with achromatic colors.
CountryWicker accessories, wood, a little bright accent color, for example blue, green.
Modern minimalismEmphasis on geometry.

Niche for things

Color design

Logical light, even white hues, recommended by designers for miniature rooms, it is in the hallway can be alarmed due to operational features. The entrance hall must withstand the attack of dirt from the street and high-quality modern materials successfully cope with this task.

Carpet for the corridor

It will not be a big effort to maintain cleanliness, and even carry out if necessary some renovation:

  • Decorative plaster on the walls - you can completely fix any area unnoticed.
  • Wallpaper for painting withstands up to 5 updates.

Corridor decoration

In combination with extremely light shades, achromatic light gray are well combined, do not reduce the space and ease of perception:

  • blue, light blue;
  • yellow-green;
  • calm olive.

Entrance hall 3 square meters

Black and white execution is a no-lose option, with a moderate amount of contrasting dark or accent red for the dynamics. Against the backdrop of neutral shades, any shades show well, creating an interior that is preferable to your view, while not reducing the space of the hallway and not bothering you.

Narrow corridor from the hallway

Finishing: choose and do not be sorry

Modern decoration materials will express any style, create an individual atmosphere, really beautiful. But not everyone copes equally well with the task of providing high quality in the process of operation: they must withstand the extreme load.

Decoration of the hallway with accessories

MaterialBudgetWear resistancedisadvantagesBonuses and disadvantages
Linoleum+Commercial models are more expensiveEasy installation
Laminate+23 class - 4-6 years
Floor tiles+/-+The strength limit is less than that of porcelain stoneware
Porcelain tiles+Cold
PVC wall panels++/-The most environmentally friendly material, it is easy to damageIt will take a sheathing
Wallpaper+/-Paper - do not fitSpace saving

Anteroom of unusual shape

Walls: a variety of solutions

Paper wallpaper for finishing the side surfaces - not the most practical solution. It is worth giving preference to more reliable in operation:

  • vinyl;
  • bamboo;
  • liquid;
  • linkrust.

Wallpaper на стенах

Monochrome side surfaces - a simple and attractive solution, which allows in a favorable light to furnish items, beautiful decor. Painting with interior paint will work well only in the case of ideally prepared walls. But a small drawing, textured prints, unobtrusive 3D effect, as companions of smooth surfaces - a successful, spectacular way.

Loft style hallway design

Correct the visually long, narrow corridor follows a horizontal strip. Interior rule: the surface of bright color visually to get closer - also used. It is worth to find the right photo and turn it into an accent:

  • paint a short wall at the end of the corridor;
  • choose wallpaper with a catchy pattern;
  • wallpapers with perspective for optical deception.

Entrance hall with painted walls

Floor coverings: choose and combine

When finishing the floor it is important to take into account the overall style of the interior of the hallway and the apartment as a whole. For modern styles, often daring and bold, there was an actual novelty - a bulk floor.

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Ceramic tiles on the floor in the hall of Khrushchev

Its high price, the length of installation is compensated for by an unlimited design, but if you want proven, more traditional options, then choose:

  • Linoleum. Достойные образцы линолеума, с имитацией под дикий камень, паркет находятся в высокой ценовой категории.
  • Laminate. Только коммерческие версии, опять же недешевые, станет достойной альтернативой в самом начале коридора.
  • Parquet. It is impractical, even treated with special oil. In addition to moisture, can suffer from heels.

Shoe store for a small hallway

Floor tiles позволит горизонтальной плоскости стать той интерьерной составляющей, которая будет приковывать к себе внимание на фоне нейтральных вертикальных поверхностей:

  • black-and-white versions: zigzag patterns, mosaic layout (better smaller).
  • Metlakhskaya - chic and unforgettable, for a small hallway - not very expensive even from designer collections.

Rack in a niche

If the absence of a doorway is implied, it is better to choose an identical material in appearance for the room and corridor.

Wardrobe for top things

The combination of a section of effective tile with an alternative coating can be performed not only directly, but also diagonally, which occurs as an example in some photos. Combining flooring materials is a practical and more budgetary way to transform the interior, but only at first glance. Necessary conditions for an aesthetic result:

  • carefully verified level of the floor: different types of coatings have their own thickness;
  • The joint should be neatly decorated.

Functional hanger and shelves

Porcelain tiles: разный и тёплый

Porcelain tiles, цена которого окупается сроком службы – один из любимых материалов для пола у большинства дизайнеров. Не удивительно: производители предлагают коллекции, удовлетворяющие всевозможные эстетические запросы.

