Country style is the best solution for a cottage interior

Before you begin to decorate and decorate the cottage, you need to choose the right style for the future interior.

Country cottage in country style

Features of creating a cottage interior

Own cottage provides an opportunity to realize any idea in interior design, but before drafting it is necessary to consider the following features:

  • the use of finishing materials is limited by the climatic features of the environment;
  • in any cottage there is a ladder: it is necessary to think over its design and use of space under it;
  • The design of the attic interior differs from other rooms, it employs some techniques for visually increasing the walls.

Anyway, the design of the cottage project should take into account not only these features, but also the style interior solution closest to a particular family. You can choose a modern style of high-tech or minimalism, which involves high technology of the interior and the lack of decorative elements. However, more appropriate here is the classic country style, filling the house with comfort and tranquility.

A huge three-story cottage with an interior in the style of a country

Classic styles of interior decoration of the cottage

Most often in a country house owners want to embody a rustic style that allows you to forget about the rhythm of a big city, relax and enjoy the unity with nature. In full it is able to make an interior in the style of the country: for it is peculiar to use only natural materials. Distinguish the following varieties of this style:

  1. Chalet. Finishing is done in brown tones, furniture is selected in a rectangular shape, the decor is dominated by hunting subjects: stuffed animals, horns, animal skins;
  2. Provence. The style of the French province suggests pastel colors in decoration, white wooden furniture, an abundance of fresh flowers, textiles and decorative elements;
  3. English Country. The decoration is dominated by a more saturated color scheme, which includes all the darker shades. The room is decorated with exquisite classical furniture, antiques are used as decor;
  4. American country. More democratic in the selection of furniture and colors. For finishing is used rough wood and natural stone;
  5. Slavic country. The decor is dominated by porcelain, chintz textile and samovar.

Classic Country Style

Each of the varieties of styles presented assumes the presence of a fireplace. Having chosen the style you like and closer in spirit, you can create a unique warm, homely and unusually stylish atmosphere in your cottage.