Black granite for the floor

Complete imitation and diversity:

  • parquet, including an attractive styling "herringbone";
  • floor board - a kind of laid across, suitable for an elongated corridor, especially true for retro styles;
  • Exotic versions - like the skin of reptiles;
  • the size range will save as much as possible.

Imitation of a tree on the floor

Porcelain tiles подойдёт для реализации тёплого пола. Кстати, скорее всего, будут доступны для осуществления только электрические модификации. Как показывает практика, такой апгрейд маленькой прихожей пригодится:

  • getting rid of slush;
  • families with children: drying shoes, clothes after walking;
  • getting out of the bathroom becomes comfortable.

Set for things

Wood & Furniture

The combination of different textures and textures will not be complete without wood. Regardless of the field of application, shades are preferable to light, without a yellowish subtle:

  • wenge light;
  • ash shimo, coimbra, factories;
  • pine loredo.

Loft style hallway design

The texture of the wood usually does not increase so as not to overload visually. Sometimes the number of doors for such a small in the cubature hall Khrushchev simply overshoots. Therefore, there are certain rules:

  • The color design of the door leaf should not be discordant with a general tone.
  • Gray, slightly ocher gamma will suit almost every topic.
  • Much attention is paid to hardware, in particular the design of pens.

Entrance hall in white color

If a built-in closet is made in a long corridor, it turns out to be very roomy, especially corner models. The facades used in combination with the mirror are different, but especially beautiful:

  • white glossy varnish - modern;
  • Champagne is a classic.

Tile under the wooden floor

Small items from glossy MDF - a new alternative to the usual wooden surfaces. Consoles, shoe stores with facades of bright berry, explosive fuchsia, beautiful turquoise - already noticeable art objects of the hallway, allowing a neutral background to be made from more budgetary materials. In any case, their constructs are carefully thought out with regard to lifestyle.

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Furniture from MDF

Ceiling: important touches

Stretching options do not require preliminary alignment, they will not steal space (even 10 cm), if no built-in lighting is planned. Modern spots do not need to be hidden, but on the contrary they emphasize the free character of the room. Glossy coatings visually expand the space, if not straining the reflective light from the ceiling.

Classic ceiling

Simple painting in white is suitable for any style, but if you want expressiveness, what other methods seem attractive:

  • An interesting variety of design - a single decoration of walls and ceiling with decorative plaster with contrasting skirting boards.
  • Gypsum board modification is usually not considered, since the ceilings are so low in the Khrushchev. But, by adding a bit of contrast, geometry, good lighting, you can affect the unsuccessful configuration of the corridor.

View of the hallway from the corridor

Designers do not recommend the implementation of complex configurations, wavy forms that are no longer relevant, but also crush the space of a small hallway. The individuality can be attributed to lighting, turning a dark vestibule into a stylish hall.

Hanger for a small hallway


The hallway in Khrushchev is not just devoid of windows: in the case of the L-shaped layout, the light generally can not fall. Will help:

  • interior doors with glass inserts;
  • Spotlights;
  • Built-in luminaires along the lower boundary of the wall;
  • lighting cabinets;
  • gallery illumination of paintings located on the walls.

Simple lighting of a small hallway

Actual. A single switch, allowing you to control the lighting throughout the apartment, will not be superfluous.

Set with shelves and hangers

From massive chandeliers should be abandoned in favor of more concise options. In the trend, metal, clear geometry. Combining this in the luminaires, it is easy to give a design to the design without damaging the volume of the hallway of the Khrushchev.

Chandelier simple shape

Miniature Looking Glass

The use of mirrors in the interior of the hallway is justified:

  • functionally;
  • expand the space;
  • increase the level of illumination.

Visual extension of the corridor

Different configurations perform their tasks:

  • A full-fledged vertical mirror giving a full-length view can not always be located in the entrance area. Alternative: Narrow, located on a sloped corner.
  • Horizontal - above the console furniture.
  • Floor - built-in frame on the wheels provide mobility, ease of cleaning.

LED backlight will be the best decoration, and with a semantic load. It is worth to abandon the massive frames - this is not limited to framing mirrors.

Niche for outerwear

Decoration to be!

Even a small hallway is not deprived of the decorative component. Abandoning floor, volume items, save precious free space. But there are still many methods to transform the hallway.

Accessories for decor of the hallway

Expressive subjects will make their feasible style contribution to the interior:

  • umbrella stand - hinged structure at the entrance;
  • chat-board - modern;
  • housekeeper - miniature art object
  • paintings and posters reflecting the concept.

Hanger behind the curtain is an economical option

Make the design memorable is not difficult at all, turning the entrance of a typical Khrushchev into an attractive room, not devoid of decor and, accordingly, of charm, even a narrow corridor. Modern solutions will make the hallway operation process not only functional, but also enjoyable.